The Media Class Rewrites History Whilst Making a Revolution

The totalitarian Revolutionary Left (and is there now any other ‘Left’?) within and without the Media and Academia, has a formidable track record of rewriting history, expunging facts big and small, inventing new ones and thereby bequeathing to future ignorant generations a narrative that paves the way for the triumph of more fiction over fact. The ultimate objective sought by our ‘masters of the record’ is the historical inevitability of their definition of ‘progress’. In the Leftist’s rewriting of history, context is selected or ignored, genuine heroes and awkward allies are eliminated from the record or re-cast as villains, Leftist participants acquire noble characteristics and past opposition to ‘progress’ is portrayed as  having been historically futile.

Stalin and his Socialist henchmen in the Soviet Union, once they had achieved control of the Media, brazenly set about erasing the true past from the record books. Trotsky, an awkward ally from that past, was eliminated from all pictures that showed him alongside Lenin and Stalin. The Soviet Socialist Media, which along with the police and judiciary were the most formidable weapons in the totalitarian armory, was able to portray to the citizenry and to the world’s gullible it’s Soviet Empire as a people’s paradise. The Soviet reality was starvation, suffering and mass murder on a scale never before seen in the Western World.

Young visitors to this website – indeed all those visitors who have little knowledge of real history and are therefore inevitably gullible – may wonder why we regularly re-visit the seemingly defunct Soviet Union. Well, as one Western Communist sympathizer famously said when he visited this workers paradise in the 1930’s in the midst of its ghastly march of progress “I have seen the future and it works”. Good people forget the great Socialist experiment and its inhumanity at their peril. Good people should also remember that Socialists (Progressives) see what they want to see and facts and failures are no impediment to their vision for the future. Despite overwhelming evidence of Communism’s horrendous crimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, American Leftist Academics, so quick to rake over and ‘expose’ anything from the past deemed conservative, have consistently recoiled from even mentioning the evil deeds of Communism in action. Recent history teaches us to beware all those who claim to pursue ‘progress’. Good people should also be fully alert to today’s ruling Revolutionary Media Class and its totalitarian- seeking allies as they set about distorting truth and rewriting recent history under our very noses. Catastrophically, since true history alerts new generations to dangerous people and ideologies, the history taught in our public schools is history re-written by the Left. And so we re-visit the Soviet Union in our articles.

Americans now live under the revolutionary rule of America’s Media Class. It is a tribute to its control over news, mass communication and propaganda skills that very few Americans are aware of the existence of this Ruling Class and its revolutionary agenda, even as it speedily transforms their lives and Nation. Although the Revolutionary Media Class shares some of its awesome power with Leftist allies (Blacks and unionized Public employees), they are allowed only a modest influence on the agenda that oppresses us. The Media Class has the real power and its own Revolutionary Class agenda is paramount. This is proven by the breathtaking promotion and success of the unpopular homosexual agenda after only 6 years of the Obama/Holder regime. Compare it to the dismal Black and Union gains under the Obama Administration. Its chosen President, with the MSM’s approval and curtain of silence, has brazenly set aside the Constitution in order to enjoy increasingly Dictatorship powers over the political process. The Media Class’ stifling control over information and communication falls not far short of Stalin’s Communist Party’s media control in its heyday. It does not yet have Stalin’s awesome power over the State machinery, the judiciary, the Armed Forces and the police, but no Conservative would deny that Obama and the monolithic Democrat Party are capturing and subverting all of these coercive forces and marching us toward a totalitarian America at a smart clip. Denunciations and informants, midnight arrests, re-education camps, show trials and the gulag are the final goal of progressives.

Obama is the willing and loyal tool of the Media Class, whose Hollywood billionaires back in 2008 plucked this ignorant but self-confident community organizer from relative obscurity and funded his triumph over the Clintons. Once Obama was selected and promoted by the deep pockets of Hollywood’s perverted masters, the Media Class as a whole closed ranks to ensure his election and re-election to the White House. The Democrat Party, already long purged by the Media Class of its dwindling number of patriots and Christians, is a Party with a rank-and-file that is unified and motivated by hatred, envy, fury, self-interest, Leftist dogma and intolerance. It provides a home for the dysfunctional and unsuccessful even as its leadership grows rich on the influence and privilege that comes with the exercise and abuse of Government power. The Party has been waiting for a decade or more to be unleashed on America’s unsuspecting, diligent, prosperous Christian working people whose traditional morals and natural conservatism are obstacles to revolutionary change. Obama has willfully unleashed the Party on its opponents, reinforcing its appetite for lawlessness with a Leftist Government bureaucracy he has freed from legal and Constitutional restraints and whose coercive actions are fueled by the self-interest of its workforce.

