The Swedish Democrats Resist Immigration from the Far East

Twenty members of the Swedish Democrat Party will soon be sitting in the Swedish Parliament. In the Swedish national election, (Sweden uses a form of proportional representation) the Party won some 5.7% of the popular vote. The Western world’s Media Class and its Leftist allies were predictably shocked and enraged. Hitler is stalking the streets of this Socialist Nation, if the Media reports are to be believed.

The Swedes have long been guilty of Leftist posturing. They stayed neutral during the Second World War, when Hitler really was stalking the streets of Europe, and they stayed neutral when Stalin and his henchmen were bidding to drag Western Europe into the Soviet Empire. If the Allies had been defeated by the Nazis, Hitler would soon have marched into Sweden. Perhaps the Swedes, blond-haired and blue-eyed, would have been recruited into Himmler’s Aryan SS and sent to die in endless battles across Asia. Swedish women, big, blond and mostly unattractive, would have been called upon to breed. We have to assume that the Swedes did not find any of this too repellant, for they struck an informal deal with Hitler, who invaded all the Nordic Nations around them, but left Sweden alone. Stalin would have dismantled Swedish industry and carted it off to Russia in the immediate post-war era, leaving the Swedes to endure starvation. He would have regularly purged the Swedes, as he did every other Nation he hi-jacked. Fortunately for the Swedes, but no thanks to them, both Hitler and Stalin were defeated.

In both of the great tests of the twentieth century when Democracy resisted totalitarianism, the Swedes were missing from the action. Later, in the post-Stalin years, the Swedes did much Peace posturing and taking the side of Third World dictatorships against the US and UK. The Swedes enjoyed the fruits of war time neutrality for their economy was intact in 1945, when the rest of Europe was in ashes. In the subsequent years the Swedes were not inundated with economic refugees from the Third World, as were many Western Nations that had a colonial history. With a large country, rich in natural resources, a small homogeneous population and sitting strategically on the Baltic Sea, the Swedes were able to indulge in soft Socialism, cradle-to-grave welfare and Leftist preaching to the US and UK. But recently, the unemployed of Africa and the ground-troops of Islamic Imperialism have found their way to Sweden and its welfare rolls and hoisted the country on the petard of its posturing internationalism. The result is that ordinary urban Swedes are now experiencing what the British and French working classes have been experiencing for some time, which is rampant racial crime, ever-expanding no-go enclaves, a drain on their welfare benefits and the threat of colonization by Islamic invaders. Like the rest of Europe the Swedes have a Ruling Class wedded to the ideology of the elimination of the Native European. Consequently the doors into the country have the ‘Invitation’ sign displayed to the invaders, the Laws are being adjusted to make the new arrivals feel comfortable and ‘included’, and the ordinary Swedes are being constantly told by their Media Class and its Leftist allies that to object is to be ‘Far Right’ (the code label for Nazism).

It is not looking good for Native Europeans. Their Ruling Classes have the power of TV, Radio and Newsprint. All have Leftist State-employed Academics indoctrinating their young, and Show Biz neurotics and perverts creating a politicized Youth Culture that has ensnared everyone from 5 to 55. In France, Belgium, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Italy, native Nationalist Parties have emerged but none can overcome the propaganda and repression of a rich and determined internationally-linked Media Class. The first response of this Class to any Nationalist success is to label it ‘Far Right’ and ‘extremist’ and thus marginalize all those who stick their heads above the parapet. Nationalists find themselves driven from employment and harassed by Union thugs. Not far behind come the politicized police forces and Courts armed with laws that curtail free speech in the interests of social cohesion and toleration. The native European people are now experiencing an Orwellian language as they lose their right to survival. The Swedish Democrats will soon find life very, very difficult.

The questions we ask on this website are “Why should the people of the European Nations welcome mass invasion of their homelands by people with alien cultures and religions?” It is a simple question. Here is another! “Even if the invaders are very law-abiding and willing to integrate, why should it be incumbent on the Natives to invite them in?” These are primary questions but of course the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies (driven by an ideology in the case of the latter) choose to by-pass them for they have no answer. It has become obvious that the old tales about industry needing workers and aging populations needing young people have no economic validity. The invaders are not working though they are breeding. Now, the exhortations are that the immigrants are already here and it is too late to “turn the clock back”, so in the interests of humanity, to avoid urban conflict and to avoid International stigma, the Natives must submit.

Whilst on the subject of ‘international stigma’ I will mention Teresa Lewis. She was the 41 year old woman who was executed in Virginia last Thursday. Lewis, who had a long history of amoral and psychopathic behavior, arranged for two men to murder her sleeping husband and his 26 year old son. The killing took place in 2002. Lewis waited until her husband and stepson were asleep and then admitted the killers. She was present when the killings took place. Her intent was to rid herself of a husband and get a $100,000 insurance pay-out. She used sex to recruit the two killers and was smart enough to fool her husband with Church-going and prayers. Her 16 year old daughter by a previous marriage was a partner in her crime. The two men were convicted and one committed suicide in prison. The Republican Governor of Virginia received more than 7,000 pleas for Lewis to be reprieved, including one from the EU. Thankfully, for the sake of justice, he did not halt the execution of this heartless killer. We might wonder what business the EU had to poke its nose in except to provide the Media with the propaganda claim that ‘Europe’ was appalled by the death penalty. No doubt anti-American and anti-conservative sentiments added fuel to EU feelings. I am sure that the people of Europe, if appraised of the facts, would have overwhelmingly demanded that Lewis get the lethal injection, but then, as we saw above, Europe’s ordinary people are not consulted, even concerning their own demise.

More than 200 people carried out a vigil for Lewis outside the prison when she was executed, and a sobbing and distraught Rev. Lynn Litchfield (female) was pictured by the Mainstream Media (MSM) clutching another distraught woman. Lewis was said to have reformed whilst on Death Row and was thus deserving of a reprieve. If that was not enough, the anti-death penalty crowd claimed that this cunning killer had a low IQ. I will bet that the vigil crowd, Litchfield and the rest of the 7000 were Leftists and familiar with posturing. Why would any sane and normal person think that Lewis should be allowed to live another moment on this planet? But then, why would any sane and normal person think that Europe should be swamped with Third World immigrants simply to meet ideological goals?

Meanwhile, here at California’s San Quentin Prison, another killer who has spent several decades on Death Row evading his deserts, is due to be executed. He might have expected a reprieve given that Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown is likely to succeed the Hollywood RINO after November. Brown has long been an opponent of capital punishment. However, Meg Whitman, the wealthy Republican candidate, is running neck and neck with Brown – at least according to Opinion Polls – and she is pro-capital punishment. Brown, sensing that he might be on the wrong side of public opinion, even in flaky California, has suddenly become ambivalent about the Death Penalty. At least until November, he has decided to give up Leftist posturing. Bad timing for the killer!

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