The Revolution is Here

We have long maintained that the USA (indeed much of the Western World) is experiencing a revolution brought about by the rise of a new Ruling Class.   From the 1970’s to the present day, technology has been creating a new Class whose political power emanates from its control over mass communication and from the accumulating wealth that accompanies control of the political system. We have long pointed out that when a new Class takes political power it seeks to re-create society in its own image and to its own advantage and of necessity must destroy much that preceded it. Thus a revolutionary situation develops and we call the new Media Class a Revolutionary force and all those individuals and organizations that refuse to surrender, or who are cast as ‘reactionary’ by the new Rulers, we identify as Counter-Revolutionaries. Most website visitors, especially American conservatives, have considered our use of the terms ‘Revolutionary’, ‘Counter-revolutionary’ and ‘Ruling Class’ as fanciful, exaggerated and inappropriate, in large part because America has long experienced a society without a Ruling Class, indeed one that would always be so because of the existence of a written Constitution that was intended to preserve a classless society (in the political and economic sense). 

    Many conservative commentators, including Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan, are now beginning to acknowledge that the politics of the Obama/Democrat Party is no longer the old politics of the past. Many are aware that the Constitution has been set aside and that the contemporary Democrat Party is a truly Leftist Party that has been purged of democrats and like all Leftist revolutionary Parties, is hell-bent on eliminating all opposition to their glorious Revolution. Most Conservatives however, lacking knowledge of, and a distaste for, Revolutionary politics, still do not join all the parts together, even as they experience them. 

    We have long maintained that our emerging new Rulers (Media Class) bring with them a moral and social agenda that is truly revolutionary and we identified homosexual liberation as, at least for the time being, the foremost item on their agenda. This agenda item reflects the composition of the most ardent, the wealthiest and most influential members of the Media Class, especially its Hollywood, Entertainment and Fashion components. However, what unites the homosexual component and the wider Media Class is an attachment to the libertine lifestyle. 

    We have always pointed out that the Media Class has been compelled to forge an alliance, since the Media Class is neither numerous enough nor spread sufficiently across the Nation, to win elections. Consequently, the Media Class has evolved a working (and so far a very fruitful and comfortable) alliance with the doctrinaire Left of Academia and the powerful unionized workers in public service employment. We do not need to explain again why Media Class homosexuals and libertines, tax-payer funded academics and government employees are able to unite around a revolutionary program that hugely expands government employment, transforms government control into totalitarianism, destroys the traditional family, detaches forever children from parents and transfers them to the State, destroys the concept of gender, disarms the ordinary people and so much more that is currently happening before our eyes and at a great pace. 

    There could be no worse characteristics of a Ruling Class Alliance than the ones we have. A combination of Hollywood morals, Leftist economic ideology and the greedy self-interest of public employment detached from economic performance, all are to be found in the Obama White House and the Democrat Party of Pelosi and Reed. Worse still, the Ruling Class near-monopoly over mass communication and popular entertainment, guarantees that the American people sleep walk into servitude. 

    For Radical and Right, being proven right gives no satisfaction. It seems that only some great natural disaster, shattering terrorist outrage or imminent economic collapse can prevent our Rulers from permanently transforming America, the West and perhaps the world. Like all Revolutionary movements, this one seeks to sever society from its past, from its traditions that have evolved and stood the test of time and from the realities of human instincts and experience. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler and Himmler all sought to destroy the family, liberate sex from its familial constraints, destroy traditional Religions and cultures, transcend National boundaries and create subservient masses to be manipulated and exploited by a privileged and morally superior vanguard. They largely succeeded. 

    Our Ruling Class right here in America is seeking before our very eyes to disarm us, destroy the natural family, remove national boundaries and import indigestible Third World masses, replace the private-sector economy with government, banish religion from the public place, ‘free’ children from nature-bestowed sexual identity and create a speech code that criminalizes free speech. It is clear to any objective observer that our Ruling Class Alliance of Libertines and Leftists intends to silence opposition. Every day there are calls from prominent figures and influential, well-funded Leftist organizations, for Government to end debate on climate change; to punish opponents of SSM with permanent unemployment and bankruptcy; to silence Conservative Talk Radio; to purge the Internet of reactionaries/bigots/racists/hate-mongers; to remove Christianity from schools, colleges, sport and military; and the Government daily makes it clearer that those who dare to oppose its agenda are public enemies. As it labels conservatives as a violent threat to public order, so its Leftist ground-troops use actual violence against the Right with impunity. 

    Our Ruling Class does all this with breathtaking confidence because the Mainstream Media (MSM) is its propaganda tool. The Revolution is here! 

    This is the last post on this website for the next three weeks but we will be returning to proclaim our counter-revolutionary message in the second week of July.

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