The Revolution Gathers Pace

The 5-4 Thursday decision of the Supreme Court upholding the fundamental component of Obamacare should surprise no-one who regularly visits this website. Lawyers in general, and Conservative Constitutionalists in particular, may pick over the details of the Court’s decisions, but the plain fact is that the Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts, has wriggled around to find some camouflage for his defection from the Conservative majority and for his new alliance with the Liberal (Revolutionary) Justices.

As always on this website we maintain that all contemporary political, social and moral developments must be seen in context. The context is that a new Ruling Class has taken power in the USA, creating a revolutionary situation. All events must now be seen through a revolutionary prism.

We believe that Nation States may exist for long periods of time without a dominant Ruling Class simply because no Class is powerful enough to remake society in its own image. The manufacturing Class that took power in the UK (and in several other Western European States) in the early 1800’s as a result of the appropriately-named ‘Industrial Revolution’ carried out a transforming revolution, breaking the centuries-long grip of the landed Aristocratic Class.

This was a classic example of a new economic Class emerging and greatly prospering as a result of new technologies and then remaking society in its own image by capturing the legislative and judicial processes. The old rural-based land-owning Class lost power but some of its members managed to retain some privileges by making economic and political alliances with the newly emergent Industrial Class. After the collapse of laissez-faire Capitalism in the 1920’s and the rise of a Unionized and Socialist working Class, the UK’s political system has seen a period of shifting alliances between Classes with no dominant Class. We would argue that in the UK, as in the USA, a new dominant Class has now emerged and we call it the Media Class.

In the USA, with its unique modern history, no Class has ever been dominant. The USA was a largely unpopulated land at the time of its ‘discovery’ and settlement by English Protestant Christian farmers and artisans who were refugees from religious oppression. It was thus a revolutionary society from its foundation in that there was no Ruling Class. Over 200 years the American Nation State expanded across the continent and received waves of new immigrants from Europe, and Africans (slaves) who were brought to the Old South. The unique and amazing Constitution on which the new Nation was quickly founded was underpinned by Protestant Christianity, and the notion of individual Rights that had evolved amongst Britain’s artisans and yeomanry. (Any website visitor who wishes to understand the unique nature of the American Constitution should read Mark Levin’s recent book ‘Ameritopia’.) So wise was this Constitution and so economically liberating, that the USA was able to absorb millions of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe who had no concept of liberty. It was also the basis of America’s startling economic growth. Until recent times, the new immigrants, many with little experience of liberty, justice and limited government, were taught from entry to respect the Constitution and be absorbed into the existing political, religious and economic system that had made America great. The sheer numbers of immigrants and their diversity has been a challenge to the political system and so has the integration of the post-slavery Africans, but until recent times the American system, based on the Constitution, survived largely intact.

As we stated at the beginning of this article, no economic Class or region has ever dominated in the USA and there has been no caste system. America has truly been a ‘classless’ society, with few limitations on the process of ‘rags to riches’ and ‘riches to rags’. Christianity has been the moral underpinning of the social system and it is no coincidence that charitable giving has been an outstanding feature and one that has not needed to be replaced by tax-imposed State welfare – at least until very recent times. Under its Constitution-based system America has been the engine and granary of the world. In this it stands in stark contrast to the Nations of Central and South America, which were founded at the same time by Southern European settlers and based on authoritarian Catholicism.

The 1960/70’s emergence of the Media Class with its new-found wealth and its control over News and popular entertainment (bestowing on it the power of mass propaganda) has introduced a dynamic force that cannot exist and expand within the system of the old America. The Media Class, with the twins of Hollywood and TV at its core, and reinforced by the auxiliary industries of Fashion, Advertizing and Pro-Sport, has discovered that it has the power to re-shape America in its own image. For reasons that we have explained many times on this website, the new revolutionary Media Class has leaned Left and has had no problem forming alliances with the Far Left of the old Democrat Party, Union bureaucracies (and especially the Public Service Unions) and Government workers. Using its News Media power and its wealth and prestige, the new Class has been able to purge the Democrat Party and Unions and transform them into revolutionary weapons, thus gaining a large and dependable voting bloc voting and troops on the streets and in Government. These allies of the Media Class desire ever-expanding government and the redistribution of wealth for all but the apparachiks. The Media Class, as befits a Ruling Class, desires the expansion of a Government it can control and use to rule.

