The Media Regrets – Death of Zarqawi

Tuesday’s news of the death of Jordan’s international terrorist, along with his “spiritual” adviser and other henchmen, was clearly a setback for the West’s Media Class. News reporters across the media spectrum found it impossible to sound pleased as they attempted to make the best of a bad job. In the USA, this disaster came on top of disappointing election results. Media commentators and journalists had been salivating during the previous few days over what was predicted to be a disaster for Conservatives, Republicans and of course, George Bush himself.

The results in no way lived up to their expectations and Wednesday and Thursday had to be spent spinning the facts. Not only did the Republicans hold their southern Californian House seat, but Hollywood leftist Rob Reiner failed in his bid to impose more taxes on the alter of education. Once again, we saw that the new Master Class fails to get its way with the electors whenever it comes right into the open with a Leftist agenda. The L.A. Times tried hard to put Reiner’s overwhelming failure down to voter fatigue, an argument not only fatuous but one they would not have employed if he had won. Media attempts to make the Republican victory over the Democrats in San Diego seem like a moral victory for the Left, failed to mention the 4% vote for the Minutemen’s candidate, surely a major factor in the reduced Republican majority.

Since the Media had everywhere gleefully predicted that Republican defeats would be another nail in the coffin of the hated George Bush, the military success in Iraq was salt in Wednesday’s wounds. Bush incidentally, had demonstrated yet again the behavior that makes him so reviled by the Media Class, for he had thrown his support behind the Senate Republicans’ attempt to outlaw same-sex marriage. This issue alone is enough to separate friend from deadly enemy as far as the Media Class is concerned. The death of Zarqawi (referred to in many media reports as Mr. Zarqawi!) must rank alongside the capture of Saddam and the initial Iraq invasion victory, as the Media Class’s worst moments in the USA’s war on terrorism.

We should, incidentally thank God that Zarqawi was not taken alive. The Media-inspired clamor for him to be accorded every legal right imaginable, would have been insufferable. Leftist lawyers from around the world would have invented reasons why his capture was illegal and his sadistic crimes the fault of the USA and its President.

On this website we celebrate Zarqawi’s death and hope he is forever in Hell. No-one, not even Stalin or Hitler, is more deserving of perpetual suffering. May Osama bin Laden soon join him!

One aspect of all of Zarquawi’s crimes is always overlooked and that is the content of sadism. It is always assumed that the man and his henchmen are inspired by religion whereas we should recognize sadism for what it is. No-one could carry out the killings by hand which he carried out in front of a camera, unless motivated by sadistic pleasure. Few sadists are willing to admit to the sexual gratification that their acts of torture afford them and it is comforting for them to pretend that they are acting from some more lofty impulse. We should not fall for this. Under the cover of religion, these terrorists are giving themselves permission to indulge their appetites. Hitler’s death squads pretended to be pursuing noble ends when slaughtering Jews, Russians and Poles but we now know that they were sexually excited by the cruelty they employed and by their helpless victims suffering. The pity is that Zarqawi died so quickly and not by gradual removal of his head by a blunt saw.

Revenge is justifiable in some circumstances, and this creature has helped to push our world back into the Middle Ages. We are all the worse for his actions and he has created a greater divide between Muslims and the rest of the world than would otherwise have existed. He has also set Muslim against Muslim with a trail of blood of innocents.

The Media’s reporters are frustrated by his death however and nowhere can one find any joy in the reporting. All rush to tell us that it will make no difference to the success of his terror organization and they console themselves with their predictions that it will inspire his followers to greater efforts. The rest of us can draw some comfort from the fact that the al Qaeda organization has produced informers and the combined forces of Iraqi and US troops have scored a hit. We can also draw comfort from the knowledge that in newsrooms around the Western World there is depression. Reuters, Associated Press, The New York Times, Hollywood, where are the smiling faces? All are throwing their intellectual energies into salvaging something from Tuesday’s disaster in Iraq. Perhaps the prize for spin should go the ABC newsroom for its Thursday radio 1pm bulletin. After a brief report of Zarqawi’s death, we were reminded that he had sawn off the head of poor Nicholas Berg, a US Jewish civilian who had been kidnapped in Iraq. If anyone wondered why this particular inhuman event had been singled out by ABC from Zarqawi’s long list of barbarous achievements, we soon learned why, for the murdered man’s father, now a “peace” campaigner running for Congressional office, told us that he had forgiven his son’s killer (presumably on behalf of his son!) and had EVEN (my capitals) forgiven George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.

So there you have it from ABC. The real villains have been pinpointed and they are the Bush people! Incidentally, it was clear from the tone of voice and the context of the remarks that Mr. Berg had NOT forgiven Bush and Rumsfeld. It is beyond this writer’s comprehension that any father would be so quick to express forgiveness for his son’s sadistic killer, or put him in the same category as the men who have had responsibility thrust upon them to retaliate for 9/11. There is, on the Left, a sickness and one wonders if the sadism of our enemies is producing a submissive masochism amongst potential victims.

Many will also wonder why the Media people reserve their hatred for Bush and conservatives in general, when these Muslim extremists intend to rid the whole world of the atheists, libertines and sexual perverts that infest the Media Class. The answer is that Media people and Leftists live in the kind of cocooned and comfortable fantasy world, where making a film that rewrites history replaces reality to their satisfaction. Such people are extremely dangerous to the rest of us at any time, and especially now that they hold the power to dominate politics and culture in the USA, UK and other Western countries. In a time of war against sadists and demented suicidal fanatics, we need to be united under the leadership of clear- sighted realists whose goal is to protect the West from destruction. We cannot afford to be led by people who wallow in fantasy, nor dare we listen to people who advocate submission. Does poor Mr. Berg believe that a commitment to peace by the USA will satisfy sadists who saw peoples heads off in front of cameras?

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