The David vs. Goliath of Giving

Are you worn down with requests for donations from worthy conservative groups? Don’t worry! This is not going to be a request for money. This website is a cost-free voice of the Counter-revolution. The writer, as worn down as you, contributes money to a traditional Baptist Church (but not for overseas Missions), Disabled Vets, NOM and Howard Jarvis along with the endless kids stuff at school and the front door. He also feels conflicted by the Internet’s daily desperate requests for contributions for so many worthy causes.

This problem was brought to the writer’s attention again today when he read a request for a contribution to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s re-election campaign. For sure our website visitors suffer the same heart-searching, for the worthy conservative causes that justify financial help are overwhelming. Sheriff Joe’s need for financial help is as worthy as it gets for he is a David facing Goliath, yet he has only grit for his sling. Not only is Joe a target of constant litigation from the richly-funded ACLU, the Far Left Southern Poverty Law Center, wealthy Democrats and Latino organizations, but he also has to fight off the Holder DOJ, which he and we all fund from our taxes. Just resisting the DOJ is a mammoth task and lesser men than Joe would long ago have thrown in the towel and thrown away the sling. Joe’s offence that arouses the vengeful rage of all these rich people and wealthy Leftist organizations is that he upholds the law of the USA regarding illegal immigrants in his small patch on the Arizona/Mexican Border.

The un-Constitutional outrages of the Obama Presidency and the unlawful use of all the Government’s power to steamroller through a Revolutionary Leftist agenda, has created a tsunami of destruction. The enemy comes at us on all fronts. Every day several new outrages are perpetrated, from environmental edicts to immigration edicts to marriage edicts to Labor edicts to health care edicts and to attacks on gun rights. There are so many Revolutionary incursions that it is impossible to keep track of them. Most seem irreversible for they relentlessly eat away at the foundations of the structure that once nurtured a prosperous and moral America.

Only today I received more requests for money from Eugene Delgaudio’s ‘Public Advocate’, S.C. Senator Tim Scott and the ‘STOPHILLARY PAC’. Conservatives who give must feel like the little boy in Holland who had his finger in the dyke.

The problem is that our new Ruling Class, being profoundly revolutionary, is seeking to completely transform America and erase its past. That is a big task! Obama’s one truthful statement prior to election was that he intended to transform –not ‘improve’, not ‘adjust’, not ‘repair’, not ‘expand’- but ‘transform’ America. And so the Obama Administration, representing those who have financed and protected his ascendancy to the White House, is engaged in not only dismantling the structure of America’s fortress but digging up the foundations. A completely new building on new foundations is to replace the old one. It is intended to be an entirely different building and a repudiation of the old one.

Those who have financed and protected Obama consist of the Media Class, whose agenda is the creation of a new pagan, debauched morality, and the Far Left whose agenda requires the creation of a totalitarian regime capable of transforming a society of independent ‘individuals’ into powerless ‘masses’.

Our new Ruling Class is the wealthiest in the history of the world. It has many, many billionaires and their coffers are overflowing. Because it is a debauched Ruling Class it has no interest in the long term future. Consequently, its wealth goes not into building Libraries, Universities, Cathedrals, and town halls but into organizations intent on destroying all vestiges of Christianity, disarming the people, encouraging all perverted and unnatural behaviors, building abortion clinics, finding cures for diseases created by sexual license, indoctrinating the young, re-writing history and frankly, anything that is depraved.

Its control over the Media has enabled it to advance with stealth, yet with remarkable speed. It has marched forward on all fronts and with minimal detection. Its acquisition of the machinery of Government, where its junior coalition partner has its own power base, has reaped not only unchallengeable judicial power but also the possession of the bottomless public purse with which to persecute enemies. As if all this was not enough, the new Ruling Class has the privileges, fame and celebrity that hypnotizes and seduces those just on the outside and dazzles those with empty lives. Lastly, well out of sight it has the power of blackmail and personal destruction.

The message of this counter-revolutionary website is that the Revolution has already taken place despite appearances to the contrary. The old political rules and conventions are a thing of the past. The Revolutionaries are in power, controlling the Government machinery and judiciary, possessing control of the Media and having unlimited wealth. We – those who consider themselves Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists- are the ‘Davids’ fighting Goliath.

All is not lost however. There are many Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists and there are large areas of the US where the Ruling Class has met stubborn resistance. The first step for a successful fight back is a true recognition of the enemy, his composition, his weapons, his agenda and his limitations. From this recognition must come unity among counter-revolutionaries!

The Ruling Class may appear powerful on the outside but it is corrupt and morally rotten on the inside. Its strength will be tested not only inside America by us, but outside by predator Nations and Movements. What better evidence could there be of internal regime weakness and ineptness than the 33 year old State Dept. Deputy spokeswoman Mari Harf. Whilst her public performances and Obama’s are embarrassing for American patriots and a dangerous signal to external enemies, they should reassure us that our Ruling Class is stupid, incompetent and infected with its own world of fantasy.

We must not lose heart. The faint-hearted may see the tsunami as evidence of the inevitability that emanates from historical progress. Remember that many in the late 1930’s thought totalitarianism Socialism was the march of progress and therefore unstoppable. The Old Testament reminds us that Sodom and Gomorrah perished. Winston Churchill who had studied history believed that evil could be resisted and defeated.

Global Warming Watch

The cold weather that grips most of North America speaks for itself. Record-breaking cold weather that persists for months over a wide area of the globe is not evidence of warming.

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