The British Deserve To Lose Their Freedom

On this website we have posted many articles about the official persecution of the British National Party. This persecution is being ramped up and recently the Trade Union leaders and delegates at their annual conference called for BNP members to be banned from all employment in public services. This will, of course, be only a stepping-stone to having the BNP’s members, sympathizers and voters also banned from all employment and ultimately the proscription of the Party and the imprisonment of any who dare to mention the Party. Already, BNP members and open sympathizers are officially banned and hounded from several public services. Whilst these official policies of discrimination are not exactly common knowledge, most people must be aware of them to some extent and a large minority of people must be fully aware. The active members of the main political parties must all be aware, including David Cameron and his Conservative Party. None of them protest. Indeed there is every reason to believe that they are very pleased to give tacit support to this denial of free speech and free association.

World visitors to this website should be aware that the BNP is a legitimate UK Party, has some elected members of councils and two elected Members of the European Parliament. It does not advocate violence, shuns marches and violent demonstrations, and acts constitutionally at all times. Its members are frequently physically attacked, its meetings have to be conducted in secret and it is persecuted by the police. The State is using publicly-funded quangos to mount legal actions designed to bankrupt the Party and sap the energies of its leaders. David Cameron, the Tory leader who has advocated ‘hug a hoodie’ policies is a subscriber to a Leftist (Communist-led) organization that carries out many of the violent attacks on BNP members and which has vowed to prevent the BNP from operating.

None of the UK’s political parties protest this discrimination and persecution, nor do the Nation’s Churches, nor do the academic elites. As far as I know, no major newspaper has ever carried an article decrying the loss of freedom and free speech that is at the heart of all this. As we have recorded on this website many times, the UK’s mainstream media looks the other way when the violence is practiced and regularly prints lies about the Party. This is especially true of the tax-funded BBC. The journalist’s union, a very powerful union in the UK, exhorts all members to use the Media to destroy the BNP.

On this website, we criticize many BNP policies and consider some of its economic polices to be Socialist and others to be advocating autarky. We reject its racial policies that seem to oppose inter-racial marriage (though they are little different than Judaic policies on inter racial marriage) and we oppose the idea that the clock can be turned back in regard to settled law-abiding immigrants. Nevertheless, we believe that the BNP is the only UK Party that currently defends the most basic interests of the native British people. Even if the BNP had other policies that we disagreed with, we would defend its right to exist free from official persecution and violent Leftist attacks. Besides the persecution we have outlined above, the Party is violently attacked by the UK’s Islamic Imperialists, who operate with impunity and often receive favorable treatment from the police and who are now receiving preferential treatment from new laws.

Last week, a husband and wife from Liverpool appeared in Court charged with offences under new pro-Islam laws. The couple owns a hotel in Liverpool and engaged in a debate with some Muslim residents that became, like many political debates, heated. The couple stated some opinions (truths) about Islam including the opinion that the burka is detrimental to women. The Muslims went to the police station and said that the opinions expressed offended them. This was enough to lead to the speedy arrest of the husband and wife, who having appeared in a criminal court now face a trial. The outcome may include a very heavy fine and of course a criminal record. Under the new laws that are ostensibly to prevent the hurting of the feelings of minority groups, truth is no defense. This case is not unique, for Christians have already been prosecuted for distributing literature that criticizes sodomy and therefore offends homosexuals. The Liverpool couple is no doubt astonished and shocked to find that you can be criminalized for merely exercising free speech but obviously, like most Britons, they have not been paying attention or reading BNP literature. When they appear in Court, they will be more shocked to discover that most of the Mainstream Media (MSM) will not mention their plight and no politicians will be rushing to their defense. Even more shocking, there will be no citizen marches on their behalf, no sympathetic protesters outside on the courthouse steps. Mr. Radical will say that the British people are too intimidated to protest. Maybe, but I think they are too busy with other things. The men are too busy watching Liverpool or Manchester United play some other equally overpaid and foreign-born soccer players and feeling proud or depressed by ‘their’ team’s victory or defeat. The women are too busy watching yet another episode of some condescending soap and getting vicarious pleasure from a story-line that will flatteringly showcase some mincing homosexual or some immigrant of color, for all is Media propaganda.

In the USA last week, some million and more citizens of all colors marched on Washington whilst tens of thousands assembled at Town Halls, all to protest the growth of Government and the Obama plans to take away more of their liberties. They are wise to mobilize for they need only look north to Canada to see laws identical to those in the UK that have stifled free speech and free political expression. The American Left and its orchestrating Media Class are acting as all Leftists do when enjoying power and fearing debate, and that is attempting to smear their opponents with labels of racism and calling for Government action to silence opposition. When Obama’s attack on traditional marriage surfaces, as it will soon do, the smears will be homophobia. (I plead guilty to ‘fecal-phobia’!)

The American people who turned out in millions last week to march deserve to retain their freedoms. The same cannot be said for the British people who sit before their TV screens and do nothing as their freedoms and their country are taken from them. Karl Marx once called religion the opiate of the people but surely television is the opium of the British masses who will not stir as the Leftists reduce them to servitude in their own country.

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