The War Is Almost Lost

I admire Rush Limbaugh for many things but most of all for his optimism. His faith in the American people and in human nature enables him to sustain an up-beat tone in every broadcast. I wish I could post articles on this website that were optimistic in tone and content but I see nothing in the recent past, the present or the near future that could re-assure any Conservative, Christian or Nationalist, for on all fronts of the Culture War our side is losing. Surely the tide cannot be turned in the War unless people on our side recognize our real enemies, their agenda and their most potent weapons.

In the current inquest into the state of the US Republican Party, its recent defeats and its contemporary impotence, not one Conservative contributor sees the wood for the trees. Free Marketers blame Social Conservatives, Isolationists blame Free Marketers, Social Conservatives blame ‘Moderates’, ground-troops blame leaders, some urge the ‘Big Tent’, others demand purity and expulsions, most wail for someone to ‘get our message over’; and all the squabbling as Conservatives blame each other pleases our enemies. I use the term ‘enemies’ deliberately for I do not believe that politics in the USA is any longer about the rivalry of two competing but similar Parties, each thinking it can manage the system that is in place better than the other. Under such a system, Parties expect to take turns in governing and play by the rules when in office. This kind of politics is often decried by those on the extremities as nothing more than a ‘game’ of ‘taking turns’ but such a system results in civilized debate and gradualism and, incidentally, a more or less united Nation. The rise to dominating political power by the Media Class has consigned such politics to the garbage bin of history, for this new ruling Class that has taken possession of the Democrat Party has a revolutionary agenda. Revolutions signal a radical break with the past and no going back. Revolutionaries also believe in retribution and the elimination of former opponents. Consequently, the new Congressional Democrat Party, its leader in the White House (all of them aware that they owe their electoral successes to the propaganda power of the Media Class) and their foot-soldiers in the Unions, the public services and Academia are busy pushing through a legislative agenda that will render opponents defenseless and ultimately outlawed.

Conservative scribblers on the Internet and in those few Media outlets that provide Conservatism with a platform, offer their explanations for defeat at the polls and set out unconvincing blueprints for recovery of lost ground. Sometimes, at the tail-end of their explanations for past defeats, there is a casual referral to the ‘bias’ of the Mainstream Media, as though Media reporting occasionally ‘leaned’ in favor of opponents. Some Conservative Radio Talk-Show hosts, who by virtue of having a presence in the Media have come to be the most powerful force in the Conservative Movement (and therefore validate the claims of radical-and-right that the Media Class now rules) are more outraged and outspoken about the role of the MSM in disseminating lies and propaganda but fail to understand its pivotal and all-powerful role.

At this point in the Culture War I doubt that even the most charismatic and ideologically-prepared leader from the Right would be able to overcome the power of the MSM and all the other Media Class forces that now indoctrinate those masses who get their news and opinions from Media headlines and Entertainers. Reagan, who was himself a Media-made personality, was fortunate that he arrived on the political scene before the Media Class had achieved overwhelming domination. Not that he had an easy run, for even in his time the Media Class had coalesced sufficiently to launch a sustained attack on him that had him dubbed as a B-picture dope and a mindless reader of other people’s speech writing efforts. Ironically, that same Media Class now drools over a President who cannot put together a coherent sentence without a tele-prompter. I am not saying that the Right does not need a dynamic and articulate leader who can present Conservative ideas. What I am saying is that such a leader, should he/she emerge, would have to overcome enormously destructive Media attacks, orchestrated lies about the person’s past, an opposition with limitless funds, and be the butt of every sneering ‘comedian’ and celebrity. Moreover and more importantly, his/her speeches, even if given to local audiences of tens of thousands, would not reach the national audience except in snippets blatantly edited so as to be incomprehensible or when taken out of context, easily dismissed by the next broadcast comment. The Media treatment of Sarah Palin was an object lesson in the Media Class power and willingness to destroy the person when it cannot destroy the arguments. As each day goes by, the power and confidence of the Media Class grows and it is clear that Talk Radio and the Internet will soon be under Leftist political control and with the demise of those two remaining free speech outlets, the Right will be denied ALL Media access on its own terms.

The above paragraphs have been written with the USA in mind, but in the UK the same Culture War is being waged by a Media Class and its Leftist allies against the same ideological opponents – Christians, Nationalists and conservatives (I deliberately use the small ‘c’ in the UK context, for the UK Conservative Party is not deserving of the name). There are some major differences in the UK scenario and they include the following. (1) The Christian Churches in the UK, and especially the Established Anglican Church to which all citizens nominally belong, are not in the mainstream of the life of the citizens. In the US many millions of citizens are active Christians and their leaders are willing to resist those litmus test issues of the Media Class and the Left. (2) The Conservative Party is as compromised as the Anglican Church and has none of the conservative life-blood that still courses through the rank-and-file of the US Republican Party. (3) The UK has already been sold to the Leftist bureaucracy of the European Union so that it no longer has autonomy on legal matters. (4) Many US conservatives, Nationalists and Christians still have guns and a Constitution but their brethren in the UK are defenseless at the hands of an increasingly politicized and oppressive police force. (5) Americans may feel that immigration is out of control but in the UK, Leftists in alliance with Big Business and all the major parties, and orchestrated by the Media Class, have nearly reached the critical point in swamping the native people with Third World immigrants. (6) In the UK the governing elites have already gone a long, long way down the road of outlawing native customs and the Nation’s Christian heritage. (7) In the UK, only the tiny British National Party is resisting the onslaught of the forces of the Culture War and that Party has a Socialist economic agenda, pins its hopes on an economic collapse and still insists that that the Media is dancing to the tune of the Establishment politicians (rather than the other way about). Without an economic collapse of epic proportions the BNP is many, many years away from electoral power and in any case is closer to extinction by legal repression than is the Right in the USA.

In both countries, resistance to the revolutionary forces unleashed by the rise to power of the Media Class is futile, unless the real enemy is identified and the nature of its power recognized. Then the next step is to publicly identify that Class and direct the main attack against it rather than attacking its agents. In the US the power and central role of the Media Class must be revealed to the people and its revolutionary but concealed agenda laid bare. It is essential to convince the people (most of whom are still naturally socially conservative) that the revolution being advanced is above all about a new morality and that the Culture War is still a Left versus Right struggle and thus has economic ramifications too. The Right should refuse to co-operate with the Mainstream Media, for by continuing to take part in MSM programs, it supports the Media’s credibility. The Right must step outside of the enemy’s framework and find other ways of reaching the people, in the process publicly defining the real enemy and its propaganda role.

The call for a ‘Big Tent’ on the Right should not be focused on capitulation to a ‘liberal’ social agenda but on a working alliance between conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. All need to make compromises with each other if they are to survive, let alone win, this war. The one major lesson of the last election, and one that is constantly overlooked, is that deadly internal struggles on the Right (as distinct from argument and debate) are disastrous. There were many reasons for regretting that John McCain was the Republican candidate, but after his selection of Sarah Palin, all should have united behind them. Those purists and nitpickers who stayed at home or voted for Ron Paul in the belief that defeat would cleanse the Right, are partly responsible for the Socialization of the economy now taking place, for the imminent silencing of Talk Radio and imminent Leftist control of the Internet and for the certain elevation to the Supreme Court of a Leftist Lesbian who will work to usurp the Constitution from the Bench.

In the UK, all Christians, conservatives and Nationalists should unite behind the flawed BNP for it is the only Party that is resisting the Cultural Revolution that will marginalize and ultimately destroy the British people. Time is rapidly running out!

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