The Wisconsin Battle is at Stalemate

The Leftists’ strategy in Wisconsin is clear. Their Assembly legislators hide out of State whilst their foot-soldiers occupy it. This combination succeeds in halting all official political business, thus rendering the Republican’s recent electoral victory virtually ineffectual. It is hard for me to believe that this combination of tactics has been entirely spontaneous, for it anticipated unanimity on the part of the Democrat Assemblymen and a mass mobilization of the ground troops that required swift and effective logistics. As I asked in my previous article, “Who is feeding and otherwise materially sustaining these ground troops for it takes money and transport and many support personnel?” Of course, I am aware that the Public Service Unions have many advantages over all other political organizations and I set them out in that article, but I cannot believe that there was not already in existence this plan of action. We must remember that George Soros and many other extremely rich Internationalists are continuously and lavishly funding ‘Think Tanks’, most of which are tasked, not with thinking in the intellectual sense but with thinking of radical tactics suitable for the revolutionary situation that now offers itself to them.

Those who ponder strategies and tactics for battles will be aware that defensive tactics that seek to establish an ultimately victorious stalemate depend for success on two factors. One is the ability to sustain the stalemate over a long period of time. The other is to win a propaganda war in the meantime. The Wisconsin Leftists seemingly have the resources to sustain the stalemate and most importantly they can absolutely rely on the Mainstream Media (MSM) to carry on a one-sided propaganda war. It is extremely difficult for Governor Walker and his elected majority in the Assembly to reach the voters of Wisconsin with their message, for the MSM can and does confine it to the margins of reports, if at all. One tactic of the MSM is to print long reports where the small print includes some of the facts and a little of the Governor’s case, but these are buried where the average reader will never venture. Extremely potent are the headlines and the accompanying big pictures, which reinforce the images of a mass (popular) protest and an isolated Governor. Radio News bulletins, are by nature brief and lend themselves to the propaganda of headlines and sound-bites and those concerning Wisconsin are predictably all favorable to the Union activists. The Public Service Union workers, whose collusion with Democrat politicians over decades has fleeced the taxpayers, have already been turned into both victims and martyrs by the propagandist Media.

The Leftist and Union ‘protestors’ in Wisconsin and elsewhere (unlike the Tea Party crowds and similar conservative groups who rarely take to the streets and when they do so, resemble Church marchers) are only ever one small step from perpetrating violence. From the beginning they have been ready to trespass on and to occupy en masse, places that are the preserve of others or are normally restricted in access, and to court both arrest and physical confrontation. Their chants are intended to be offensive and intimidating and they are eager to display the credentials of a mob. At their core they willingly harbor a thug element, for though Leftists are always gabbling about peace, most – and especially their cloistered intellectuals – are eager to be associated with thuggery as long as it is Leftist and for their good cause. There has been a lot of Leftist violence in this Wisconsin protest – certainly enough to intimidate the opposition and any wavering Union supporters, and all of it has been carefully expunged from MSM reporting. This is how it will always be and those on the Right should take note, for Leftist violence that is hidden by the MSM from the general public is – for political purposes – violence that has never taken place.

Walker is losing this struggle – in my opinion – for he is losing the propaganda war hands down. He is engaged in a very unequal battle for he has no microphone, no News-sheet and no bull horn. I suppose it is still possible that he will win by constitutional means and attrition but time is not on his side. I am a pessimist, for I see the Media Class and its Leftist allies (and especially this President and his comrades in the White House) successfully ignoring laws and old conventions with increasing confidence, simply because their deeds are concealed by a jubilant Media Class. Perhaps if Walker had had a plan of swift and aggressive initiatives such as firing the first teachers to walk off the job a la Reagan and the ATC’s, securing all public buildings with police and declaring a State of Emergency when the Democrats first fled, he might have kept the initiative. Such bold and aggressive tactics however are never adopted by the Right, which fails to understand the forces that are propelling the cultural and social revolution that will sweep them away. As long as the Right believes that Leftist politicians are the enemy and fails to recognize the dominating power of a Media Class that is revolutionary, they will continue to make small gains and big losses.

One of the things I omitted to mention in my previous article was that Governor Walker has proposed to abolish the Wisconsin requirement that all State employees must be Union members. In the UK this arrangement has long been known as ‘the Closed Shop’. It is an arrangement dear to the hearts of Union bosses and Leftist activists for it transforms workers into conscripts of an army. Walker has also proposed ending the arrangement whereby the State employer deducts the workers’ Union contributions from workers’ pay-packets and passes them to the Union bosses. These two proposals more than any others have earned the wrath of Leftists and Union Bosses. The latter have been willing to negotiate on almost any kind of wage or benefits cuts for their workers but not on these. The ‘Closed Shop’ is an instrument of Class War. In the US, the campaign to eliminate the ‘Closed Shop’ is called a ‘Right-to-Work’ campaign and is loathed by Leftists.

