The Mark Sanford Syndrome

As soon as the Media stories began to circulate about South Carolina’s Governor disappearing, we all knew that another politician’s sex scandal was about to burst. Although the occasional detail might vary a little it is possible to write the same story each time and merely insert a name. Sometimes there is an extra ‘spicy’ element such as the involvement of high class prostitutes or a male bondage boy but in all cases we are left wondering two things. ‘How did the guy expect to get away with it?’ and ‘Did he not know that it was political suicide?’ I am, of course, writing here about Republican politicians, and Christian leaders who have trespassed into politics, for a different rule applies to Democrats and Leftists. Barney Frank, whose ‘partner’ ran a homosexual brothel from Frank’s home, survived and has prospered in the US House of Representatives. Indeed he has also survived recent financial scandals too. Bill Clinton survived the Monica Lewinski scandal and may yet be our representative at the UN. There is current Media spin aimed at rehabilitating former VP candidate Edwards and it is possible if you are a Leftist to actually plant bombs, kill people and ultimately become a tenured University lecturer and mix with Presidents. The Media has one unforgiving rule for those on the political Right and another, bordering on amnesia, for those on the Left.

Not that I am suggesting that Conservative politicians and Christian leaders should be able to shrug off scandals and carry on with business as usual. I hope that those on the Right will always have a higher moral bar than those on the Left. Mark Sanford ought to be toast now and I hope that South Carolina Republicans will give him the bullet very quickly. The man clearly lacks both character and judgment and we have to be grateful that he brought on this calamity before he was able to get in the running for the 2012 Presidential primaries. I did not see his post-scandal TV appearance but reports suggest that it was the usual sniveling, self-serving, undignified stuff that such people serve up. I can understand that a man in mid-life is tempted by women other than his wife and in some cases might have good grounds for ending a marriage. If his children are grown up and he is willing to pay the price of divorce and start a new life, there is a dignified way to proceed. It involves immediately giving up all political ambitions, resigning office, getting out of public life and shielding his former family from publicity.

Sanford, like so many other Republican politicians, may have believed he could behave like a Hollywood star or a John Kennedy. However, his trip to Argentina in pursuit of his cutie suggests something more extreme than mere lust, and that he is besotted with the woman. Many of us will know from teenage personal experience that being besotted is akin to a mental illness and Sanford is to be pitied as we might pity a lunatic. He is clearly not fit for any public office.

I think such episodes should remind us that the modern political game, with its demands and rewards, is neither family-friendly nor likely to attract good people. Rather it attracts the same kind of people as those who get to the top of big companies and into acting. Ruthless, vain, morally weak, greedy and opportunist are words that come to mind. If they are not like that at the start then once in high office, many, like bees, cannot resist the honey-pot. Ambitious women often see such men as stepping stones and no doubt there are always more than a few ‘Eves’ lurking around the centers of political power. Sanford might have benefitted from spending a little more time reading the Old Testament, for all human frailties are examined there. He could have started with the story of Adam and Eve, the serpent and the apple. Still, it is too late now and if he ever wishes to resurrect his political career he will need to switch Parties, otherwise the Mainstream Media will keep the albatross of scandal around his neck for ever.

On this website we have always cited the Advertizing Industry as a component of the Media Class. The explosion of TV ownership in the 1960’s had many unforeseen but ominous consequences. One of them was to marry the Advertizing Industry to the acting and Movie World so that the two became seamless. Hoardings on railway stations advertizing Torquay (in the UK) for a holiday, Bovril or Burmah aftershave are no longer the mainstay of advertizing. Billboards remain, especially near Freeways, but they are now mostly owned by national Media companies. Their owners are as much a part of the Media Class as are Hollywood producers. Thus no-one should be surprised that at least the 5 biggest billboard companies have refused access to Joseph Farah’s campaign to question Obama’s birth details. All the adverts say is ‘show us the birth certificate’ and do not mention Obama by name, but this is too much for the Media Class and without explanation they have applied a censorship. The Media Class is determined that its puppet in the White House should not be revealed for the imposter that he seems to be. Perhaps he is qualified by birth to be President but in the absence of a convincing certificate of live birth, and given his extraordinary efforts to cover his tracks, we must assume that he has something big to hide. He will get away with it for the Media Class is determined to stifle any enquiries and the judicial world lacks anyone brave enough to take on a viciously hostile Media.

Many years ago, my wife and I spent a vacation on Treasure Island in Florida. We made several trips to St. Petersburg. It was not, as I recall, exactly teeming with homosexuals and at that time the 1% of the population that was afflicted with the vice of sodomy practised their ‘arts’ in bedrooms and remote public toilets. I was reminded of this today when I saw that St Petersburg is to host what they are calling the ‘St. Pete Pride’ this weekend. It is claimed that some 70,000 to 80,000 homosexuals are expected to gather there for a festival of vulgar exhibitionism and coupling. These pervert gatherings in cities throughout the Western World are a touring circus designed to ensure that families and children everywhere are familiarized with homosexuality in all its grotesque forms. It is a cunning campaign and no doubt funded by billionaires like Tim Gill and many Media tycoons. Amongst its many achievements is that it gives the impression that the world is full of homosexuals for each host city is overwhelmed. I will bet that the same crowd moves from city to city, for these people have money to burn, no family commitments and can live only for today. Since most are addicted to sex, especially in public and in groups, the ‘Pride’ events are what bath houses used to be for homosexuals in San Francisco. I wonder if the residents of St. Petersburg, who no doubt are being brainwashed into believing that ‘Pride’ brings prosperity, are reminded by the Media that Pride will also bring AIDS, drug problems and the corruption of the young.

Here in mid-California we are enjoying a few days of real heat, with temperatures just breaking through 100F. Given that we are now past the longest day there is nothing unusual in this but the ‘Global Warmists’ will be filling the Media with dire predictions. However, I fancy the scientific skeptics are beginning to find their voices, especially on the Internet, and more and more people are beginning to trust their lying eyes.

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