The BNP Trial – Further Commentary

Mr. Radical’s recent eyewitness report of the protests outside Leeds court on Monday has brought a surge of interest in this website.

Unlike the mainstream media, Mr. Radical sought to report in as factual and unbiased way as possible, the events he witnessed, making sure that his opinions did not spin the story. I can reveal from conversations I have had with him that he was not impressed by the appearance and behaviour of the Leftist mob. Their actions on the day were in stark contrast to the dignified and self-disciplined behavior of the BNP activists.

No-one who is dependent on the mainstream media for news, would ever know that the BNP has many ordinary law-abiding members and followers, including lots of retired people and that they choose constitutional methods for their political activity. The thuggish antics are mostly on the Left, and have been for many decades. Self-styled anti-Fascist groups, financed by Trade Unions and probably by rich international meddlers, are bent on violence, intimidation and the denial to others of free speech. Their constituents come from academia, the public services and the Union bureaucracies and are a sad commentary on those institutions. Their methodology comes from the small Trotskyist and other Marxist groups whose members are excited by talk of smashing racists and bigots and who are very happy to label opponents and shout slogans of hate. All this in the so-called pursuit of diversity, toleration and the brotherhood of man. What they will not do is put themselves forward in local and national elections nor debate in front of the British people, at least not under their true colors. It is significant that the mainstream media chooses not to uncover them but mostly provides them with a cloak of respectability.

The BNP case in Leeds has however already resulted in a significant surprise. BNP and free speech supporters who visited the BBC website this week must have been amazed to read a report that actually set out the offending statements that Griffin and Collett had made. In doing so, the BBC must have been aware that it was likely to be giving favorable publicity to the BNP, since most British people will wonder why the BNP Two are being prosecuted for telling the truth and predicting actual terrorist events. Certainly, Radical and Right were flabbergasted. Since the BBC has relentlessly ignored or outrageously misrepresented the BNP for years and has instigated the current prosecution, this change of tactic can hardly be accidental.

For what it is worth, our opinion is that the BBC now has Tony Blair marked for replacement, not least for his support of Bush in Iraq. All the reported news these days is bad news for Blair and his immediate colleagues in the Labour Party. Meanwhile the Tories now have a leader much to the liking of the BBC and Media Class and the Liberal Democrats are also on board. A boost for the BNP now, ahead of the May council elections, will be damaging to Labour support amongst working class voters. Big losses of council seats for Labour could easily pave the way for the removal of Blair as leader. As we regularly write on this website, the Media Class can and does make and break politicians, and all are expendable.

The BNP should make the most of this little bit of help from the BBC since we suspect it won’t last for long. Indeed the Media Class may have buyer’s remorse pretty quickly when it sees how appealing the BNP message is to the British people.

We wish Nick Griffin and his colleague good luck and may the BNP glean every bit of good publicity they can get. The cause of free speech can only be helped by their survival.

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