The Savaged Nations

Michael Savage, the San Francisco/Bay Area conservative Talk Show host was shocked to find himself on the recently-announced UK ban on foreigners deemed to be either dangerous or unwelcome for their political views. On the list of some 26 names that included rabid and violence-espousing Islamic Imperialists, were the names of a couple of US White Supremacists but it also included six who were left anonymous. Some have speculated that amongst these was the Dutch MP Geert Wilders, whose exclusion from the UK is now embarrassing to the Labour Government since he is an elected member of a European Parliament.

Jacqui Smith, the Labour Home Secretary supposedly responsible for drawing up the select list of foreigners now banned from British shores, has justified her list on one of three grounds. Either these foreigners are a security risk and advocating violence or, more commonly, they hold and have expressed views that will produce a violent reaction in some quarters of British society. The third criteria she has been eloquent about is that the views that might spark UK violence are just not the kind of views that ‘we’ (she implies she is speaking for the vast majority of British people) regard as ‘acceptable’. It befalls poor Michael Savage to be in this last category and he is, I think, the first to be pronounced banned without expressing a wish to visit the UK. He has subsequently said that he is proud to be banned by an intolerant Socialist, but he is outraged to be included on a list that includes a number of political and Islamic thugs. He intends to take legal action against Smith on the grounds that publicly listing him with thugs damages his reputation. Good luck to him and I hope he gets the nauseatingly arrogant Smith into Court and extracts a large sum in damages and costs from her. She can afford to pay, for she, like her fellow Parliamentarians, has been drawing extravagant Parliamentary expenses according to a London newspaper.

I used to listen to Michael Savage when he was a regular on KSFO, though I have not heard his Talk Radio program in recent times. Savage is not his real name for he is a conservative Jew and as such frequently is outspoken on behalf of Israel. He enjoys a large listener following and is syndicated across the US. He is infamous for his frequent outbursts of emotion and I have often thought of him as the Al Jolsen of Talk Radio. I am not sure if these outbursts are for real or simply, like Jolsen’s, a trade-mark in a competitive business. During the outbursts he sometimes boils over into topics that all the other Talk Radio hosts that I have heard, avoid except obliquely. These are race, immigration, crime (all connected), Islam and homosexuality. He gets nearer than the others in calling a spade a spade on these topics and is alone in occasionally calling perverts, ‘perverts’. It is this latter issue that I think has cooked his goose with Red Jacqui and will soon lead to his being banned from US Talk Radio, for the perverts are now calling the shots on the suppression of free speech. They are, as we regularly state on this website, one of the most powerful constituents of the new ruling Media Class both in the US and UK and are in the vanguard of the revolution that is called the ‘Culture War’.

Some will think the inclusion of Savage on Red Jacqui’s list is rather odd or simply a sop to the UK’s assertive Islamists. Whilst the latter may be a factor, I believe that his listing is really an act of terrorism, i.e. Hit one and intimidate many! Red Jacqui is drawing a new line in the sand for she is establishing the precedent that anyone abroad who upsets Islamists, homosexuals or some other newly appointed ‘minority’ and thus incurs the wrath of the Leftists, will never set foot in the UK. It is hardly worth mentioning in this context that almost no-one in the UK has heard of Michael Savage and he could have flitted into the UK and out again without anyone blinking. I cannot imagine that his presence would have led to riots. He is a US Talk Radio Show host and has no interest in leading or addressing political Movements.

Still, let us just pretend that Savage was intending to address BNP members in Trafalgar Square on the topic of sodomy, and homosexual activists were threatening to protest. What kind of Government would ban his entry on the grounds that opponents were threatening violence? Only a Government happy to ban speech it disapproved of and safe in the knowledge that the Media Class and its activists in the Unions and public services would be pleased. This is how democracy in the UK is being lost. Red Jacqui and her Party, indeed all the major UK Parties and most minor ones have a vested interest in ending free speech for they all seek the approval of the Maintream Media (MSM). In doing so, and thereby ignoring the latent views of the majority of voters, they have reason to fear the native British people and thus must silence any voices that might proclaim that the emperor has no clothes. Readers of this website will know what the MSM hides, and that is that the UK is daily becoming more and more of a police state. The BNP and its members are constant victims of arbitrary police questioning, arrest and detention. Their houses are searched and legal political documents and computers removed. Members’ homes and cars are vandalized by Red thugs and the police turn a blind eye. Members are disqualified from many jobs, mostly in public service, because of their political views. This is done openly. No-one in public life protests all this and scribblers who write on UK matters for the US Media also remain deliberately silent. Yes, it is true that the BNP continues to grow, but the Savage incident is a reminder that the patience of the rulers is running out and their fear increasing at a commensurate rate. Traditional Christians are not far behind the BNP as candidates for outright suppression.

If this all seems of little concern to Americans, then they have been getting their news from the MSM instead of from this website. Consequently they are failing to see that the US is not too far behind the UK on the road to the new diverse society that will emerge after the social and moral revolution is complete. BNP members complain all the time that vote-rigging (primarily against their candidates) is commonplace. In the Wall Street Journal this past Saturday, John Fund wrote a splendid article on the blatant US vote-rigging carried out by Acorn, the self-styled Leftist community organization that once employed Barack Obama and provided him with all of his minuscule work experience. What is most astounding about the article is not the scope of Acorn’s criminal activities but the brazenness of its leadership when confronted with evidence of wrong-doing. Predictably the MSM (with the honorable exception of John Fund) is looking the other way and the Acorn leaders know it will continue to do so. US Media commentators are not outraged for they all believe that ends justify means. Here we see similarities with the UK and not surprisingly for in both countries the Media Class is accelerating its long-awaited revolution.

For the record, here in mid-California the warm weather has finally arrived. OK Al, you can relax a little now!

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