The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Harry Reid Scandal

Before getting into more serious matters, let me just mention that it is a cool day here in central California. Last evening my wife had to turn on the central heating and I read reports that Buffalo, NY has had unusually early snowfalls. Much of the U.S. hinterland is unseasonably cool with really cold weather extending as far south as New Mexico and Arizona. No one in the media is mentioning global warming, of course, but no one is mentioning the absence of it either. As I have said before, it is best to believe your own lying eyes rather than the experts. They often have an agenda and job security providing they support the warming theory. Be especially suspicious when the media, always keen to promote the global warming mantra, avoids the topic.

Media ‘avoidance’ is always instructive to those of us who believe that the media now calls the shots in politics and social policy. You will search in vain for any further mention of Senator Harry Reid’s shady dealings. The details of Reid’s financial gains in some well-concealed Nevada land deals, surfaced in an AP report last week. The AP reporter who had been digging into the Reid scandal, and his editor, have since been shot by a Media Class execution unit. I am just kidding of course, but interestingly, he or she has not been interviewed, endlessly quoted and feted, as has Brian Ross, who broke the Foley “scandal’.

One would think that the media would be all over a scandal involving the leader of the Senate Democrats, especially just before an election in which scandals are playing a big role. Reid is not just any old Democrat politician, but the Party’s most senior figure, and he has been regularly outspoken on the issue of scandal. One would not expect the Democrat Party to be having much to say, though it would have been nice if one or two colleagues had called for his resignation pending an enquiry. Since we people who inhabit the political Right are realists and do not retreat into fantasy, we are not expecting his colleagues to demonstrate integrity. Neither do we expect Reid to show any. There is not much point in making a big deal of this. The Democrat Party is, after all, poised to win some seats.

The media’s willingness to stay silent is quite another matter. Because we all know that the mainstream media is hugely biased, we are inclined to “Tut! Tut!” and move on and thus miss the significance of this. Reid’s shady land deal, concealed from public view and then dug up by a mainstream reporter, is huge news by any measure and at any time, but particularly before an election. News is, after all, the media’s business and simple Leftist bias is not a sufficient explanation for a whole mainstream media marching in silent lockstep across the nation.

On this website we do offer an explanation. It is that a new class (The Media Class) has taken power, has its own agenda, and that in the USA, the Democrat Party is merely its political front. It is the Media Class that is fighting this election through the Democrat Party and its most effective weapons include controlling the news, inventing it, distorting it and when necessary ignoring it, as in this case. Anyone closely following this election campaign must surely conclude that the Democrat Party has been relegated to the sidelines and it is the mainstream media that is defining the campaign issues and which is intent on bringing down the Republicans at all costs. The existence of a few mavericks and class renegades like Rush Limbaugh, his conservative Talk Radio colleagues and the Fox News Channel, does not invalidate our assertion.

Some people who do not understand the concept of ‘class’ in its socio/economic context ask us to ‘prove’ our assertion. Of course it is impossible to ‘prove’ the existence of this class, just as it is impossible to ‘prove’ that an industrial capitalist class once ruled in the UK (and in Germany and many other industrialized countries). It is not possible to ‘prove’ that TV advertisements influence people but we all know they do. We could just as reasonably ask critics to disprove our assertion!

We can identify the economic groups that constitute the Media Class in the USA and the UK, show their interconnection, demonstrate their rapid accumulation of wealth, show from whence they came and identify the technology that bestowed power upon them. Who can deny that it is the Media Class that is effectively opposing the Republican Party in this election campaign? Who can deny that it is the BBC that is destroying Tony Blair in the UK; that is leading the opposition to the Iraq war; that is endorsing David Cameron and his new Tory Party; that is orchestrating opposition to Israel and to traditional Christianity; and organizing the persecution and prosecution of the British National Party?

We have no difficulty explaining how and why the Media Class has evolved a Leftist slant in the USA, the UK, and elsewhere, and no difficulty revealing its largely concealed social/political agenda. The Media Class is like the elephant in the room. It cannot be ignored, no one wants to mention it, and many fear its power.

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