The Obsolescence of Barack Obama

On this website we frequently point out that the ‘conservative’ Wall Street Journal’s news pages are as Left-leaning as those of the New York Times and Washington Post and that only the Op-Ed pages carry genuine news and non-Leftist opinions. I strongly recommend the above-titled article by Fouad Ajami which appeared in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal 1. This article, superbly written, is the best summary of the Obama popularity collapse that I have heard or read. Sentences such as “The panic that propelled Mr. Obama to the Presidency has waned”, “He had been a blank slate, and the devotees had projected onto him their hopes and dreams” and “He had never run anything in his entire life. He had a scant public record, but oddly this worked to his advantage. If he was going to begin the world anew, it was better that he knew little about the machinery of government.” abound and say as much about those who voted for him as they do about the President himself. The best sentence for my money however is the one that opens the final paragraph. “It is in the nature of charisma that it rises out of thin air, out of need and distress, and then dissipates when the magic fails.”

Well-written though the article is – and so worth reading – it fails to get to the whole truth, and thus is fatally flawed. For it does not account for Obama’s rise to fame and power. Many of the above sentences could have been written about Adolf Hitler but Hitler was from all accounts a truly gifted orator who wrote his own speeches and could deliver them without a teleprompter. Hitler too, at the time of his rise to power, had a substantial record of service and bravery in the German Army. Hitler built his own Party, at first with few resources. I am not comparing Obama’s personal motives or his subsequent policies to Hitler’s pathological racial Darwinism (though both are socialists at heart) but comparing Hitler’s genuine charisma to that attributed to Obama in Ajami’s article. On this website we maintain that the so-called Obama charisma is really a Media created illusion. He never was a good orator, there never was any substance in the speeches that he read, and there never was any evidence that he nurtured one original thought in his head. Obama possesses the same ‘charisma’ that all Movie Stars have and it is dreamed up in smoky back rooms, crafted by script-writers, advertizing and publicity experts and manufactured by Movie Producers. Most importantly it has been financed firstly by Hollywood billionaires and subsequently by America’s rich elites and Public Service Union bosses. The only assets the man has are the color of his skin (for it has enabled his promoters to successfully play the race guilt card) and his boundless and baseless self-confidence. I am sure that almost all Movie actors and Pop stars are a great disappointment to those who have to tend to their personal needs and thus see the real person, for the much-vaunted ‘charisma’ label surely tells us more about those who swoon than about the charismatic personality we are being ‘sold’.

On this website we frequently bring up the old story about the little boy who points out to the adoring crowds around him that the Emperor has no clothes. “The King is in the altogether” as Danny Kaye used to sing. To all of us little boys, Obama was naked from the beginning, but then we are not addicts (and therefore victims) of the big and little screens and we believe almost nothing we read in the Mainstream Media (MSM). Obama’s success was and is a creation of the Media Class, and like any Movie Star he is shallow in his thinking. He looks to others to provide the words and policies that further his own instinctively-Leftist agenda. The policies of that cabal have proved ruinous for the Nation and it seems likely that their Socialist revolution will not be completed before the voters have a second chance to express buyer’s remorse.

On the subject of Movie Stars and Hollywood, we constantly warn on this website that the Media Class indoctrinates us all with its amoral agenda through entertainment in all its forms. Under the skilful guise of making people laugh or cry or sympathize the film makers are pushing an agenda. The film ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was an example of this for it attempted to sanitize sodomy. The latest film to advance the Media Class agenda is ‘The Switch’. This time the mode is comedy as Jennifer Aniston plays the role of an unmarried women deciding to have a baby without a husband or male partner. Aniston is most famous for her part in the TV series “Friends”, though as I only ever watched one episode I cannot recall her performance. In a propaganda film like ‘The Switch’ you can bet that the participants are wholly committed to the agenda and so it is with Aniston.

She has been married once as far as I can tell and that was a failure. She has been through a lot of men before and since, though a failure to make a permanent relationship is par for the course in Hollywood and most other sectors of the Media Class. When someone criticized the ‘anti-marriage’ and ‘anti two parents for a child’ message of the film Aniston replied “Love is love, and family is what is around you and who is in your immediate sphere. I think it is actually quite beautiful”. This muddled drivel (absent a script-writer) passes for intelligent comment in Hollywood’s Leftist circles and Aniston is a typical Hollywood/Media Class activist.

Not so many years ago, Hollywood Stars kept their political opinions to themselves in public. There were several different reasons for their reticence. The Studio bosses did not wish to alienate any section of the potential fan base. They also knew that the pro-Soviet Communist views of many would reveal the Communist grip on film making. The morals of many Stars would have shocked the still-Christian public and few Stars could have defended their political and moral views with any coherence when subjected to hostile cross-examination. Things are so different now that the Media Class rules us and mostly controls the air waves and our politicians. It is no accident that the Stars now not only are openly politically active in speech but enter the political arena with all their Leftist views on display. This is the Media Class finally out of the political and moral closet.

I looked at a few facts about Aniston and they bear out the above comments. No doubt she owes much of her screen success to her beauty (it matters not if surgeons are responsible) but like so many Stars she also had a head start in her career. She is the daughter of successful LA actors and her godfather was Telly Savalas. For those too young to know his name, he was the biggest TV star of the 1970’s and so to have his connection was to be an insider. Aniston has received GLAAD awards for her promotion of the ‘gay agenda’. If she had been receiving awards from Christian organizations she might have found work difficult to get but GLAAD awards surely bring rewards too! And so they have! In 2007, Aniston was reputed to be the 10th richest woman in the Entertainment Industry. In 2008 she earned $27m. She is truly an insider of the Ruling Media Class, rich, privileged, Leftist and a campaigner against traditional moral values. No wonder the ‘gay agenda’ steamrolls from sea to shining sea and the National Organization for Marriage is the David facing the Goliath.

The UK’s BNP website has just reported on the Party’s leadership election. It seems that current leader Nick Griffin easily held on to his position for the results of the premlinary stage are posted are as follows: Griffin 995; Eddy Butler 214; Richard Barnbrook 23 and Derek Adams 4. Only a small proportion of members are eligible to vote and of these just 29% did so. I can find no mention of the platforms of the various candidates. Were they advocating different policies to those that Griffin imposes on the Party or were they merely saying that they could do better with the current polices? If there are any BNP insiders reading our website (and we are sure that there are) we would welcome information. We would certainly not reveal our sources and we are not looking to attack either Griffin or his Party. As we often point out, the BNP, whether badly or well-led and with many flawed policies, is still the UK’s only hope.

The days of August are passing here in central California and still temperatures are pleasantly below normal for the time of year. The nights can best be described as ‘chilly’. I am not complaining and no doubt we will get the usual fierce heat of summer at some point soon. Just telling you how it is on the ground! The record-breaking cold weather in the Southern Hemisphere is getting precious little Media coverage but Russia’s heat-wave is being used by the Media Class to further the Global Warming agenda.

Please note that there will be no new articles until the last week of August due to writer’s vacation.

1. WSJ August 11 2010 – The Obsolescence of Barack Obama

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