The Media Class Defects

It started, as I remember, with David Geffen the very rich Hollywood Democrat. When Hillary Clinton was making what looked like a routine visit to Hollywood late last year to top up her bursting war chest, Geffen broke ranks from the Hollywood establishment and announced that he would be funding Obama.   At that time he was joined by two other comrades in wealth and doubtful sexuality, though one at least lost his nerve and retracted. At that time Mr. and Mrs. Clinton appeared to have been appointed to the next Presidency by the whole Media Class, the political expression of the Media Class (the Democrat Party) and the intellectual elites of academia. Geffen accused the Clintons of being, not just liars – which everyone knew and many admired – but liars who went beyond the pale.

No-one at that stage would have forecast the wholesale defection of the Media Class from the Clinton camp, but we underestimated the exhaustion of many with the Clinton sleaze. Media Class people, unlike politicians and businessmen, had nothing to fear from Clinton reprisals, FBI files and bad publicity. So when Obama went the whole way on homosexual advancement, abortion-on-demand and all the other Media Class agenda items and outflanked Hillary on the social Left AND looked young technic-colored and fresh, I suppose he was bound to appeal. Mrs. Clinton failed to read the tea-leaves and assumed that she had the Media Class in her pocket, except for Geffen. She was so confident that she failed to energetically campaign against Obama in some of the early primaries, saving her powder for the November Presidential run to the White House that she and Bill were entitled to. Obama won some seemingly unimportant primaries wearing a nice suit, short hair, a diverse and healing smile and a lot of campaigning. He also had the early support of the Soros machine and was an Ivy League elitist, along with his wife.

No-one has the Media Class in his/her pocket, for it is the ruling Class and cannot be taken for granted by mere politicians – not even Presidents. The Media Class, as we constantly point out on this website, is not a conspiratorial group. It does not meet in secret committees, any more than the once-dominant Industrialist Class operated by committee. This is not to say that there is no group identification. Ruling Classes meet through common business and just as importantly meet socially, fornicate and sodomize with each other, commit adultery together, marry and divorce amongst their own kind. They mostly live in the same upscale gated neighborhoods and have multiple gated vacation homes next to each other. They also do the same things with their natural allies such as academics, one-time Leftist terrorists, pet politicians and business people who aspire to influence and glamour. In all such gatherings, the Geffen factor must have flourished, reinforced by Obama’s growing look of invincibility. As he began to look like the slam-dunk to win against any Republican candidate, the defections became a rout and now Hillary is pilloried every day on all the TV stations (except the maverick Fox News) and in every print headline and report. He is also getting the money of the rich and famous, as befits the champion of the ‘little man’.

The Clintons must be finding it very hard to deal with a hostile Media, for they have been pampered with an adulatory Media for as long as anyone can remember. Now, every report and every editorial is telling them to get out of Obama’s way and she is accused of racism and financial shortcomings. As I wrote at the beginning of the last paragraph, no politician or businessman should ever take the Media Class for granted, for the power is concentrated in its members. The Media Class defection from the Clintons has not been calculated but as is typical of a Class that is rooted in image, mirage and make-belief, it has been emotionally powered and opportunistic. Obama has been embraced and promoted to stardom, just like any movie star or pop star, which is to say without being concerned about his character, his morals and his past. The Media Class has temporarily lost its monopoly to the Internet and Talk Radio mavericks (it will be restored if we have Obama in the White House and a filibuster-free Democrat majority in Congress) and so may have miscalculated its ability to kick the Clintons out of the race, its ability to erase their memory by November, and its ability to rewrite Obama’s record of anti-Americanism before the voters get to the final polls. I do not under-estimate the Media Class power to do all the above, nor its frenzied desire to capture the Supreme Court and destroy the traditional beliefs of the American heartland, for it is as powerful as any ruling Class has been in the history of the US. Still, I do not yet count the Clintons out of the race, nor their ability to wreak havoc on those they consider to have betrayed them. Leaving aside the Media spin, Mrs. Clinton has surely fought Obama to a draw, if not a slender win.

Global Warming Check

Here in California, it continues to be unusually cool. I am sure that this is the coolest year for at least 15 years, and last year was not much warmer. Al Gore may talk scary talk about cyclones in Burma, but he is surely trying to distract us from the North American chill.

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