This Election and Class Warfare

Regular visitors to this website will know (are probably tired of) about our repetition over some 7 years that the US is experiencing a revolution brought about by the rise to power of a new Class. We have long maintained that a confluence of technological innovations in the 1960’s and 1970’s created a Media Class that has since consolidated, acquired huge wealth, has been blessed with control over News and general information, has developed an agenda and realized that it can impose that agenda (reflecting its own desires) on the USA.

This is how great revolutions are created. Marx and Engels chronicled the rise of the British Manufacturing Class in the period from 1790 to the late 1800’s and how that Industrialist Class not only revolutionized Great Britain’s( and the World’s) landscape and economy, but overthrew the old Aristocratic Class that had ruled for many centuries. Marx in ‘Das Kapital” described how the ‘Capitalist Class’ not only absorbed many members of the old ruling Class but imposed it’s own cultural norms on the British people by gaining control of Parliament and passing legislation.

On this website we have long refuted Limbaugh’s claim that America’s MSM has been manipulated by the Democrat Party, asking the question “How?” We have also refuted the UK’s BNP claim that the British Government has manipulated the BBC and MSM. We have repeatedly claimed that in the USA the Democrat Party has been purged and captured by the Media Class and has become its political arm. We have long pointed out that the UK’s BBC is the core of its Media Class. We have pointed out that Obama was selected as the Presidential candidate by the most powerful cabal within America’s Media Class. We long ago claimed that the richest and most influential members of the Media Class in Hollywood cast the Clintons aside because they understood that Obama had the attributes of a successful actor (believed in nothing that was traditional, would read the script provided for him and had no reservations about destroying the morality and the society of the past.)

We have said, time and time again, that like all new Classes who take power, this one would carry out a revolution and would, through legislation and control over the Judiciary, impose a cultural revolution that would reflect its own identity and desires. We have said that America under Obama and his Democrat comrades have been carrying out a revolution, seeking to destroy all remnants of the old (Christian) society. We have said that opponents of Obama and the Democrats are, ipso facto, Counter-revolutionaries and that this explains why, if Obama retains the White House and completes the Revolutionary agenda they have been driving, America will be forever transformed and opposition will be criminalized.

American conservatives like Limbaugh and Mark Levin cannot bring themselves to discuss America’s crisis in terms of ‘Class’ for they believe that in doing so they are adopting the language of European politics and Marxism. They see their beloved America as a Nation where ‘class’ has never existed and they are right, for America, unlike the old Europe, has always enjoyed a ‘classless’ society. There never was an America of privileged Aristocratic landowners, of serfs and masters, an America of ‘Knights’, ‘Lords’, ‘Squires’ and ‘Dukes’. America has been the land of opportunity for the energetic, for the underdog, a Nation where peculiarities of speech have never betrayed the owner of a regional accent as an upstart from the lower class. That past- of a truly democratic, ‘anyone can succeed’ society- is now passing, for we have a Ruling Class that must reduce the masses to dependency, so that an unpopular and perverted morality can be imposed by fiat. I’m sorry Rush and Mark, but the America you wish to preserve is being revolutionized by a new Ruling Class and you and the writers of this website are Counter-revolutionaries who will soon be sought out and silenced if Obama returns to the White House in November. Belatedly, Limbaugh and other conservatives are astounded at the brazenness of the MSM and its control over the voters in this election. They witness it and protest it but cannot explain it. We have long done so.

Roger Simon, writing on PJ Media on October 2nd, came as close as any writer to our position.

Under the heading “We live under a Media Coup d’Etat”, he continues “We are the victims of a media coup d’etat and are currently living under it.” “This class, more than any, determined that Barack Obama should be president and they consequently will work more assiduously than any to assure his re-election, because a failure in that would be a serious, perhaps fatal attack on their hegemony”. “The coup would be in danger of a counter-coup”.

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, under the heading “Movie Mogul’s Starring Role In Raising Funds For Obama” reporters Peter Nicholas and Erica Orden describe how Jeffrey Katzenberg has been the prime fundraiser for both Obama and the Democrat Party. This extremely long article that not only has front-page billing but occupies almost all of page A12 describes how Katzenberg mobilizes Hollywood’s richest Movie people for Obama. As is to be expected, the article has a dishonest spin that seeks to present Obama as the ‘boss’ rather than the mere underling, but it does describe how prior to 2008, Katzenberg, Spielberg, Eisner, and David Geffen abandoned Hilary Clinton and selected Obama in the Democrat primary contest. We have always maintained that these Hollywood billionaires chose Obama and dropped the Clinton’s and this article shows that we were spot on. Geffen is a self-confessed homosexual, though the article does not mention this vital fact. Katzenberg, Spielberg and Eisner have never revealed their sexual preferences and Katzenberg is married to a woman, but we are constantly learning that homosexuality is rife amongst the rich and powerful and that in Hollywood “perversion’ is King. We claim, without hesitation, that the Media people who promote Obama and the Democrats, seek to destroy America’s traditional Christian culture; promote the homosexual agenda and will stop at nothing to achieve a moral/social revolution.

Weather – Honest reporting demands that we tell you that inland California has been experiencing a record-breaking heat-wave. It is forecast to end on Wednesday. In the UK, our informant reports that weather is normal for the time of year i.e. cool weather, showers, heavier rain, showers and drizzle.

Music Choice – Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer were great songwriters and their best collaboration was surely the 1962 theme for the sad Movie “Days of Wine and Roses’. Mancini wrote the tune and Mercer the lyrics. The late Andy Williams made a great recording of this superb song as did Perry Como but I am recommending the instrumental version by George Shearing and his Quintet with an orchestral backing. Great music featuring the impeccable playing of Shearing on piano! Warning! You have to be grown-up to listen to this music.

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