The Economy, the President and the Media’s Lies

Do you recognize the words ‘Unexpected’ and ‘Surprising’? You certainly should if you are one of the American visitors to our website, not because we use them frequently, but because the US Mainstream Media has almost worn them out. Every week, various statistics relating to the US economy have to be reported and invariably – with the exception of the Stock Market – they paint a continuing grim picture of the economy. Housing sales, new housing starts, consumer optimism, factory output, consumer spending and most significantly unemployment claims and unemployment statistics fail to provide evidence for the Media’s drumbeat that we are in a ‘recovery’. And so, each new miserable statistic is described by the MSM as ‘unexpected’ or ‘surprising’. The MSM, of course, mostly avoids owning the words but instead attaches their ownership to ‘experts’ ‘economists’ ‘market watchers’ and ‘forecasters’. These ‘experts’ who are so surprised by the emerging facts, are rarely named, though I don’t doubt that the mostly Leftist academics who dominate our places of learning are always willing to publicly pontificate about ‘upturns’, ‘positive underlying trends’ and ‘renewed optimism’. The one genuine fact in all this is that the Media Class, the Leftist academics and the Wall Street billionaires are prepared to go to any lengths to paint a (false) picture of our economy that will flatter their incumbent in the White House. As we always maintain on this website, the MSM is saturated with lying propaganda, the dominant Ruling Media Class owes its existence to the peddling of fantasy, and none really care a fig about the US economy or the people who are the backbone of the Nation.

Given such a context, painting a wholly false optimistic picture of the US economy, whilst their man in the White House and his Party in Congress are busy destroying it, makes sense, for it lulls the citizens and enables the Ruling Class’ Cultural Revolution to gain momentum. So what if the Nation’s economy implodes and the private sector is overwhelmed by the public sector costs, the answer will be more Government control over everything, and this alone makes the triumph of a completed revolution more certain. Do not be fooled by the fact that many Big Business leaders now support these lies, support the man in the White House and support his comrades in the Democrat Party. Big Business globalists are rarely enthusiastic about free enterprise and competition but they are increasingly enthusiastic about special deals with Government, subsidies and the plaudits of the Media. Few wish to become targets of the MSM pack and Government investigators and risk suffering the current fate of the maverick Media man Rupert Murdoch.

Obama is a Leftist of sorts but owes his recent election victory (and the next) to the Media Class. He knows this, though being an impulsive opportunist and narcisist, he sometimes gets too big for the boots that the Media Class has donated him. We say he is a ‘Leftist of sorts’ because the modern Left cannot be equated with the old revolutionary Communist Left of Marx, Engels, Bela Kun, Liebnicht, Luxemburg, Trotsky and Lenin. The Leftist alliance that has emerged out of the rise to domination of the Media Class is as near to Mussolini’s Facism as it is to Soviet Communism. Many of today’s Big Business leaders are more than happy to welcome the Corporate State in which Government, Union leaders and Big Business fashion a cozy arrangement where competition from upstarts is stifled by Government controls, deals are arranged in private with Union bosses and profits are guaranteed by Government contracts. The only difference with Mussolini’s Facism is that Big Business welcomes the Global State and the destruction of the Nation State.

The old-style Communists really believed that the working man should come into his own. We know now that Communism was anything but beneficial to the working man and that competitive capitalism and the interplay of market forces, despite intermittent crises, does offer the working people both opportunities to become owners and to become steadily more affluent. Increasingly, however, and with the rise to power of the Media Class, Big Business leaders have done their deal with the new Ruling Class, and so we see the amazing spectacle of GE’s leaders hobnobbing with the man in the White House, Wall Street tycoons donating large sums to the Democrats and George Soros and his fellow billionaires funding ‘Leftist’ causes. Hidden within this new alliance are other factors such as the presence of sexual deviants and libertines amongst the rich (who share the propensities of the Media’s perverts and libertines), the attractiveness for otherwise boring Business people of socializing with celebrities, and the protections that the Media Class can offer to those with skeletons in the cupboard.

