The Temperature’s Rising!

“We’re having a heat wave” so the old song said, but not here in California where temperatures are mostly below average for the time of year. Apart from Al Gore, ‘who cares?’ for this is pleasant. On the electoral scene, however, temperatures really are rising as John McCain finally goes on the offensive against Obama and Obama immediately resorts to the race card. Clearly the Media regards any mention of Obama’s political shallowness as racially motivated and so does the Obama camp. But then, there is no demarcation line between the two, for he is the creature of the Media Class.

There is however, an unconscious sentiment operating in the general population and I can understand it for I feel it making even me uncomfortable. It is the inclination to excuse the Black population uniting behind Obama simply because of the color of his skin. One can understand Blacks feeling that it is about time that one of their own should get the top job. It is hard to excuse White people voting against Obama because he is Black. Given the racial inequalities of the past, equating Black and White racial herding does not seem fair. The problem though is Obama. If he were a Black conservative, with a military history or a business-building history or a record of unselfish welfare work on behalf of children, or a record of being outspoken about Black fathers taking responsibility for their kids, we could justify voting for him and ignoring color.

In voting for our President we conservatives have to rise above race politics and ethnic backgrounds and pick a man with good judgment, devotion to country, commitment to traditional time-tested morality, solid life experience, determination, stamina and at least a good measure of personal integrity. As we have learned more about Mr. Obama, we have also discovered that he falls short on much of this Presidential checklist. Indeed, he seems to fall short on all of it. We are left with one reason to vote for him and that is to give Black Americans their crack of the whip. McCain, for all his shortcomings as a conservative, does have claim to some of the things on the checklist—commitment to country, solid life experience, determination, stamina and at least some  good  judgment. His marriage record certainly detracts from his claim to uphold traditional time-tested morality and personal integrity, but he has a good record on child-care. In this century we are not going to get a Presidential aspirant who passes every conservative test. President McCain is likely to appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution, oppose the grotesque same-sex marriage initiative and resist pandering to ‘World’ opinion. I cannot see why any conservative should find it hard to vote for him and against Obama. With the best will in the world I still cannot determine where Obama stands on most issues that he is now making pronouncements on. Going on his political record I have a good idea where he stands and that is on the  Far Left. Most recently he has said he does not support the idea of reparations to Black Americans. I feel pretty sure that if a Black Chicago voter had asked him his views on reparations two years ago, he would have said the opposite. Now, he knows such a view will sink his candidacy faster than the Titanic. In short, I think he will now say almost anything to get elected, knowing that his masters in the Media Class will do a makeover on his record.

There are some things however Obama dare not change his stand on, for they top the Media Class agenda for the Nation. One is same-sex marriage. The Media Class, riddled with homosexuals especially in its most powerful positions, is desperate to drive home this change in law and morality. Homosexuals as a caste cannot wait for social change to come about by persuasion or the evolution of society, for they live for the sexual moment. (I am here describing a general trait for obviously there are homosexuals who are content to just get on with life as it is). Without procreation they have only this life to plan for. As a caste they are defined by sexual appetite and sexual activity and try as they might nothing can obliterate their knowledge that they are different from the norm. It is hard to believe that homosexuals crave marriage rights for the reasons given but easy to believe that they think they can gain normality by law and edict. The latest decision by the Massachusetts legislature to legitimize same-sex marriages from outside the State will soon be followed by a November decision by Californian voters to welcome same-sex marriage. Wealthy homosexual activist organizations from around the Nation have been fighting the voter initiative in the Courts with the intention of preventing voters from deciding the issue. I do not understand why, for Proposition 8 will surely fail this time. The situation on this issue is much the same as the situation over the European Union’s leaders’ drive to create a single State of Europe. No matter how many times the European voters reject the issue at the polls, it comes back again or a legalistic way is found to negate the people’s decision. However, once a vote is won by the ruling Class there is no chance of another vote. The issue is put to bed forever.

The Media in the US is pumping out constant propaganda for same-sex marriage and popular vote initiatives that frustrate the homosexual agenda are over-ruled by Courts who make up the laws as they go along. Eventually, the voters and traditionalists are demoralized, exhausted, worn down, and impoverished and then one vote is all it takes to introduce as final what is really a revolutionary measure. The creation of a single European State is a truly revolutionary measure but has gradually been established as moderate by the Media, its functionaries and lawyers. The same will be true of same-sex marriage. The Californian voters, living in the State that is most Media dominated thanks to the Movie industry, will provide the next step in the national imposition of same-sex marriage. The Media Class intention is to create the popular belief that it is inevitable, but this needs to be reinforced and speeded up with early legislation. Obama and a Leftist Congress will carry out the Media’s wishes after victory in November. At least that is the master plan. At the moment, the election campaign is not going entirely to plan, for Obama is a terribly weak candidate. The Media Class, never a ruling Class with patience and wisdom, picked Obama on a whim and after suddenly losing confidence in the Clinton magic. It is surely too late now to re-impose Hillary on the Democrat Party, but nothing would surprise me, for Obama is like an actor who can only read the lines. I am sure there is a lot of buyer’s remorse in the Media Class inner sanctums.

On this website we occasionally remind visitors that a new ruling Class has the characteristic of the acquisition of great wealth.  This week I saw that Cher is asking $45m for a Malibu estate, Shaquille O’Neal (a netball player) is asking $29m for an island mansion in Miami(down from $35m) and painter Jennifer Bartlett has sold her Manhattan townhouse for $17m. These people, part of a Class that opposes drilling for oil and demands that working people should pay more taxes, seem to be doing well, but then, what else would one expect of a ruling Class?

One last item! Does anyone know what is happening to the two British men who landed at LA airport last week and asked for political asylum? They face trial in the UK for political articles they wrote on an American-based website. These articles have probably broken the new laws in the UK regarding race speech but so far we are unable to find out what they wrote. One of the sinister aspects of modern hate-speech laws is that we are not allowed to know what the speech contained when someone has been accused. On this website we do not approve of speech/writing that inspires violence and we do not regard skin color as indicative of worth, for we share the Christian belief that all men are created equal in God’s sight. However this is a free-speech website and we include in our concept of free speech all political and religious speech including the Communist Manifesto, the Koran and Mein Kamf. We believe that any efforts anywhere to suppress or intimidate free speech should be exposed and resisted.

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