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This website promotes no religion, but it does defend the major religions against the attacks of a Media Class that seeks to destroy morality by destroying religion. For Radical and Right, the aggressive course being taken by more and more Muslims is a modern tragedy, since it pits religion against religion at a time when they need to have a united front.

It seems to us that the God who created the universe needs no protection by or from mere mortals. The current violent demonstrations by Muslims around the world over the Danish cartoons are not about defending the Almighty and not much about religion. Rather they are the opening of another front by those Muslims who have set out to conquer the West and sense a fatal weakness in their opponents. Their brand of Islam is totalitarian and little different from other political movements of the last century in that psychopathic leaders are using an ideology to mobilize ignorant and disaffected mobs for violent intimidation.

The cartoons themselves are several months old and are run of the mill stuff using drawings to make a political point. To paraphrase an old saying, “if the turban fits, wear it!” But today’s rioters are looking for any excuse to keep the Governments and peoples of the West on the retreat and to assert their own street power. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, none of them honorable, Western Governments have long been sending the wrong message to the Islamic world. The one exception has been the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and unfortunately the Leftist ‘peace’ demonstrators and their Media masters have worked hard to undermine it. In France and most recently in London, Muslim extremists have taken control of the streets with impunity and Muslims could be excused for believing that the West is close to surrender.

We have reproduced the ‘offending’ cartoons on this website, not to insult peaceful, law abiding Muslims, but to join with those who wish to assert the right of free speech and resist a totalitarian movement.

We also take this opportunity to congratulate Nick Griffin and Mark Collett on their success in Leeds Crown Court. When they walked out of court as free men, the cause of freedom in the UK was granted a reprieve and the BBC took a poke in the eye. Just as importantly, the jury gave the green light to those amongst the British people who wish to resist a Muslim takeover.

Mr Radical adds:

Recent events have compelled us to comment – and to relay the cartoons here – for three reasons:

First, because the protests have clearly taken on the role of a test – a test of Western resolve in the face of threats from Islamics. Anyone who doubts this should consider the timing of the protests around the world right now and how they have been co-ordinated, four months after the original publication that apparently ‘sparked’ off this latest round of violence. ¹

Second, to expose the failure (and double-standards) of the police here in Britain when dealing with the threats that accompany such demonstrations. There are many sites with pictures of the protests in central London on Friday 3rd February and again on Saturday 4th.² We have borrowed from these unashamedly, to show some of the banners that were on display:

"Behead those who insult Islam," reads the banner

"Be prepare for the real Holocaust," reads another

"Exterminate those who slander Islam," reads another

"Europe you will pay demolition is on its way," says another

If these are not attempts to incite violence, then we don’t know what is. Why were the BNP ‘Free Speech Two’ taken before the courts, but not these people? This particular photograph must surely be one of the most telling:

"Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way,"

A police officer stands by as a hooded protestor makes his point! “It’s okay,” the police claimed, “we’re taking pictures of them.” (From the safety of their long-distance lenses, we’re sure. Just hope they can identify that particular person.) This photograph alone should be enough to require the resignation of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair.

One should note, no authorisation had been given for this march. It constituted an illegal obstruction of the public highway. Contrast the treatment given to these folks with that meted-out at a different (authorised) protest outside the Houses of Parliament, by farmers and other hunt supporters in September 2004:

Police launch assault on hunt suppoters and farmers outside the Houses of Parliament, 2004

Third, Michelle Malkin makes an important point about the media headlines – this is more serious than just a ‘row’.³ Yet, is there not something else, very striking, about these headlines – how they have all latched on to the same term (which was obviously the subject of her particular search)? We contend, these news pages, from around the world, do not show up simply a lack of originality in their authors but reveal the mainstream media in action – quickly falling-in to line and forming-up ranks before marching-off on its own self-determined course! The reporting certainly couldn’t have been based any uniformity of views obtained from politicians around the world!

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