The Last Straw and the Last Post

Last Saturday I spent a considerable time writing an article about Dr. Rand Paul, the Tea Party favorite who recently won the Republican nomination in Kansas. The article was an attempt to explain to non-US website visitors what the US Libertarian Movement is about and where it diverges from conservatism. Dr. Paul is said to be a Libertarian and his well-know father Ron Paul, who in 2008 was briefly a candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, most certainly is a Libertarian. On this website we have always taken the view that Libertarianism is fatally flawed for it is extremely ideological and is non-judgmental on moral affairs. Dr. Paul, whether or not he is a Libertarian, is certainly a good man. He is married with three children, his wife does good works and Paul himself has long been offering his medical services freely to the poor. He is also a practicing Christian. Rand Paul’s rise to prominence within the Tea Party Movement and his election success seemed to mark him out as a rising conservative star in the Republican Party, much as Sarah Palin was once marked out as a rising star. My article was an attempt to show why Paul is now getting the Palin treatment from the whole Media Class. This very good man is now being cast as a racist, a political novice and an albatross on the Republican Party over his ideological views about 1960’s legislation. Fifty years on from this civil rights legislation, the Media Class and its Leftist allies are still willing and able to introduce race into any topic and elevate it into a litmus test against their enemies. Context and facts are deemed irrelevant for the charge of racism is enough to smear an opponent. Rand Paul, like Sarah Palin, has been deemed a future threat to Obama and must be destroyed with smears. This is the Media Class using its power.

Unfortunately, I inadvertently wiped out my article from my computer. This is not the first time for I have minimal computer skills. I have concluded that anyone who wishes to regularly post articles on a website needs to be computer savvy, other wise valuable time is repeatedly wasted. The intervening few days I have been freed from having to keep abreast with the Media and freed from losing sleep at night pondering what the next article should be. For more than two years I have put forward the view that contemporary politics in the USA and the UK can only be understood in the context of the rise to power of a new Class. When a new Class takes power it is a revolutionary event in itself but the new Class also uses its designated political forces to make an ongoing revolution. This new Class- the Media Class- is preoccupied with moral/social issues and so we are experiencing a moral/social revolution which some mistakenly call a ‘Culture War’. I have repeatedly described the evolution of the new Class, beginning in the 1960’s, and described its constituent parts, together with the historical and substantive reasons why this Class is Leftist leaning and able to forge an alliance with Leftists. Many articles have taken Media reports, analyzed their bias and placed that bias in their larger context.

Our website has failed to break into the mainstream of the Right. Although there have been many visitors it is clear that none spread the word on the Internet and some Rightwing websites have deliberately kept us out because we have been sympathetic to European Nationalism in general and the BNP in particular. I am tired of writing, so unless some website visitor comes forward with an offer to contribute articles, this is the last post. We will shortly post up the unfinished and unedited long essay that was written by the late George Weller. It is not an easy read, but Weller was the first to identify the Media Class and its agenda.

Best wishes and good luck to all the Christians, conservatives and Nationalists who have visited us and thank you to Mr. Radical who devised this website in its effective simplicity. Mr. Right.

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