The Right War!

The relentless anti-Bush, anti-war drumbeat of the Media Class has had a subtle but dangerous outcome, for it has almost closed the debate on the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and shifted it to whether or not it would be catastrophic to prematurely withdraw. Such is the power of the Media Class to set aside real life and substitute its own rewriting of history.

We have already written on this website how the stout patriotism of Joe McCarthy, that enabled the penetration of US government by Soviet Communism to be halted, has been turned into a ‘story’ (I use the word deliberately) of the witch-hunting of innocent radicals. In another rewriting of history (and I would direct readers to an excellent article in today’s Wall Street Journal by James Piereson entitled ‘The Culture of Conspiracy’), the Media Class has portrayed the assassination of Kennedy by Lee Oswald as a consequence of a rightwing political climate, when in fact, Harvey was a dedicated Communist agitator who had previously attempted to murder the head of the John Birch Society. The Media Class appears to have the power to redefine almost any issue so that right and wrong are turned upside down. We can see this with AIDS (reckless, promiscuous perverts are portrayed as victims of the rest of us) to Islamic terrorism (Muslims immigrants are peace-loving and the host peoples are intolerant and need punishment).

With regard to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, now popularly deemed to have been brought about by Bush deception and lying and a huge mistake, let us just recall that the cleverly co-ordinated attacks of 9/11 (there were four planes involved and thousands of innocent victims) were themselves the logical next step in a quickening Islamic terrorist campaign that included a previous bombing of the World Trade Center.

9/11 has become, in the US public’s mind, a culmination or climax of the terrorist plan. Logic, however, tells us that 9/11 was simply a ratcheting up of attacks that were to become ever more frequent and more deadly. The US and its allies were clearly marked out for destruction, both by world-wide attacks on Westerners and their property, and also within our homelands. We can see evidence of this in Bali, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Madrid, London and Glasgow. When these attacks have been successful they have been portrayed by the Media and their Leftists allies as punishment for the US invasions and evidence that the US has caused the spread of terrorism. When the attacks have been foiled, the Media has portrayed them as the work of amateurs, do-it-yourself Muslim idealists, alienated by the hostile cultures of their reluctant hosts.

On this website, we see the Muslim attacks around the world, even in peaceful Thailand, as the work of a Movement whereby a newly-energized Islamic Imperialism seeks to conquer the world. It is a war rooted in the clash of cultures and financed largely by oil revenues. Ironically, the aspects of Western culture that have most energized and outraged the Islamic world are those that emanate from a neurotic, anti-religious, narcissist ruling Media Class that is Leftist and inherently defeatist when confronted with totalitarianism. For at the heart of the Media Class and its preoccupation with sexual satisfaction is a sick masochism.

As the US elections near, we have to remind ourselves that there have been no attacks on us in our homeland since 9/11 and we should acknowledge the one and only reason. We do not discount the diligent work that must go on behind the scenes-by the Homeland Defense Dept, the CIA and the FBI and by police forces across the nation. Nor do we discount the work of police and anti-terrorist forces in other countries who share their knowledge with our defenders. None get the praise they deserve, partly for reasons of secrecy, but also because the Media Class resents the absence of terror strikes in the US, just as it resents military success in the wars abroad.

However the amazing absence of terrorist attacks here since 9/11 cannot be explained by our Homeland defense, for we have wantonly porous borders to the north and the south and we labor under a political correctness that is Media-enforced (through its Democrat Party agents in Congress and through the Leftist ACLU and its colluders in the Courts).

There is only one explanation and it stares us in the face. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have placed Islamic Imperialism almost wholly on the defensive. Our deadly enemy cannot afford to concede defeat on what was its home territory and so it diverts all of its resources into suicide bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Media Class will never acknowledge it, but we owe much to the moderate and secular Muslim peoples in Iraq and Afghanistan, who have paid dearly with blood for their resistance to the Imperialists of their religion and sought to grasp the chance of personal freedom that the US and its Allies have offered them. We owe an even bigger debt to Bush and his cabinet who took the decision to retaliate for 9/11 by taking the fight to the enemy. On this website we have often been very critical of the one-hand-tied-behind-the-back military tactics of the Bush Presidency, but his overall strategy has been steadfast and correct and exonerated by the last six safe years here in the US. He will get no recognition from the Media Class and its Leftist allies for he once admitted to his profound Christian faith, the worst crime any public figure can admit to in the eyes of the Media people. Indeed he will get the same historical legacy as Joe McCarthy, unless the Media Class loses power.

Our biggest debt is to the young men and women of our military (and the military of our Allies who have been steadfast). Ignored by our Media Class, castigated by the campus Leftists in our midst and the riff-raff of San Francisco and other decadent cities and hamstrung by the actions of political whores in Congress, the nation’s best young men and women have done their patriotic best to keep us ALL safe.

As with the McCarthy issue, we who value truth and free speech must fight to re-assert the truth and wrest the record from the Media Class. As the news from Iraq promises a great setback to our Islamic enemy, we must ensure that our warriors have not fought successfully abroad only to be betrayed at home. Success in the war, both abroad and at home is bad news for all the Democrat hopefuls in the coming elections. We must make it good news for whoever gets the Republican nomination. On this website, we can find great fault with most of the Republican candidates, all of whom are lukewarm on social and fiscal conservatism, but the War against Islamic Imperialism is not yet won and it is THE most important issue for us all. If necessary, we must grit our teeth and unite behind the Republican nominee who will not betray our troops and our nation.

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