Obama’s arrogant, ignorant, failure-strewn (on the International scene) Presidency, made more pernicious by his and Eric Holder’s personal racial resentments, has been protected from public accountability by a united Media Class conspiracy of silence and lies. Some good conservative patriots see the source of the Media Class power lying in New York and controlled by Jews. There is no denying that Jews control much of Big Media (and Wall Street) and donate heavily to Obama and the Democrat Party. They are also prominent among Hollywood’s dysfunctional and amoral, anti-Christian warriors for the social revolution being visited upon America. However it is a misunderstanding of the Media Class to see it as predominantly Jewish and therefore pursuing a Jewish ‘agenda’. There may be a disproportionate number of Jews in prominent positions in the Media Class but they are outnumbered by native-born Americans and other racial groups. All, irrespective of race, march in lockstep to promote a Class agenda. It is membership of the Class that shapes and drives their revolutionary agenda. Similarly, Academia’s Leftist absolutism is driven, not by the Jews, though they may be disproportionately represented there, but by other factors including an ideology born of the self-interest of public service employees who enjoy secure and undemanding employment.

For the record, Jews also have a disproportionate presence in medical research, in medicine, in science, mathematics, and Free Market economics (von Mises, Joseph Schumpeter, Milton Friedman) and we can be grateful for their natural intelligence, ability to study and learn and willingness to benefit mankind. The point here is that whilst it is important to be alert to the powerful influence and nefarious activities of some Jews, we can and must make common cause with Jews who are on the side of the counter-revolution. We recommend regular visits to the Occidental Observer, where dangerous Jewish influences are revealed, but viewing the contemporary revolutionary war in America and the West as one between Jews and Aryans is a fundamental mistake. It is a wrong analysis for counter-revolutionaries to work from and distracts us from recognizing the Class nature of our undeclared civil war and the identity of the revolutionaries that are defeating us. I have lived in several places where the local newspapers have been independently owned (and not a Jew in sight!) and always they have marched in lockstep with the whole agenda of the Medias Class. Aryans in Hollywood are as dedicated as any Jew to the suppression of Christianity.

This brings me back to the re-writing of history. Once upon a time, Leftists in Academia and the Media waited for decades to revise history to their liking. In these revolutionary times however, the re-writing of history begins almost immediately after the event, especially when it involves the top agenda item of the Media Class. L. Gordon Crovitz is a regular writer for the WSJ Opinion pages, almost always on computer topics. His recent contribution dated July 14th is a masterpiece of intellectual dishonesty and its timing has been chosen by the WSJ to maintain the momentum of homosexual advancement. The article is entitled “A Digital Age Study in Swaying Public Opinion” and a following headline is “How litigation and an all-out effort to change minds has (have) altered views on same-sex marriage”.

Crovitz is clearly greatly pleased by the speedy legitimization of SSM but seeks to conceal his motive for writing behind his interest in the Internet. “Whether or not you favor gay marriage, this makes for a fascinating study of how quickly opinion can change in the digital era”. Having skated uncritically through “Obama opposed gay marriage for most of his Presidency” he notes that not long ago “public opinion was overwhelmingly against the idea. But now nearly 60% of people polled support gay marriage, and it has been legalized in 19 States, representing almost half of the population”.

Referring to Prop 8 in California, “ a 2008 constitutional amendment narrowly approved by initiative in California that banned same-sex marriage”, he celebrates how the ballot-box victory of this thoroughly debated Amendment caused an “unlikely pair of lawyers”  to defeat the people’s will in a court. He asserts that they were an “unlikely pair” because they were on different sides in the Bush v Gore court case and Ted Olson is a conservative and David Boies is a liberal.

This nuanced introduction and the ensuing article is revealed as a device for publicizing a new book by this ‘unlikely pair’ which “details their legal strategy and campaign for public opinion”. Later in the article Crovitz ‘discloses’ that he is a longtime friend of Olson’s and was best man at his wedding. Significantly he reveals that Olson was recruited “by a group of gay-rights activists that included actor and director Rob Reiner”. Here we see the Media Class at work.

Let us pause here to pick through Crovitz’s claims, assertions and evasions. “Obama opposed gay marriage for most of his Presidency”.  Who is Crovitz kidding? This is the Obama who was a frequent visitor to Hollywood, where he met with the richest and ‘gayest’ political donors time and time again and received their support that was crucial to him defeating the Clintons. Are we to believe that they tolerated his opposition to SSM yet funded his primary success and then massively funded his election campaigns? We – and Crovitz – know that Obama is a liar and that his pre-election public affirmation of real marriage was brazenly deceitful. He never ‘evolved’ on the issue but merely fulfilled his secret pre-election promise to his paymasters for he and they feared that SSM might be a vote loser in 2008.

The California people’s vote for Prop 8 is devalued in Crovitz’s telling because it was ‘narrow’. His article subsequently implies that ‘narrow’ majorities of the people’s votes are properly set aside by the superficial arguments of celebrity lawyers and one collusive, dishonest and perverted judge. Narrow majorities mean little to Gordon Crovitz. Yet California was and is the most liberal State in the USA and home to more homosexuals than any other. This is the State containing San Francisco’s Castro district, where perverts annually parade naked and chained, whilst masturbating and sodomizing each other before admiring crowds. It is also the home of the movie industry. Beverly Hills and LA probably harbor more homosexuals and militant perverts than any other conurbation in the world. Yet the Californian electorate rejected SSM despite the proponents of real marriage operating on a shoe-string budget and being opposed by some of the world’s richest men.