We have always claimed that the dominant element of the Media Class selected Obama and placed him in the White House. For those who are skeptical of this assertion, we recommend the article by Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon dated June 22, 2012. The article was reprinted in the WSJ of June 26 in the ‘Notable & Quotable’ column. Continetti writes “Obama’s reelection is the ultimate studio production”. He has, writes Continetti “shifted the national agenda onto terrain familiar to California and New York liberals”. These liberals are led by the billionaires of Hollywood and TV. Continetti continues “the President has come to rely on film, fashion and music donors. He raffles off tickets to dinners with George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker, and backstage passes to see Marc Anthony. The most recent list of contributors to the Democratic National Committee resembles a promo for a bad episode of Hollywood Squares: Kirk Douglas, Billy Crystal, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Tom Hanks, Salma Hayek and Burt Bacharach”.

Another inside writer has bemoaned the fact that Obama has been spending his time during his Presidency huddled with Steven Spielberg and his gang, often 3 hours at a time and that he gets his political advice from them. On this website we maintain that as they have been his paymasters from the beginning of his political ascendancy, he has no choice. He was recruited by them for his ability to say the lines and act a part and to promote the moral revolution that our Media Class pants for.

What this context explains is that our new Ruling Class and its allies have a revolutionary agenda that can only be achieved if certain fundamentals are put in place. The first is for the Mainstream Media (MSM) to lull, mislead, wear down and/or intimidate the general public which is naturally conservative and nationalist. The second is to marginalize and then extinguish the Christian Churches because their morality is hugely offensive to the new Rulers who fear their children might be protected from Government indoctrination of a new morality. Thirdly, the Judiciary must be wholly captured so that the American Constitution, which protects individual rights and free speech, can be set aside.

These fundamentals are all revolutionary in nature and can only be achieved by revolutionary means dressed up to look like gradualism. Who can dispute that the MSM pumps out nothing but lies and Leftist propaganda? Who can dispute that its agenda is to grow government, cover up Obama’s failures, present him as a great and courageous leader, intimidate and destroy his opponents and further the homosexual wish-list? Who can dispute that the MSM and its Obama Government are working to suppress the traditional Christian Churches? Who can deny that the Media Class and its Obama Government seek to set the American Constitution aside for it is an obstacle to the revolution? Obama has been conducting his Presidency as though it is unhindered by the Constitution and legal precedent. He and his masters in the MSM have made Congress irrelevant. This is a lawless government, for Obama, Holder and the other appointed officials cherry pick the laws they want to enforce and shamelessly ignore and undermine others. They have been doing this with impunity because the MSM is colluding. The House leaders can protest all they want but who hears them other than those political activists who read websites and listen to Talk Radio.

The last hope for those who wish to save the pre-revolutionary America and return to Constitutional Government (we call these people counter-revolutionaries) has been the Supreme Court with its precarious conservative majority. Until recently, John Roberts, the Chief Justice has been a rock-solid Constitutionalist but in the last few months and with his decision on the Arizona immigration issue and now the Obamacare decision, he has switched sides. He has joined those Justices who openly despise the Constitution and work to subvert it. The Supreme Court majority is now ready to collude in ditching the Constitution and there is nothing except the election in November to stop the Revolutionaries remaking society in the image of the Media Class.

We can speculate why Roberts has so flagrantly deserted. Maybe he has been intimidated by this powerful Ruling Class. Maybe he has been offered some future reward. Maybe the Obama gang or some Media snoops have uncovered a skeleton in his cupboard. There are few public figures (or common citizens) who have no skeletons and some, if publicized by the MSM pack, can wreck not only a career but a marriage and a family. A Supreme Court Justice, confronted by the MSM or an Obama operative with a long past sexual affair – or even a current one – is unlikely to opt for duty and public humiliation. We are forced to speculate this way for there was no-one in the country who thought the Supreme Court would let the Government get away with making people pay for health insurance. This part of Obamacare was so flagrantly un-Constitutional that even Roberts had to re-designate it as a tax. The Arizona ruling was equally flagrant in setting the Constitution aside.

This morning, an angry and depressed Rush Limbaugh said that there was no purpose in asking why or the context, conservatives must simply resist. He is wrong! It is necessary to understand the historic forces at work in order to lead the counter revolution.

Music Choice – We have featured George Shearing before but this morning my son played me a track of this great pianist that I had forgotten. It is not a jazz track but the Shearing sextet with an orchestra. Jazz enthusiasts were highly critical of Shearing for his move into the mainstream of popular music but he continued to produce music of quality. On this track he is playing the beautiful and romantic tune by Ralph Burns “Early Autumn”. The orchestra is conducted by another defector from jazz, Billy May. The track can be found on the CD album ‘George Shearing – the best of the Capitol Years”. This morning I was reminded that I had the album in my collection and that it would surely bring pleasure to every genuine and romantic music lover. Obviously, fans of pianist and warbler Reggie Dwight will not enjoy it.

The next article will be posted from South Dakota – God willing!

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