The Economy! Recovery or Repression?

Whether America’s conservatives like it or not, the surface economy will determine whether Obama and his comrades in Congress remain in the ascendancy in the near future. If the US stock market tops the 10,000 mark again and makes headway towards 11,000 in the months ahead, this will surely be sufficient to prevent a serious setback for his Leftist Administration. Most likely, in such a scenario, the grass-roots conservative protests will run out of steam.

In this website we concentrate on the rise of the Media Class to political power and on the inevitable social revolution that its agenda inflicts, but it is impossible for that power to be sustained in a vacuum. When a new Class takes power (even though that power is disguised and exercised through underlings) economic instability, which at first presents an opportunity for radical policies, if persistent, soon presents political opportunities for the counter-revolutionaries. Obama, his comrades and his masters in the Media Class know this. Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s Leftist strategist, was quick to see that the economic and financial turmoil at the beginning of the year was an opportunity to rapidly expand government control over the private sector, but he must know that voters do not tolerate turmoil for too long without reacting.

The Obama administration is faced with the many challenges that always face those who carry out a revolution. The first challenge is to keep much of the revolutionary agenda concealed from the masses whilst at the same time reassuring its dedicated followers. Equally important in this particular revolution, is to maintain the illusion that Obama and his Democrat Party are what they claim they are, which is a traditional Party accountable to the voters. It is vital to his mission and to the mission of his real masters that his dependency on the Media Class should not be perceived by the masses. The Media Class can most effectively protect and sustain their man in the White House and his Congressional comrades, by appearing to be neutrally placed on the sidelines as America’s Third Estate. This is a difficult charade to maintain when the political face-men are shallow and inept, but it has to be said that the Media Class is doing a stirling job, for most Americans are still dutifully getting their ‘news’ from the Mainstream Media (MSM) and trusting its objectivity. The protests of some conservatives outside of Media outlets this weekend only reinforces my claim, for they protest about Media bias and demand that the MSM report the news with less bias. However, their protests are predictably not reported to the masses and in any case only misguided fools could believe that the MSM will be persuaded to change its ways. Those who recognize that it is the Media Class which selected and elected Obama will have no illusions on that score.

In taking advantage of the early financial turmoil, the smart men behind Obama have been pumping obscene amounts of ‘money’ into the economy. I heard a financial expert last week on conservative Talk Radio (where else would one hear any honest financial commentary?) pointing out that the term ‘trillions’ now casually employed in Government statements, is a numerical term beyond the grasp of all humans. To bring this point home he observed that the Obama national debt now expanding into some one and a half trillion dollars, would not be met even if one billion dollars a day from the time of Christ until now was repaid. It would take until beyond 2200 AD to make full repayment. This is simply mind-boggling and Joe Sixpack intent on the next TV football game and the lady intent on the next Oprah Show will never grasp its enormity. Conservatives have grasped its enormity, in so far as anyone can, but are not numerous enough to win elections.

Obama, his comrades and his masters seem unconcerned by the trillions and are pressing ahead with ‘reforms’ that can only add astronomical sums to the debt. Are they mad? Probably not! They calculate that if they can keep the economy floating along on artificial demand; can keep unemployment less than a (false) headline figure of 15%; can keep the population focused on the social justice issue of health care (whilst using it to inflate public service employment and destroy more of the private sector) and then move on to the fraudulent issue of global warming for cap and trade; the MSM for the time being will present every little gain as proof of return to normality and pass all the bad news off in cheerful asides. So far this is working and the stock-market’s rise is ‘proof’ of confidence in the future. I do not see how the stock-market recovery can be sustained until the next Presidential election and perhaps not until the elections of 2010. Surely by 2012, hyperinflation will have taken off, unemployment will have grown to depression-era percentages, and there will be general discontent resulting in a counter-revolution at the ballot box? Unless!

Unless, that is, this Government has silenced opposition. Obama’s trick, aided by the MSM, is to conceal the true nature of the revolution whilst satisfying his sponsors and supporters such as the Union Bosses and the Homosexual activists and their wealthy backers. In this context we can see his signals to the homosexuals through Czar-appointments and a change in the military ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Reassuring his revolutionaries, lulling the mainstream voters and at the same time moving quickly to silence those who would lead a political counter revolution, these are the challenges he faces.

In the UK, the BNP has temporarily thwarted the Government and its discriminatory legislation, by promising to re-organize. This will involve opening its membership to ethnic non-Europeans. Leader Nick Griffin might have difficulty persuading his race-and-blood elements to stay on board. The UK Establishment will be hoping that the BNP now has an internal civil war. Griffin should take a leaf out of Rahm Emmanual’s book and see this crisis as an opportunity. Here is his chance to re-educate or ditch the National Socialist race purists who are both holding back his Party at the ballot box and giving ammunition to the World Government Leftists. There are Asian people in the UK who have long admired British traditions and who want to assimilate. The BNP should open its doors to them, for what harm can they do either to the Party or the Nation? Some compromises are worth making.

The Media in the UK and Eire have treated the funeral of homosexual pop-warbler Stephen Gately as a tragic national event. I feel sorry for his parents for they have a double tragedy. If I were in their shoes I would want a very personal and private funeral and have my son rest in peace. I suppose pop-warblers and other Media Class celebrities are, like the aristocracy of the past, public figures, and their funerals must serve the interests of the ruling class. The Daily Mail, always willing to gain a little extra circulation by coyly flirting with popular conservative sentiment, published an article by Jan Moir that suggested that Gately’s death from gagging after a night’s boozing was hardly ‘accidental death’. Moir also implied that drugs might have been involved. Moir, no doubt, is familiar with Mallorca’s ‘gay scene’ and maybe has some inside information and surely has a point. It is impossible to read the article and not pick up its anti-homosexual slant. So what? Much worse gets written about Nick Griffin and the BNP and most of it is deliberate journalist lies. When the BNP complains the Press Complaints Commission never finds any fault.

In this case, it is the homosexual constituency of the Media Class that is offended and so the Press Complaints Commission is raring to swing into action. We are told that “over 1000” complaints have been received and that this is a staggering figure. The Commission intends to ask Mr. and Mrs. Gately if they would like to add their complaint to the 1000. Moir is in deep trouble! Protests that nothing written was intended to be ‘anti-gay’ will not be sufficient to cool the thirst for blood. Marks and Spencer, the giant retailer immediately asked for its adverts to be removed to another page of the paper, a sure sign that the heat is being turned up on the Daily Mail behind the scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next move will be that Moir has been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service for a criminal charge. Marks and Spencer stated that it “does not tolerate any form of discrimination”. I bet it will not be the same story if a BNP member is discovered on the M&S workforce and dismissed. Any takers?

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