The BNP, Leeds and Media Connivance

Recent results from ward by-elections in the UK have been promising for the BNP. They suggest that between 15% and 18% of voters are willing to ignore the outrageous media attacks on the party, and put their crosses down for nationalism and free speech. Given that the BNP is contesting some of these wards for the first time and only has local skeleton organizations in place, it has good reason the be pleased with the results. Its low 5% result in Plymouth is probably down to fielding a callow youth as candidate. It seems likely that his inexperience laid him open to a goring from a willing and bloodthirsty media.

One can understand the BNP making the most of its successes and on this website we do not underestimate the courage it demands of anyone to vote for the BNP, let alone join it or become a public figure such as an election candidate. Many who vote for the party must wonder, with some justification, if their votes are going to be identified and used to “out” them, thus losing jobs, homes and personal safety.

Unfortunately, such fears in the modern United Kingdom are not attributable to paranoia. The decision to retry the BNP Two, taken by a judge in a Leeds Court this week, is surely convincing evidence that the UK judiciary and the police are now dangerously politicized. Even more telling is the judge’s decision to restrict reporting. There are other cases of BNP members being persecuted and imprisoned, and what makes all of these events so sinister, is the various ways that the facts are kept from the general public. Clearly the Establishment understands that the persecution of the BNP will be counterproductive if the British people know about it. It is the same with the Establishment’s master plan to swamp the already overcrowded UK with foreign peoples and foreign cultures. This too, must be concealed from the native British people until it is too late for them to resist.

In a healthy society, the mainstream media would ensure that the people get the news, good and bad. Unfortunately, in the modern Western World, the media is a central part of the sickness, for it is at the heart of the Establishment and powerful enough to impose it own agenda and promote the agendas of its allies. When a judge imposes restrictions on publicity in a political case like the one at Leeds, the media is a willing accomplice in the secrecy. Indeed, the BBC, the power base of the Media Class in the UK, continually suppresses information that conflicts with its agenda. The list of examples is too long to repeat. Suffice to mention its boasted policy of ignoring the BNP’s existence whenever possible and its avoidance of mentioning the ethnicity of killers and victims unless they are white and black in that order. The recent police action in Swansea (and similar actions elsewhere) where BNP members were harassed and arrested for taking their message to voters, has been subjected to absolutely no scrutiny by the BBC. Yet this is the same BBC that recently infiltrated the BNP in order to find a “crime”.

One might conclude that the BNP is doing well to survive at all in the current climate of Establishment persecution, but Radical and Right think it could do much better and regularly get 30% or more of the votes in local elections, for the UK public has become quite cynical about the major parties and even the minor ones. There is evidence in the turnouts and the voting patterns that most people no longer trust the big three parties or the minor ones like the Greens and UKIP.

Our advice to the BNP is to ditch its horse and buggy economic policies, though it is probably wedded to them and will pay the price for their backwardness should the party ever get closer to governing. In the meantime, it could bury its historical totalitarian associations by pursuing a policy that is right, publicly appealing and in the party’s own interests. It could make it a priority policy that the UK adopt a written constitution, like the US has, that guarantees freedom of speech, association and property rights, and confers rights on the individual that severely limit government powers. Even better, the constitution could also enshrine the principal of separation of powers into Executive, Legislative and Judicial, with better safeguards than the US has for restricting judicial activism. None of the other political parties would advocate an enshrined limitation of government or wish to guarantee the freedom of the individual, since all are intending to place the British people in a state of servitude in order to get their snouts in the national trough. None of the other parties dare trust the collective wisdom of the British people and more importantly, none want to risk alienating the Media Class and its Leftist supporters. All are happy to facilitate the slide into totalitarianism.

Of course the BNP itself would have to adopt a greater degree of internal party democracy and put its trust in its membership, but in doing so it would gain the trust of many more voters. In the meantime we (Radical and Right) express our gratitude to the BNP Two and the Swansea Five and all other persecuted members for their sacrifices in the causes of free speech and national survival. We can only hope that come next October and another Leeds political show trial, the outcome will be a legal and political disaster for the Media Class, its Leftist allies, the judiciary and the other parties.

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