The Foley Affair – Media Class at Work

On 25th September (see our archive “The Agenda Behind the News”), I warned that in the next few weeks the Media Class would be ratcheting up its use of the daily news as propaganda. In the UK this would be because the BBC-inspired Show Trial of the BNP leaders was approaching and in the USA it would be because the Media Class is desperate to engineer a Democrat revival in the November elections.

Because the US media is unrelentingly biased every hour every day, any increase in effort is bound to border on the hysterical and low and behold media hysteria has begun this week.

The excuse for the hysteria is relatively trivial, but for the benefit of UK readers I will outline it. A longtime member of the House of Representatives, Mark Foley, has had email exchanges he conducted with a 16- year old male page (some reports now say he was 18), leaked to the media. This email was sexually suggestive and Foley has resigned. Needless to say, given the intense media interest and “shock”, Foley is a Republican as well as a pervert. He has now admitted, via his lawyer, that he is homosexual and has checked himself into a rehab center for alcoholics. In doing so, he has put himself beyond reach of the media for the time being, though not beyond the reach of the law. Foley was not that well known outside of his Florida base, though it seems that he has helped to promote legislation aimed at preventing the corruption of children!!!

Some of us had long ago concluded that legislatures in the US and UK contained a disproportionate number of perverts in their ranks and that all Parties have been infiltrated and networked. Perverts elected to public office become ideally placed to influence legislation on moral issues and to wield enough power to cover up their sexual activities. No doubt they are also able to make plenty of sympathetic contacts with their fellow-perverts who are prolific in all branches of the media.

Foley has been a hypocrite and has used his position to cultivate young men and it is quite possible that his attraction to one or two individuals in particular, has resulted in him becoming reckless. Or, he has been set up! In Washington DC the law places the age of consent at 16, so Foley has broken no law there. However Internet law is different and he may have broken laws regarding minors with his Internet contacts.

Firstly, let me say that I think that any parent who sends a teenage son or daughter off to Congress or its environs is courting trouble. It is like sending a young boy off to a ballet school or a daughter off to a Las Vegas massage parlor for an apprenticeship. Washington is a sleazy, greedy, power center full of predators and quite a lot of them are legislators. Political power and the wealth around it, invariably attracts those who are on the make. Many are charming and ruthless. The Monica Lewinsky episode should have been a lesson to all parents, but I suppose there are always some who want their kids to get to the top no matter what and hope that a period in Congress as a “page” will be a leg up (no pun intended!).

The media’s star reporter (for that is what he now is) in all this is one Brian Ross of ABC. We do not yet know how the emails and instant messages came into his possession. Ross has been a top political reporter for ABC for some time, so is very much an insider of the Media Class. He now claims to possess a large number of instant text conversations held between Foley and more than one young former male page. Ross is releasing these messages on a daily basis just to make sure that the “issue” remains hot in the run-up to the elections. This is a good tactic for anyone plotting to damage the Republicans election campaign, since otherwise Foley’s instant admission and resignation would have defused the whole matter.

Democrats, who normally denounce homophobia as the worst crime in the “human rights” pecking order, are demanding to know who in the Republican leadership knew what and when and therefore must have failed to take action to protect young men from the advances of a homosexual. Their sights are trained on Denny Hastert, the Republican Speaker of the House.

Ross has probably had these email and instant text messages since early August but has almost certainly waited for the election campaign to reach a pivotal moment, thus ensuring maximum damage to the Republicans. Knowing how the emails came into his possession would tell us much about the people involved in this political plot and the motives at work. Perhaps George Soros or Bill Clinton had a hand in things.

We always say on this website, that no story ever gets into the media by accident, or simply because it really is important news, and that the public should get their media news with a health warning. After all, we don’t know how many similar stories of legislator depravity arrive on reporters’ desks each day and never get selected for publicity. Selection depends on the Media’s political agenda. What is certain is that the whole Media Class has swung into action from day one on the Ross revelation and that everyone must be on orders to keep this story bubbling day and night. At the weekend on TV and radio, media people interviewed each other about Foley and Hastert in a frenzy of outrage and pleasure. Hosts asked questions dripping with anticipation, opportunity and import and guests responded with the scripted replies that were expected. At such times, hosts and guests were seamless, and journalists and Leftist politicians were also indistinguishable and all on the same page (again, no pun intended!) For those of us who think that the Media Class is the new master class, none of this is a surprise.

One thing is particularly telling. Every media commentator has gleefully drawn attention to the way that this “scandal” has brought down the people who make moral judgments and how this is payback time and how happy they are that it shows that no-one is in a position to be judgmental. They all predict that this Foley episode will smash the link between the Republican Party and its Christian base. In their excitement and scenting success, the Media people reveal their real feelings and motives. They hate family values, traditional moral values and the existence of standards of behavior, especially in sexual matters. They are willing to throw the homosexual Foley to the wolves if, in doing so, they can demoralize Christian voters, damage the hated Bush and pack the supreme Court with permissive Justices. With regard to Foley, the powerful homosexual component of the Media Class calculates that you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs and that sacrificing him is a price worth paying. Foley, if he survives the sudden destruction of his professional life, will probably one day turn up as a well-paid media personality and political commentator.

Republicans and conservatives are once again left reeling, and it may well be that the Foley affair will bring down Hastert and cause the defeat of the Republicans in the November elections. There are still some weeks to go and who knows what the lunatics of Imperial Islam may yet do, but things are not looking good for the Republicans despite a record Dow Jones, full employment and safety from terrorism for 5 long years.

We say to all conservatives, Christians and Nationalists that you cannot win a war or even hold the line unless you know your enemy. If you have not correctly identified him and understood his war aims, you will continue to fight the wrong people in the wrong places and that is a recipe for defeat. Recognizing that the real enemy is the Media Class and that it is in the process of consolidating its control over the political and judicial mechanisms of our society is a first step to real and effective resistance. The Media Class is not yet strong enough to emerge from behind its agents and allies but is able to proceed by stealth. It would be better for us all if it were to be flushed out into the open.

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