The Russian Connection Mystery

I admit to being ‘slow on the uptake’ and the whole Mainstream Media/Democratic Party saga concerning Donald Trump and ‘the Russians’ has lost me. Maybe readers of this website have the same problem. Here is what I know – or perhaps what I don’t know but think I know!

The ‘Russian involvement’ story started with the 2016 Presidential election result and Trump’s victory. The MSM and Leftists claimed his victory should not stand because ‘the Russians’ interfered. This had something to do with Trump and Putin being a little too friendly during the campaign.

Behind this charge was the implication that Putin preferred to have Trump in the White House rather than Hillary Clinton for unspecified reasons but presumably because Trump would owe his victory to Putin’s technical experts interfering in some way.

At first, anti-Trump people on the Left-wing claimed ‘the Russians’ hacked into voting machines in those states where the voting was close. Obama had already dismissed this possibility, but investigations instigated by Jill Stein and George Soros failed to uncover any ballot box irregularities. Trump emerged from the recounts with more votes.

The accusations of Russian dirty work then shifted to suggestions from unspecified sources in Intel that a Trump post-election appointment to his cabinet, General Flynn, had been having conversation with members of the Russian Government. For reasons that are still not clear to me, these conversations were either premature, unwise, or improper, and Flynn may have been hoping to feather his own nest financially. So far, Flynn has not been accused of anything illegal or criminal, but he was dropped from the Trump team, so we must assume that he was at least unwise.

Next, a more general accusation emerged – again based on unidentified sources in the CIA or FBI or both – that Trump or his close associates had something to do with ‘the Russians’ hacking the DNC computer and passing the contents to WikiLeaks.

Assange has always denied that the Russians were his source of the Democratic Party emails, but however they originated, the leaked emails were the following:

1.     They were extremely embarrassing to Hillary Clinton and her campaign for they revealed dirty work against Bernie Sanders and MSM/Clinton cheating in the debates.

2.     They were factual, for their authenticity was never denied by any Democratic Party official or the Clinton camp, and some Democrat operatives resigned, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Subsequently, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer (see previous articles on this website), was murdered or assassinated, and Assange has claimed that Rich was one of his sources. The Rich murder/assassination remains shrouded in mystery, and given his occupation and the Assange claims, this issue should occupy as much – if not more – publicity and investigation than the ‘Russian/Trump’ issue. To date, the Rich family, the D.C. Police, the political anti-Trump establishment, and the MSM have succeeded in stifling any discussion or the appointment of a special investigator.

The Washington Post has almost daily printed allegations of Russian/Trump collusion effecting the election and said to emanate from unnamed members of the Intel community.

James Comey appeared before a Congressional Committee and hinted at various improper Trump/Russian contacts, but no specifics.

Trump dismissed him as FBI Director for what he claimed was general incompetence, a charge that had more than adequate substance. However, all those forces running with ‘the Russian’ accusations framed this as Trump attempting to prevent an FBI enquiry. Comey has since insinuated there is more evidence in FBI files that justifies a full investigation of Trump and/or those in his entourage.

Now, the latest accusations are that Trump’s Jewish son-in-law has been doing something improper with ‘the Russians’. Since there is ‘no smoke without fire’ the MSM is now claiming that the smoke is getting thicker.

Almost 6 months have passed and the MSM/Democrat Party claims of Trump/Russia secret and improper collusion have shifted in focus but not in intensity.

For the record, we think it is possible that the Russians did hack into the DNC website and pass on data to Julian Assange. But there is not a scrap of evidence of this and we cannot see why Trump in the White House would have been better for the Russians than a corrupt Hillary. Maybe the Russians hacked into both parties, but they only found dirt in the DNC files.

It is still not clear if the unspecified accusations concern Trump personally or ‘persons unknown’ in his network of friends and associates. It would not be a surprise if someone connected to Trump saw a business opportunity in Russia made more lucrative by influence. After all, the Clintons used their place in government and their connections to become wealthy. Isn’t this how inhabitants of the swamp get wealthy?

This ‘slow-on-the-uptake’ writer is still waiting for a clear piece of evidence of Trump/Russia improper, or criminal, collusion to emerge and thus justify an enquiry. Failing that we must conclude that the Intel community is riddled with political anti-Trump rats, and that the MSM has the power to endlessly manufacture a fact-less political crisis.


  1. The ruling class hates Russia, across its whole spectrum, for good reasons.

    The “left” faction of the ruling class hates Russia because it does not permit the proselytizing of homosexual propaganda to minors, as is the case in the West, notwithstanding the fact that homosexuality is not illegal in Russia (it was in the USSR). Russians are a rather homophobic people who generally look upon homosexual practices as unnatural and depraved.

    More than that, and especially, Russia is hated by the left because it has restored Orthodox Christianity to the central place of its moral life. Thirty thousand churches have been built or re-consecrated in Russia since the end of communism. The return to Christianity in Russia absolutely enrages the left.

    Bear in mind that the Bolshevik putsch ushered in a period of dreadful persecution of Christians – hundreds of thousands of the faithful, including their bishops and priests were murdered in organised campaigns by the communists and their places of worship confiscated or demolished. The USSR was in the vanguard of atheism militant and the fact that its successor state, Russia, should so comprehensively repudiate the past is a major setback for the “progressives”.

    The “right” faction of the ruling class dislikes Russia with less passion, and for more mundane reasons, because it protects its national economic interests from globalist exploitation.

    • Thank you Craig, whoever you are, for visiting the website and responding. You are right to state that much of the hatred of Russia, expressed in the MSM and so many other Ruling Class places, is a reaction to its revived Nationalism and its return to the kind of Christianity that rejects homosexuality and other perversions. Too many Broad Right Americans were asleep during the 8 years when Obama was stealthily pushing the homo advance and their decadence, into all key areas of government. Now our people wake up and find that they have a stranglehold. They have Putin and Russia in their sights along with Trump.

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