From the UK, I have just learned of the Parliamentary By-election result in Barnsley Central. This election was caused by the resignation of the sitting Labour Party MP, who, like so many other MP’s from the mainstream Parties, was caught fiddling his expenses. It might be expected that such a scandal would dent the Party’s chance of re-election but not in a Yorkshire former coal-mining area. Miners and their families were never known for either their smartness or their willingness to abandon old enmities. Like the Irish of Eire (and Boston and New York) nothing is ever learned and nothing forgotten. And so, in Barnsley, the replacement Labour candidate has just been re-elected with an increased majority. There is much more than that in the result to be depressed about, however.

There was only one Party in this By-election that offered the native British people survival. That was the BNP. Any Working Class and Middle Class Brit who does not by now recognize this deserves to go the way of the Dodo. In Barnsley the result was Labour 14,724; UKIP 2953; Conservative 1999; BNP 1463; Independant 1266; Liberal Democrat 1012; English Democrat 544. The Labour Party majority was 11,771. A pathetic 36.5% voted! In the recent General Election it was 56.47%. The BNP percentage was around 6%.

The Media headlines have focused on the LibDem’s slip from 17.2% in the last election to 4% in this, and the ‘coming second’ of the UKIP. Since all the non-Labour votes combined did not get near the Labour Party vote, there is really little positive significance in any of them. The BNP leader, Nick Griffin has sought comfort in his Party beating the LibDems but the difference between the Parties is that the LibDems have many MP’s, hordes of local Councilors and are actually sharing in Government. The BNP is still looking in the window, along with Independent candidates who had no organization, no money and no policies. The BNP seems incapable of getting a share of the protest vote, for that obviously went to the one-issue (and that is flattering them) and scandal-ridden UKIP.

It is easy to blame the Media Class for the humiliating failure of the BNP in this By-election and for many other elections of the last three years. At one time before that the BNP appeared to be heading for a breakthrough and external factors were no more favorable then than now. The Media Class, in the intervening years, has only continued the campaign of general neglect punctuated by lies, scare stories and smears, so can we attribute the BNP’s electoral slide to the Media? There must be other factors as well, which is not to trivialize the effectiveness of the News Media’s work which predictably (for R and R) is uniform all across the Print Media. Similarly the Entertainment arm of the Media Class is no more toxic to the BNP than it ever was, which is to say wholly toxic.

The BNP would of course be well-advised to view the Media Class as its central enemy and to recognize that it is now a Ruling Class with a very precise social/moral agenda – one with which a Nationalist Party could never even marginally compromise. But there must be other factors working against the BNP and they are preventing the BNP from regaining ground once held. Here are some guesses;

1. Some of the current policies are unconvincing. We would suggest that the ‘Bring the Troops Home’ is an utter failure and conflicts with opposition to Islam. Isolationism – both militarily and economic – to which the policy is linked via the anti-War petition, is not seen as anything other than opportunist or simplistic. The talk of ‘leaders’ War Crimes’ and ‘illegal wars’ reveals the old Socialist roots of the BNP and a willingness to undermine the troops during a war.

2. The Party’s endless internal purges and high-profile defections – now blamed by Griffin on Government infiltrators – indicate a Party badly led and attracting too many immature and unstable members. They also indicate a lack of toleration of dissent with no room for open discussion. The Party seems to mirror the Trotskyite Parties that ever since 1945 have split and split and still hold their meetings in telephone kiosks.

3. The Party’s addiction to public services and re-nationalization may appeal to a few old miners, water workers and railway workers but have few other devotees. The current army of Civil Servants will never support the BNP unless it has totalitarian control over the Nation so who are these Socialist policies supposed to attract?

4. The Party has failed to get behind a Written Constitution (like that of the USA), that places the emphasis on individual and property rights (wholly committed to free enterprise). It is, from all appearances a (National) Socialist Party committed to building an all-powerful State.

5. Griffin is not a charismatic leader and not an inspired speaker. This is not to say that he is a bad speaker or an unappealing person but this Party – with its current baggage – needs a truly charismatic and patently wise and mature leader. Having written that, such a leader would also have to possess Griffin’s physical courage, stamina and resolution – a tall order!

Here in California, the extreme cold weather has finally moved away and we can look forward to years of global warming. I am sending a lifeboat and life-jacket to our correspondent in Starcross, Devon in anticipation of rising sea levels.

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