The John McCains and the Media Class

I voted for McCain in 2008. I had no hesitation in casting my vote for him and indeed I had a McCain poster in my front yard and his bumper sticker on my car.   Perhaps though, it would be more accurate to say that I voted against Barack Obama in 2008 and did so again in 2012 when I voted for Romney. Six subsequent years of the Obama Presidency and his revolutionary rule are proof that I voted realistically and wisely in 2008 and 2012. I never doubted that Obama was the candidate chosen by the billionaires of Hollywood; that they had only abandoned Hilary Clinton because Bill had offended Hollywood’s homosexual susceptibilities; that Obama’s attributes as far as they were concerned were that as a Black candidate and President the Mainstream Media (MSM) could stoke White Guilt; without a nation-wide base he would be wholly dependent on their support; and that he was hugely ambitious and a consummate liar who would dance to any tune they played as long as he got to be important. If it was clear in 2008 that he was a man without principle it was beyond clear in 2012. The question in 2008 that many inattentive centrists pondered was “Is he less dangerous for America than Hillary?” It was a dumb question, for both were representatives of a covert revolutionary Democrat Party, both danced to the Media Class tune and thus both were equally dangerous. 

    At that time McCain was a person of principle in comparison to either of the Democrat candidates, though that in itself was not saying much, since the Democrat Party had been wholly purged of principled people at least a decade earlier. But McCain was a man who had served in the military, who was American from head to toe, whose father had also served America, and he was a genuine war hero. In earlier, pre-revolutionary times before the 1990’s, McCain might have become an average Republican President. Lacking a rudder, he would not have been a Ronald Reagan but he might have been another Ike or George H Bush. Under his leadership America would have continued moving slowly to the Left in response to ever-increasing pressures from the rising Media Class. But Sarah Palin would have been Vice President and who knows what she might have achieved? In any case, a slow move to the Left would have been preferable to the lurch to tyranny that has subsequently taken place. 

    McCain, when he first entered the Presidential race, seemingly unaware that the Media Class had radically changed the landscape, must have thought that his military record, his convincing patriotic stance in foreign affairs and his centrist political positions, were a guarantee of victory. He had the backing of the Republican Washington insiders who, like him, considered that they knew all about politics and how to fight elections under the traditional rules of engagement. It soon became clear however that McCain, lacking any awareness and understanding of the revolutionary force that was now the Democrat Party, was out of his depth. McCain assumed that if he adopted the campaigning methods of an old-fashioned patrician in keeping with his military record, he would appeal to ‘moderate’ Americans. Consequently he scolded and dismissed an aide who obliquely referred to Obama’s Muslim background, treated the important ‘birther’ accusations as if they carried the plague and because of race treated Obama in the debates with such deference that observers might have assumed that Obama was already President. Without a set of core conservative beliefs (rudder) to aggressively set before the voters, carrying a false belief that his brave military background spoke for itself, and totally misunderstanding the new warfare, McCain was easy meat for the MSM to present him as an old out-of-date White codger, tainted by the out-going Bush Presidency and opposed by a young, Black and dynamic moderate who would be the new broom that would sweep clean Washington politics. McCain showed no understanding that the MSM was not just biased but was promoting Obama. As things stand, the Republican candidate in 2016, even if far more conservative than McCain, will almost certainly make the same mistake of not recognizing and denouncing the real enemy and its agenda. 

    It has become clear in the intervening years that McCain is a vainglorious man. Perhaps he always was or maybe old age and his long Senate occupation have reduced him to conceit and self-admiration. Now he craves the limelight that suddenly went out in November 2008. Remember when he abandoned his campaign and scuttled back to Washington in the Media-fueled financial crisis to play the role of important Statesman? This was the inappropriate antic of a politically drowning candidate desperate to appear to be at the center of things. He looked foolish then and he reveals that he is just as foolish now (and treacherous) when he grabs for favorable MSM attention by attacking the conservatives in his own Party. Perhaps he is fully aware that the MSM is only interested in him when he dances to their agenda and stabs America in the back, and as an old and shallow politician who is past his sell-by date, he will do anything to once again appear importantly in front of friendly cameras. 