It’s a funny thing, but celebrity lawyers never volunteer their services – free or otherwise – on behalf of conservative causes. We can wonder why! Crovitz describes Boies and Olson as an “unlikely pair” yet both are celebrity lawyers. This suggests they move within the same celebrity circles. Crovitz does not tell us – though he must know – what led Reiner from Hollywood, and his homosexual friends, to approach Olson as a stranger and known ‘conservative’? And what is conservative about Olson? Are we expected to believe that because Olson took on the Bush-Gore case – a celebrity case indeed – that he is a conservative? Lawyers who are friends, and privately share the same values, regularly oppose each other in court. And celebrity lawyers will take cases to burnish their credentials with the celebrity world they inhabit. As I commented at the beginning of this paragraph, celebrity lawyers do not offend their celebrity world friends by taking up conservative causes.

Crovitz tells us that both Boies and Olson are heterosexual, as if this makes their pushing SSM more remarkable, yet he later omits to mention the sexual lifestyle of the judge. And how can he know if one or both lawyers have been bi-sexual in their pasts? Those of us who remember how Roy Jenkins, Britain’s liberalizing Home Secretary (like many other politicians) concealed a homosexual past whilst legitimizing sodomy, have learned to take nothing at face value. Maybe Olson and Boies are sexually normal but there are many possible motives for promoting the causes of the rich and powerful and not all are idealistic.

It is on the subject of the judge who ruled Prop 8 as unconstitutional that Crovitz is most deceitful, for he fails to mention that Vaughan Walker concealed his active homosexuality whilst adjudicating the case. Walker only revealed his personal investment in the issue after retiring. The Media predictably saw nothing wrong in this outrageous arrangement. What could possibly have been detached about Walker’s handling of the case? He could have refused to hear the case on the grounds of a conflict of interest but we have to assume that he saw an opportunity to further a cause close to his heart and sexual appetite. We may also wonder how, out of all the judges available, a closet homosexual was allocated this case, for we can be sure that Walker’s homosexuality was well-known amongst the lawyers of California. Crovitz has nothing to say about all this, for he is busy re-writing history to further an agenda.

Crovitz quotes Boies as writing that his “key strategy was thus to encourage people to think through the issue by laying out facts about homosexuality and marriage”. In all the public ‘debates’ about SSM and homosexual advancement that the MSM permits and conducts I have yet to hear one mention of the facts about same-sex relations between men. Sodomy, bondage and all the unnatural sexual acts committed by homosexuals are never allowed to air in public-lest they nauseate the people. These lawyers, along with Reiner and all the rich sodomites of San Francisco and Hollywood could have led a campaign to rescind Prop 8 by seeking the popular vote but they did not dare to go to the people.

Crovitz is correct about one thing and that is that public opinion has changed since Prop 8, when the people’s will was set aside by one closeted homosexual judge. Since then the popular will has been set aside time and time again by selected courts and bought- and- paid- for State Legislators. Many now see opposition as useless in the face of all-powerful forces and the young emerge from education brainwashed with ’human rights’. But let us place the triumphant march of SSM through the Courts and State legislatures (only once through popular vote) in context and note that SSM is only a stepping stone for a truly revolutionary agenda. Crovitz, Boies and Olson are all aware that marriage today in America is only truly relevant and important to Christians. Crovitz and the ‘unlikely pair’ know that SSM is the Trojan Horse that will drive Christians into a corner and enable the Government to force them to surrender and be re-educated.

The success of Prop 8 unleashed a wave of intimidation and sporadic violence against its proponents and supporters. This intimidation has not abated, despite the continued advance of SSM through court after court and legislature after legislature. So fast and complete has the intimidation become, that it is impossible to get a job or retain a job in many places if one reveals a Christian commitment or a belief in real marriage. California’s Silicon Valley has led the way in retroactively punishing those who were found to have been an active part of the majority for Prop 8. Obama, rewarding those Media Class homosexuals who have funded and protected him, has, with a stroke of his busy pen, forced employers everywhere to capitulate to homosexual demands. He also imposes them on other nations as a condition of aid.

Homosexual activists and Leftists in America are combining to sniff out for punishment, every social conservative and Christian business owner. No baker, photographer, restaurant owner, landlord or humble hi-tech worker is beyond their reach. The legitimization of SSM has, predictably, opened the door to the legal intimidation of opponents and the denial of employment. Obama (despite a late ‘evolution’) and Eric Holder have lost no time in mobilizing all the powers of government to make opposition to the homosexual agenda punishable. ‘Marriage equality’ has speedily led to ‘equality’ in the workplace that invites every grotesque cross-dresser to swagger in front of fellow-workers on the way to the bathrooms and denounce anyone who stares. It has led to Christians being marginalized in the workplace and in the public square and it will soon be used to force Churches to cease preaching the Gospel and to marry people of the same sex. Resisters are already being sent to re-education camps in order to retain a job.

Crovitz, Boies and Olson are all aware of this. The WSJ article and the book are not intended to set the record straight but to re-write history so that the homosexual juggernaut that lives within the Media Class can attain its goal and its victories appear to be an unforced growth of enlightenment. That goal is to remake a society and its human beings in the image of the inhabitants of the Media Class.

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