The Left! Violent, Dysfunctional and Mindless!

Mr. Radical recently emailed me a series of pictures of a Leftist march and gathering in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The pictures were taken by a conservative activist1 who has previously attended and filmed abortion rallies and other Leftist Front parades in SF. Such pictures never appear in the MSM, for the Media Class knows only too well the effect they would have on ordinary voters. Not that the Media Class disowns its street followers. I am sure that in the editorial rooms there is a kind of admiration for the ‘mob’ that turns out to promote all kinds of Leftist issues that are on the agenda of the Media Class.

The photographer, who clearly mingled with the mob, and must therefore have dressed down for the occasion, provided captions for each picture and in the introduction states that the best way to describe the collective components is that they are all ‘communist’. The banners carried by members of the mob and the stalls selling books, newspapers and other propaganda items represented various strands of Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism, anarchism and Soros-inspired Democrat activist groups. I think ‘communist’ is as good a description as any, including the abortionists, environmentalists and homosexuals who always attend such events.

It is easy for conservatives to dismiss the people in the pictures on the grounds that they are on the fringes of society, obviously mindless, grossly immature and sadly dysfunctional. But amongst the hardcore political types are undoubtedly some young people from normal homes who have come to live in the ‘big city’ and who think this political gesturing and the way out fashions are fun and liberating. They are influenced, perhaps for life, and California and similar states now have enough voters of this type to elect Leftists to Congress.

I think we should be very alarmed by the SF crowd. First of all, there are thousands of them and that adds up to more than a fringe. Conservatives, Christians and Nationalist find it hard to get out such numbers for good and patriotic causes. It is true that many of the Leftists have no work commitments and do not worry about meeting such things as parental responsibilities and so have free time for endless political posturing. Still they are voters and their public posturing gives encouragement to our enemies, influences the apolitical and demoralizes good citizens and our troops. More importantly, it is hard to view the many dysfunctional and alienated activists in the photos and not conclude that US society (and UK society even more so) is going to the dogs. A nation that produces increasing numbers of such young people will surely have no will to defend itself against a ruthless and calculating enemy.

On Tuesday the 12th September, Norman Podhoretz wrote a piece in the WSJ entitled “America the Ugly”. Podhoretz is an ex-Marxist who grew up in the 1960’s anti-war movement and he now sees the current Leftist mob as much more powerful than it was in those days and capable of sabotaging the war on terror more speedily than their predecessors. I am sure he is right. They now have the financial backing of one of the world’s richest men, too. Interestingly, he writes “ the Vietnam War ground on, the institutions that shape our culture were one by one and bit by bit converting to the ‘faith in America the Ugly’. By now, indeed in the world of the arts, in the universities, in the major media of news and entertainment, and even in some of the mainstream churches, that faith has become the regnant orthodoxy”. On this website, we believe he is unwittingly describing the rise to power of the Media Class. I recommend his article and his latest book “World War IV” for ex-Marxists have a better grasp of the dangers of the Left than country club conservatives.

In the same week, the WSJ had an excellent article by Bret Stephens, another good opinion writer who keeps track of the terrorist situation around the world. In this article he looks back at the Baader-Meinhof Gang (who called themselves Germany’s Red Army Faction) and their kidnapping and murders of civilians. He draws parallels with today’s Islamic terrorists and comments on the distinctions. Like the 9/11 killers, they were the children of privileged parents and bore an irrational hatred of capitalism and American society. Anti-Americanism is a common thread, though I think that it is really a hatred of bourgeois society and that the leaders and inspirers of all such movements are fuelled by either self-hatred or a lust for power by quick and violent means. As Stephens points out, many people in our elite class sympathize with the killers and their causes, and in Germany now those Red Army Faction killers who because of clemency are about to be released from prison, have good jobs already promised to them by Arts groups and academic institutions. One cannot imagine such clemency and jobs being granted to Rightwing prisoners. Unfortunately, Stephens fails to mention the IRA and their long campaign of terrorism in Ulster and the UK during which they murdered and maimed thousands of innocent people. It is our belief on this website that the IRA has taught successful terrorist techniques to new generations of psychopaths around the world.

Finally I come to the conviction of yet another member of the entertainment world for perverted activities. I refer to the UK actor, Chris Langham, who was convicted this week for downloading grossly pornographic pictures of children. Not a day goes by without news of some member of the Media Class revealing abnormal appetites. These are the people who now make up much of our ruling class and pull the strings of those who legislate for us. As it happens, I have reservations about making downloading from the Internet of anything a crime. I know the argument is that the ‘down-loaders’ provide the market for the pornographic exploitation of children, but I don’t believe that. If this man had bought pictures or videos of child porn then the argument might have held water, but down- loading anything from the Internet seems victimless to me. Soon it will be a crime to download pictures of the Belgian police beating up anti-immigration Vlaams Belang protestors in Brussels, BNP news of race crimes in the UK and copies of Mein Kampf. The destruction of free speech and the freedom of information will always begin with laws that appear to be for our good.

1. zombietime report – 9/11 Truth March and Power to the Peaceful Festival

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