The Ruling Media Class likes Big Government, for through its powers the new revolutionary morality can be imposed on an unwilling population and all opposition (Conservatives, traditional Christians and Nationalists) suppressed and eventually eliminated. Big Business has increasingly aligned itself with the Media Class enthusiasm for Big Government control of the economy, for the new morality and for the destruction of National borders. Those on the Right who now find themselves cast as counter-revolutionaries have become ‘Davids’ fighting Goliath. Though they may not be fully aware, the Republicans who are holding out on the debt-ceiling and demanding big reductions in Government spending and Government power are fighting the same battle as Brian Brown of the Defense of Marriage campaign and the same battle as those wish to secure the Nation’s borders and halt illegal immigration.

We (Radical and Right) make no claim to expertise on economic matters but the facts appear to indicate that the acknowledged recession of 2007 to2009 has not ended and no amount of Media-generated optimism and propaganda has engineered a recovery. According to Government figures out this week (and they may well be hiding worse things), the US economy grew at a pace of 1.9% in the first quarter of this year-not the 3.6% ‘forecasters’ had predicted. The second quarter may reveal that the 1.9% has fallen to 1.4%. June home sales, according to the National Association of Realtors, decreased 0.8% from May- a third straight monthly drop. Today, unemployment figures were again reported in the MSM as ‘disappointing’ and ‘unexpected’. Only the stock market, a fragile mechanism whose gains can evaporate overnight, is doing well. Meanwhile, Obama and the Democrats are stubbornly resisting cuts to Government expenditure (except on defense) and seeking more catastrophic borrowing to pay increased Government expenditure. Who can doubt that Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party will strive for increased taxation on the working people to fund their ever-growing government edifice. A handful of opportunist Republicans in the Senate (affectionately dubbed by the MSM ‘the Gang of Six)has spotted the chance to bask in Media fame and approval and its members are ‘busy’ working on a ‘surrender to Obama’ strategy. This always happens to the Right when the Media Class has power. It happened to the UK’s Thatcher Government when it seemed that Mrs.Thatcher might be about to become more Nationalist. A handful of renegades emerged from their holes and received the full support of the Media so that they appeared to be a powerful movement when in fact they represented only themselves and self-interest. In New York State recently, a handful of such Republican renegades, suddenly feted by the Media and funded by rich Leftists and perverts, were able to betray the forces of conservatism on the same-sex marriage issue. Such is the power of the Ruling Class to find renegades willing to sell out for a small price!

To us, and contrary to the propaganda put out by the MSM, the US economy appears to be stuck in recession. Furthermore, and this is the factor that the MSM deliberately ignores or dismisses, we believe our lying eyes when we shop. Inflation is much higher than Government statistics claim, and the Obama policies are fuelling inflation at a significant pace. Unemployment, by constricting demand, may be concealing inflationary build-up but inflation surely haunts all those who look ahead and who have some assets. We believe that the inflation threat, more than anything else, explains the money going into stocks and gold. Only the rich like Soros can put wealth in safe places like Switzerland but for the rest there is no hiding place. Obama may be blocking the policies that would start a recovery because, as some claim, he is ideologically driven to oppose cutting entitlements and is bound to please his Leftist base. Others on the Right believe that he is engineering a collapse of the US economy so that Government can step in and take full control of it. Who knows? Perhaps he is just an economic incompetent who survives day to day and trusts in his own ability to take advantage of any scenario as it arises. One thing is sure and that is that he could do two things that would transform the economy. One would be to announce a broad cut in Government expenditure by getting rid of Government Departments like Education, canceling his Health Care plan and ceasing to interfere in Libya. The other would be to announce that he will allow no tax increases during the rest of his term as President. He will do neither of course!

