The Missing Explanation

As we have long argued on this website, the mainstream media is not in the business of providing the public with news, but with propaganda that furthers an agenda. We advise our readers to treat every item in every newspaper and magazine with extreme caution, for what gets reported is certainly not objective and unvarnished truth.

Everything has been ‘spun’, and much of the spinning is well camouflaged. Equally misleading and significant are the gaps in reporting – the things that don’t get reported at all or are tucked away on the back pages as if of no consequence. Many of these ‘overlooked’ news stories are more than worthy of front page headlines, but their subjects are like trees that fall in the forest, forever silent. The same warning goes for most TV and much entertainment. All news and all topics are sifted through the Media Class strainer and anything that clashes with its agenda is untruthfully reported or suppressed.

For truthful news and for real debate on many (politically incorrect) topics, one must go to certain websites on the Internet or to the mavericks of conservative Talk Radio. Mr.Radical and Mr. Right believe that Leftist politicians, acting for the Media Class, will sooner or later commandeer and stifle both forums of free speech and truth. In doing so, they will be greatly aided and funded by the Soros money machine and its tentacles of paid activists. In the meantime we will direct readers to any website that uncovers some truth or promotes genuine debate, whether or not that website imposes an embargo on us (as has !)

This week we would direct readers to two websites that have important things to say. The first is ‘Human Events’, an excellent source of news and opinion pieces that providers an antidote to the dangerous propaganda of the Mainstream Media. Recently, on our website, we drew attention to the revolting murders of Channon Christian and Hugh Newsom, and pointed out how this news story has been systematically suppressed by the MSM because it does not fit with the Media Class agenda. That (Leftist) agenda relentlessly presents certain groups as victims and others as perpetrators, and real life events are not allowed to contradict it. We now recommend an article in Human Events by Christopher Plante, dated May 21st and titled “The Untold Knoxville Murders” 1 . Plante contrasts the Media’s daily headline treatment of the ‘Duke Three’ (baseless) allegations with its comprehensive silence on the stomach-churning Knoxville murders, and correctly discerns the motive for the grossly unequal treatment. He mentions too, the Media-inspired uproar over the paltry Imus remarks and near the end of his article states, “while the national news media was advancing the agenda – they were ignoring this terrifying Knoxville story because it does not contribute to the narrative”. He concludes with, “Once you view the media product through this prism, it all makes sense again”.

Plante’s “narrative” is what we at RADICAL-AND-RIGHT term ‘the Media Class agenda’, and certainly, once you view all the Media’s reporting and non-reporting through our prism, it all makes sense. What Plante cannot explain is the ‘prism’. How is it possible that ‘the Media’ has an agenda that is so systematically, uniformly and comprehensively pursued (and so at odds with much of the public’s views and interests) unless it is the consequence of a powerful Class interest? This is the only explanation for a non-conspiratorial agenda that spans and permeates such a set of forces.

This brings me to another excellent article on 2 . It is dated May 17th and written by Marcia Segelstein, a guest columnist and one-time producer of NBC News. She asserts that Christians in the US have become the rebels of society and that the prevailing orthodoxy is, in effect anti-Christian. She compares the moral standards and norms that existed in the 1950’s and 1960’s with those of today and concludes that if the current trends continue nothing will be left of them. She is right, of course, in so far as she goes.

She is writing this from the standpoint of a Christian and a parent and draws attention to the public acceptance of casual abortion, the sexualization of children and the role of TV in destroying marriage, self-restraint and child-hood innocence. Of course, there is nothing new in what she says, though she says it well.

Reading her piece, I was reminded of a night in the 1970’s when I was watching BBC TV in the UK. I was already evolving from Marxist to (small ‘c’) conservative because of the Media treatment of Northern Ireland and the Rev Ian Paisley, when on came a program attacking the Rev Jerry Falwell and the Christian Right of America. I had never heard of Falwell, nor the Christian Right and the program was meant to make the viewers’ blood curl over his ‘bigotry’ and his terrible threat to everyone’s freedoms. The program showed an excerpt of Falwell addressing a huge congregation in Australia. For me it was another small moment of epiphany, along with an earlier excerpt of a Paisley speech I had heard on radio. Both had the opposite effect on me from that intended by the BBC. For I recognized immediately that both men spoke what were becoming uncomfortable truths and that their v iews were in the mainstream. I became aware that the BBC was in the business of demonizing some people because of their moral views. I did not consider myself a Christian, a nationalist, or even a conservative at that time and it was several years and many more experiences before I reached the conclusion that a Media Class had quietly assumed power in the UK and the US. Nevertheless, Falwell impressed me greatly.

Segelstein is not wrong in what she writes, but she fails to recognize the big picture, despite having once been on the inside of the Media Class. I suppose she is an example of the old saying ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. The Christians have not become rebels. They have not moved, so cannot have ‘become’ anything. They hold to the same beliefs that have been held by countless millions for centuries, and are still held by most ordinary people in the US, if not in the UK. Sadly, in the UK secularization has been successfully imposed on the people because there is no written constitution to protect free speech and thus it has been easier for a Media Class to crush and almost silence all opposition. Some conservatives in the US, and probably some Christians too, are unwilling to a lign themselves with nationalism in Europe because they are haunted by Nazism and anti-Semitism. Consequently, they are unwilling to recognize the importance of nationalist parties like the British National Party and to defend their rights of free speech and free association. The Christians and the conservatives of the US should pay more attention to the persecution of the BNP in the UK and the persecution of nationalist parties in France, Holland, Belgium and Hungary, for the silencing of those who oppose the new ‘concensus’ that Segelstein complains of, is gaining momentum in the US too.

What has happened in the US (and has proceeded faster in the UK and elsewhere in Europe), is that a Media Class has been advancing a new morality as it has been advancing its power to control the political agenda. The agenda is one that will make the new class feel comfortable, and it is largely about social and moral norms rather than economics.

Segelstein is right to compare the 1950’s and 1960’s with today, for what has happened in the intervening years is the growth of the power of the Media Class, and it all began with the technology that put a TV into every home in the 1960’s. From this evolved 24 hour programming, the shift of wealth to a new Class, the marriage of advertising, fashion, the Arts, sports and news and the birth of a new Master Class. The roots of this new class are politically Leftist and socially Bohemian and it now seeks to shape society in its own image. It has the power to do so and is succeeding, hence Segelstein finds herself being marginalized, along with fellow Christians, conservatives and nationalists.

Segelstein and Plante should take time off to read back through our archive and all would be revealed. Until there is an understanding of the power of the Media Class, conservatives, Christians and nationalists will continue to find themselves being increasingly marginalized and their freedoms of speech and action eaten away.

1. Human Events: The Untold Knoxville Murders
2. One News Now: Perspectives: Christianity and the culture — Calling all rebels

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