The US 2008 Presidential election campaign has revealed more clearly than any previous election, the bias of the Mainstream Media. So what is going on? On this website we are confident we know the answer not only to that question but also the answer to the questions “What is the culture war?” and “Why is it taking place now?”

The Media Class in the USA has been growing in size and in power from sometime in the late 1960’s and its birth as a Class destined for domination can be traced to the time when TV entered every family room and provided a 24 hour news and entertainment service. At the point where news and entertainment ceased to have separate functions and separate functionaries, the demand for continuous programming also brought about unity with Hollywood, advertising, fashion and professional sport. In the background but also closely and inevitably connected was the Arts and Theater world. Some but not all of these ‘industries’ had a longtime political connection to the Left.

No Class can gain and hold power without making alliances and in a democracy where elections have to be won the Media Class is too small numerically to win elections by itself. The Communist/Socialist Left is a natural ally for several reasons. The most fundamental one is that a new Class can only take power through a revolution for it seeks to impose on society a new set of beliefs and behaviors. Thus the Media Class has found natural allies on the revolutionary Left, for Leftists too seek to overturn the existing conservative society. In any case the news and entertainment core of the Media Class has long belonged to the Left for reasons too complex to explore here, but journalism and the Arts have long been dominated by radicals. Hollywood, like the Newspaper world has always attracted Leftists but just as importantly it has enriched the nascent ruling class so that we now see Hollywood bankrolling the political Left. The pro-Sports, Advertising and Fashion industries were never historically Leftist but dependence on television has politicized them so that a sports figure who utters a non PC comment is now doomed, no matter how popular and skilled.

The Media Class that has grown and financially prospered and now controls mass communication has, by the very nature of its roots, a different morality. The Communist/Socialist roots have always been anti-Christian (dope for the masses as Lenin famously said) but the Hollywood/Arts roots, infested with talented but dysfunctional personalities who seek happiness through drugs, sex (of both kinds) and novelty are now powerful enough to seek to change the world to reflect and normalize themselves.

The social conflict that has developed since the 1960’s and which has often been called a culture war is really the conflict caused when a new Class with a revolutionary morality is powerful enough to play a political role through the agents it has acquired through its wealth and power over communication. The Democrat Party and its Union bureaucracies are the foot soldiers for the Media Class. They are bought and paid for and owe their influence to favorable treatment from the Media. Their leaders survive and prosper only as long as they help to implement the Media Class agenda. That agenda is the revolutionary one of destroying the old Christian standards of personal behavior and replacing them with moral relativism. The issues of ‘Abortion on demand’ and ‘same-sex marriage’ are at the forefront of the agenda and both strike at the heart of traditional Christianity. The first pleases the heterosexual libertines and the second pleases the powerful homosexual element in the Media Class. These are only headline items in a long list of revolutionary changes that may well be unending.

To relate all this to the current US elections, we can say that Obama was ultimately chosen by a Media Class that belatedly dumped Hillary Clinton. He was, and is, financed and promoted by the MSM, Hollywood and the entertainment world. Tonight, Obama will be attending the home of Bon Jovi who is holding a fundraiser for him. This is a mere anecdotal co-incidence, but who can deny that 99% of American entertainers are campaigning for Obama and the Democrats and providing huge sums of money.

In Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, Gerald Seib, a member of the WSJ’s editorial board, wrote a prominent piece headlined “McCain Shifts Right on Abortion”. I challenge anyone to disprove that the abortion issue is put on the backburner in any newspaper or TV political commentary. We have all become so comfortable with this issue occupying prominence that we no longer note its significance, yet it is of little consequence in most voters’ lives. Compared to the price of gas, the costs of medical insurance, the war with Islamic Imperialism and a host of other issues, abortion is rarely an issue for most people. Of course, the hags in the Feminazi movement are obsessed with the right to murder innocent babies despite their own chances of pregnancy being nil, but for them it is solely an ideological issue. I truly believe that most ordinary people, if confronted with the facts of abortion, would have grave reservations about it being available as a simple matter of choice. The Media Class makes sure that the graphic facts of abortion are never brought to the attention of the masses and this from a Media Class that seeks to shock on so many other issues.

The Media Class wants abortion to be a form of birth control and once abortion has been put beyond dispute (through the destruction of Christianity) I have no doubt that infanticide will be the next human right to be attained by law. Same-sex marriage is also only a step along a very long road that will include polygamy, man-child (loving!) relationships and marriage to pets. Those who seek novelty, new experiences and degradation can never be satisfied. The Media Class also has to satisfy the needs of its ideological foot-soldiers which include the Communists, Anarchists and radical Feminists. It should surprise no-one that anarchists gained entry to Republican events in St. Pauls (for disruptive purposes) with passes provided by the Media.

The Media Class is not a conspiracy and it is not always united, as the conflict over Clinton versus Obama demonstrated. As a Class it has evolved and attained power because of certain unconnected technological innovations, but this has always been true of emerging Classes. It is, though more united than ever before and on the threshold of unconstrained political power. It is impatient and now so confident that it barely seeks to hide its power. Thus in this election campaign we have seen a more naked exercise of its power and influence than ever before. The promotion of their Obama and their Democrat Party oozes from every news report in the MSM. Only John McCain and Sarah Palin, representing the Christian traditional morality, stand in the way, so they have to be destroyed by fair means and foul and that is exactly what we are seeing and hearing every day.

The real mavericks in all this are the conservatives on Talk Radio and some of those on Fox News and I will bet that if Obama gets to the White House these voices will soon be silenced, for the Media Class intends to suppress all opposition. In the UK, where there is no written constitution to protect freedom of speech and individual rights, Christians, social conservatives and Nationalists have been virtually criminalized, a fact that few US observers understand. In the UK almost every traditional expression of the British people has been discarded in the same way that Christmas and Easter have been discarded here in the US. These are some of the pieces of evidence that tell us that a new Class is assuming power and winning the culture war. If Christians, social conservatives and Nationalists wish to avoid imminent and permanent defeat they need to unite to defeat Obama and his Party in this election. Those who believe that this election is just another spin of the electoral cycle wheel are dangerously wrong. This election is the last opportunity to retain a foothold for the social Right. The ruthless and unrelenting  attacks that have been unleashed on Sarah Palin should alert everyone to the power of the Media Class and its determination to crush the Christian forces in society.

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