The Juggernaut Continues

I recently wrote a piece about the seemingly unstoppable homosexual juggernaut. Many conservative and Christian commentators and activists expend energy and words opposing the juggernaut, but none seem to question how this relatively small minority is able to keep its agenda in the forefront of legislative activism and to insist on it being the priority of so many politicians and Big Business executives.

I can think of no other minority ‘tail’ that has been able to so effectively ‘wag so many big dogs.’ In the last month there have been two more clear examples of the power of the homosexual agenda to dominate all other agendas. I realize that as many as 2% or 3% of the population might engage in same sex sexual activities and that that is a significant number in total, but only a minority of that minority is actively interested in pushing such things as same-sex marriage. Most homosexuals that I have known as work colleagues or neighbors shun politics and political and social activism in much the same way as the majority of the heterosexual population.

Wisconsin is clearly a predominantly Democrat State, with most State offices occupied by Democrats and with a Democratic Governor, but in the November 2006 elections Wisconsin voters voted 60% to 40% to ban same-sex marriage. This would seem to be a pretty convincing majority and one that would deter politicians from attempting to circumvent the popular will. No doubt some of those rich homosexuals that I mentioned in a previous article quietly pumped lots of money into the same-sex marriage campaign chest and no doubt the Wisconsin Media turned a blind eye and did all it could to help their cause. But despite this, the people, including many Democrat voters, must have felt strongly enough to vote for the preservation of traditional marriage.

Last month, Madison city council approved a measure allowing its members to refuse to uphold the new voter approved constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. It is said that where state capital goes, so does the State Supreme Court, which already has a 4-3 liberal activist majority. There is a vacancy on that Court and the likely replacement for the vacancy is a lawyer who has long worked for the ACLU and who has already publicly stated that she believes that the voters’ ban violates the US and State constitutions! One doesn’t have to be a legal expert to know that the US constitution has nothing in it that suggests that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, but Leftist activist judges can interpret black for white whenever it advances the Leftist Media agenda. We can expect that the Wisconsin voters will be ignored and the homosexual juggernaut will continue on its course.

Meanwhile David Crary of the Associated Press (a fine Leftist institution and engine of the Media Class) had a prominent and lengthy piece in the Contra Costa Sunday Times (February 25th 2007) that gleefully reported “Gay rights bills likely to win congressional approval”. There are 3 bills that he mentions that are likely to be a priority of the newly elected Congress in Washington DC. They are “a hate crimes bill that would cover offences motivated by anti-gay bias, a measure that would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation” and “a measure to be introduced on Wednesday seeking repeal of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy that bans openly gay and lesbian Americans from serving in the military”. According to reporter David Crary “publicly there is little tolerance for overt anti-gay bias”. He is partially correct though I would suggest that for accuracy the words “tolerance for” should be replaced by the words “public expression of”. It has become dangerous in most places to publicly express any condemnation of homosexual practices. At best one can lose a job and a career and at worst, in some Western countries, one can wind up in prison.

On this website we contend that the reason that the homosexual agenda has become a juggernaut is because the Media Class now dominates politics in the US and elsewhere and it has a very high concentration of rich and activist homosexuals in its ranks. Most of the politicians, bureaucrats and judges who are willing to ignore the public will and steamroller or slide pro-homosexual legislation through legislatures and courts are not themselves homosexual. They are however smart enough to know that to gain Media approval they must push the Media’s agenda and conversely they know that to oppose the agenda will result in an unrelenting bad press. Few politicians can survive a hostile Media campaign! There is also the business of funding without which politicians and Parties cannot function. Rich homosexuals who pay the piper, call the tune, and can do so without fear that the Media will uncover their influence. When national Christian groups and individuals give support to tradition-supporting initiatives in a state election, they are portrayed by the Media as sinister forces interfering in local affairs and buying influence. Outside homosexual and Leftist influences are deliberately ignored by an approving Media.

Actually, I don’t care much whether or not the military as a public body is forced to ignore the sexual orientation of recruits, though I can see that coping with cross-dressers and sexual predators in barracks are both detrimental to creating an effective fighting force. The real issue is more basic even than same-sex marriage and it has a parallel with the demands now being made by the self-styled Muslim Council in the UK. Its latest shopping list includes a demand that radical new rules should be imposed on British schools so that Muslim children do not feel marginalized or ‘different’. To ensure the comfort of Muslim children, Islamists are now insisting that Muslim practices be imposed on all school children. Meat served in school dinners would thus have to be halal, there could be no Christian bible classes, girls should be segregated from boys, no joint PE classes or games to be permitted and all girls should comprehensively cover up in swimming classes. In order to allow Muslim children to feel ‘normal’ all other children must abandon past practices.

It may well be that barring a massive BNP electoral victory in the near future the UK establishment will take another step down this slippery slope. We all know that the Muslim Council, which does not represent all Muslims, nevertheless is treated as doing so and mainstream politicians do not dare to thwart it. We also know that there is no end to the demands that will follow after these have been met, for the end game is a UK that is Muslim dominated in every nook and cranny and in which non-Muslims will be an oppressed and humiliated minority.

Similarly, same-sex marriage is not the end of the homosexual agenda, but simply a step along the way to creating a society in which no homosexual will feel marginalized, uncomfortable or different. Just as with the UK Muslim agenda, the end game is a society where the present minority becomes a majority and its practices become the norm. Farfetched you may think for a minority of only 3%? Not if that minority controls the education system, the Media, the judiciary, the politicians and the bureaucracy. It is likely that the homosexual activists who now have such power believe that sexual orientation is a life-style option and a preferable one at that. They no doubt believe that with suitable indoctrination most children can be introduced to sodomy and other more adventurous sexual practices at an early age and that at the least bi-sexual behavior will become the norm. I think they underestimate human nature, just as Communists, Socialists, Internationalists and other Utopians have in the past, but this has not prevented believers from capturing power and forcing their insane agendas on hundreds of millions.

P.S. On Friday, as I drove down the Bay Area’s 101 Freeway, I enjoyed the vista of snow-covered mountains that are part of the Diablo Range. More snow, down to 2000ft is forecast for tomorrow. Al Gore! Where are you?

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