As we have repeatedly written on this website, the MSM will seek to destroy any Republican Presidential candidate who is clearly a moral conservative and who might have enough popular appeal to defeat the Media Class servant in the White House. Michelle Bachmann is now that candidate and the MSM is brazenly raking over every aspect of her life to find molehills to turn into mountains. The latest uncovered molehills are that she gets migraines and her husband has offered help to homosexuals seeking help to become heterosexual. I use the term ‘brazen’ because this is the same MSM that has refused to even scratch the ground around Obama’s past. His medical history is concealed as is the rest of his past other than the bits he has revealed that are self-serving. Last week the Media campaign on behalf of RINO Jon Huntsman continued with a long and friendly piece in the WSJ. Huntsman is that former Obama Ambassador to China who is the kind of Mormon who does not support traditional marriage. Just as the MSM is failing to promote the Obama economy no matter what it tries so too it is failing to foist Huntsman on to the Republican grass roots. Here are the latest results from the Public Policy Polling data; Bachmann 21% (and growing); Romney 20% (and slipping); Perry (not yet declared) 12%; Cain 11%; Ron Paul 9%; Gingrich 7%; Pawlenty 5% and Huntsman 3%.

In our previous article we pointed out how Obama talks incessantly about his ‘work’ yet always seems to have avoided it. I omitted to mention his use of the fine-sounding couplet “shovel-ready” when he promised jobs from the last injection of paper money into the US economy. It has transpired that the money never reached any ”shovel-ready” workers but ended up in the pockets of his Union constituency. Big surprise! I should have pointed out that Obama would not recognize a shovel if it was put into his soft hands.

Mark Stroman, aged 41 was put to death by lethal injection in Texas earlier this week. He had randomly murdered two shopkeepers by shooting. I failed to read of any protest by UN officials or the intervention of Obama attempting to halt his death. As visitors to this website will recall, an illegal Mexican immigrant who most cruelly raped, sodomized and killed a 16 year old girl was executed in Texas recently amidst a storm of Media-trumpeted protest by UN fat-cats and the US President himself. The difference in reactions can be accounted for by the fact that Stroman was White and a legal citizen. Also, his victims were Asians and he claimed to be avenging Americans against Muslims. On this website we think Stroman deserved the death penalty and his dead victims deserved justice. Stroman faced his execution with more dignity than he had exhibited in most of his life for he was a longtime criminal and more than a little unhinged. On this website we are never jubilant about the death penalty for it is the taking of a life on our behalf and who knows what kind of childhood the murderer had experienced. However, the death penalty is both an instrument of justice and a deterrent when swiftly administered after a fair trial and a thorough review.

In the UK the weather continues to be cold and wet. Many complain that, yet again, summer has almost passed without much summer weather. Nothing unusual about this! The tax-funded and Leftist BBC has shamelessly announced that it intends to give even less air-time to opponents of Global Warming. Does the US MSM give any time at all to Global Warming skeptics?

Music Choice – Cuban-born bandleader Perez Prado is long forgotten in this time of infantile drivel that passes for music. Prado was a little guy who made up for his lack of size by leading a big band with an even bigger punch. We could say that he was a fore-runner of the great Stan Kenton. Prado came to prominence on the US and UK music scene when he incorporated the Mambo into his band’s repertoire. He became known as “El Rey del Mambo”. The Mambo, as a rhythm and a dance probably originated in the 1940’s in Cuba and followed the Tango and Rumba in Western dance popularity. The Mambo rhythm however also lent itself to jazz and particularly to Big Band arrangements and when Prado moved to Mexico in 1950 he found great success, for Mexico was rich in music and great composers at that time. When he moved to New York and recruited many Afro-Cuban jazz musicians in 1951, Prado was compared to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie as an innovator. I find it hard to believe that anyone with a musical ear and a sense of rhythm could not be excited and uplifted by Prado’s music. Prado was very ‘showy’ as a band leader but his music had real qualities that are timeless. He eventually returned to Mexico and died there from a stroke in 1987. I recommend his own composition that was recorded in 1950, “Mambo Jambo”. When you tune in to Prado, turn up the volume and be prepared to dance as well as listen!

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