Those WMD’s

Sadam’s hidden WMD’s are again getting attention on the very fringes of the Mainstream Media. Discovery of them, or any smoking gun evidence, would be a huge blow to the anti-Bush forces, so do not expect too much enlightenment from the TV channels or national press. For this website, there is no doubt about the existence of WMD’s. Here’s why!

Imagine you are walking down your neighborhood road one day, when suddenly you hear gunshots and see two people fall dead on the sidewalk outside the house from whence came the shots. The house is known as a meeting place for drug -dealers. You call the police on your cellphone and report what you have witnessed. The police take a long time to reach the scene because they decide to go to a judge to get a search warrant and the judge prevaricates. Eventually they arrive with sirens screaming. They seal off the street and enter the house by force. They arrest a couple of dangerous looking occupants, but fail to find any guns. Given that the dead bodies on the sidewalk have gunshot wounds, you would be amazed if the police concluded that the occupants of the house had not possessed guns and those detained in the house were innocent. You would assume that either some occupants had escaped with the guns or the people arrested had had time to leave the premises and hide their guns.

We know that Sadam had chemical weapons, as he used them against the Iranians, Kurds and Shiites. We know he was desperate to arm his massive military forces to the teeth with the most deadly weapons available and had the money from the UN oil-for-food program to buy them. He was constantly plotting and threatening violence against his neighbors and the USA and harbored America’s deadliest enemies. No one outside an asylum disputes all this. Thanks to the United Nations Organization (and Bush’s scrupulousness in getting a “search warrant” from it), we know that a long time elapsed before the house (Iraq) was entered and searched.

Sadam would have been a fool to incite the long heralded US led invasion if he had previously got rid of his chemical weapons and could prove it. All he had to do to escape personal destruction was hand them over or show where they had been decommissioned. As he did not do either, we must assume that he had hidden them in Iraq or in Syria. Those who now dispute Sadam’s possession of the chemical weapons prior to the invasion have an obligation to tell us what happened to them and when. Short of evidence of this, we must assume that they are hidden somewhere and that there are people who know where they are. Since we now know that his rivals in Iran have been developing nuclear capabilities for many years, it is surely more than reasonable to assume that Sadam was trying to do the same.

The US Media Class and its lackeys in the “Peace Movement” and in the Democrat Party have relentlessly insisted that the WMD’s were an invention of the Bush Government to justify the Iraq invasion. This piece of nonsense has been chanted on the streets by Leftists (and repeated by some European Nationalists) and parroted by Media people for so long that it has elbowed out commonsense from our consciousness. Even the President and his entourage have succumbed to the incessant propaganda. The invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan were justifiable on both military and political grounds. Aside from the issue of WMD’s, where better to strike back after 9/11 and the earlier provocations by the enemy? The Media Class and its agents however, are driven by a hatred of Bush that makes them ignore truth, commonsense and national security. They can get away with their mindless propaganda because they have a near monopoly on public information.

On this website, let us retain our commonsense. Those WMD’s are hidden somewhere in the sands of the Middle East. Let us hope they do not end up in the wrong hands.

Last Word!

It is not often that we have some words of praise for any part of the Mainstream Media, but three cheers for the Wall St Journal of February 23rd for publishing an article by Christopher Hitchens on its Opinion Page. In a lengthy column, Hitchens roundly condemns the imprisonment of British historian David Irving by the Austrian Government. Irving has acquired notoriety over the years for casting doubt on the extent of the holocaust and for other statements that are regarded by many as anti-semitic. Despite his eccentric views, he is a serious historian who has conducted much research into Third Reich archives. Hitchens (quite properly in our view) defends Irving only on the grounds of free speech. He also reminds us that Europe is currently caving to Islamic pressures to curb free speech. Soon there will be little of it permissible outside the USA. The Wall St Journal, is, as far as we can tell, a Jewish dominated newspaper, so it is even more praiseworthy that it should be one of the few media outlets to both publicize and protest Irvine’s incarceration. It is an ironic postscript that “Red Ken” Livingstone, the Mayor of London, and a Leftwing opportunist who has built a career on political correctness and the Balkanization of his country, is now in trouble for exercising a little free speech. Laws and regulations in the UK now make free speech a hazardous business and it only takes someone in one of the many privileged-minority “communities” to feel offended, for the wheels of official suppression to grind. What a tragedy for a country that was once the spiritual home of free speech!

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