    McCain misjudged his chances in 2008 because he viewed America’s politics through the prism of the previous century. He, and his Party, assumed that the MSM’s relentless war against George Bush was fuelled by anger over the Al Gore defeat in an election that had been decided by hanging chads in Florida. They had not noticed that the Democrat Party’s new litmus tests had purged it of all who held moderate traditional views on social issues and that the MSM had been picking off and destroying one Republican after another. They had not noticed that the MSM news and the Nation’s MSM entertainment were promoting non-stop a new morality, and in combination with Leftist organizations, driving Christianity to the margins and casting America as the world’s enemy. In short, McCain and the Republicans did not recognize that America was experiencing a revolution, that political power was passing to the new Media Class and that the election of Obama and a Democrat Congress was to be the Media Class’ final act of victory-achieving legislative control of the Nation. When revolutionaries embark on conflict they do not fight by the old rules. When they attain legislative power they legislate to replace the old society with a new one from which there can be no turning back. The George Bush victory in 1998 set their revolution back 8 years, for 9/11 and the Iraq war – events that the revolutionaries had not foreseen – gave Bush a second term. The Media Class-led revolution was delayed for 8 short years, but since 2008 has continued apace on all fronts. America has already been transformed and those who are consciously or unconsciously resisting are wholly on the defensive. Obama and his comrades have cast aside the Constitution, usurped the government machinery, ruled without Congress, purged the military leadership, suborned the judiciary and divided up society into favored and progress-obstructing groups. 

    The old America is reeling from the onslaught and we write this depressing commentary despite a narrow Republican victory in a Florida House District last night. It may be that enough Americans will stir themselves to grab a slim Republican (Senate) victory in November, but even now the Right has no awareness that it is engaged in a revolutionary struggle. Nor does it yet recognize the real enemy and the source of his power, for the Media Class has enjoyed the ability to hide itself and its agenda from full view. 

    There are many McCain’s in the ranks of the Right, vainglorious, self-important men desperate for just a little more favorable Media limelight. Between 2014 and 2016, (if the Senate falls to the Republicans) the MSM will seek them out and probably enough Republicans will offer their services and votes to the Obama regime at crucial times. If not, there are other Republican legislators enjoying secret lives or with guilty pasts, who the MSM will blackmail to do the same in return for Media silence. The Media Class and its allies also will use every dishonest, dirty and unconstitutional trick to weed out genuine conservative candidates between now and November. If that is not enough, they will seek out the gutless turncoats and the vulnerable in Congress, and sow and exploit divisions. 

    In the meantime hordes of brainwashed young people, ignorant of their Nation’s special history, will emerge from the educational system, those who remember the old American ways die off, and the borders are open to millions who are too poor and too ignorant to care about America’s free and strong past. Time is not on the side of the counter-revolutionaries. On this website we regularly implore patriotic Americans to learn from UK experience. Read about the marginalization of Enoch Powell; take note of the downfall of Margaret Thatcher and the Tory leaders who gained Media approval by betraying her; the Tory Party’s flight from Nationalism and its transformation into a rootless Party led by Cameron; the growing and brazen official persecution of Nationalists; the suppression of free speech, and much more! All of this can be attributed to the power of the UK’s Media Class led by the tax-funded BBC, a monolithic organization of extreme Leftist perverts. Will America’s counter-revolutionaries wake up in time to the power of its own ruling Media Class, its methods and its agenda? 

    Weather – Warm and dry here in California with little prospect of rain. The UK is drying out. Nothing unusual! 

    Music Choice – Stan Kenton Orchestra playing the Mexican tune “Peanut Vendor”. In the early 1950’s this recording was on juke boxes in the UK and the USA pleasing a generation that had not been culturally infantilized.

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