The BNP, Elections and Mob Rule

For those readers who have not visited the BNP’s own website, the result of the Hyde Newton ward (Greater Manchester) by-election was as follows: Labour 1379 (May 2008 1124), BNP 889 (846), Conservative 485 (732), LibDem 172 (376), Green 69, UKIP 33.

The BNP share of the 32% turnout vote was almost 30%. It is not difficult to analyse this result or to explain it. The Labour Party benefitted from enough of the supporters of the other two main Parties switching in order to stop the BNP from taking the seat. This will not surprise those familiar with the tactics now being applied by the British ruling Class. In Hyde Newton for this election, the other Parties met and agreed to make a plea on every doorstep that votes be cast to prevent a BNP victory and ‘big name’ politicians were brought in to the ward to bolster this message. As if that were not enough, Manchester Church leaders also campaigned against the BNP candidate and the Communist/Trotskyite extra-political forces of the self-styled Anti-Nazi and Anti-Racist groups (mysteriously well-funded) made several leaflet drops to every household in the ward. Needless to say the local Media was united in doing all it could to stop the BNP’s recent momentum.

In the face of all this, that the BNP marginally increased its vote is remarkable and the Party can draw much comfort from the steadfastness of its support in this ward. Congratulations to the lady who bravely stood as the BNP candidate and to the activists who risk life, limb, careers and employment. In my view the BNP does not use its website enough to publicize and celebrate these sturdy British people. For Americans who might think this is irrelevant to them or who might find it hard to understand the degree of persecution that is employed against the BNP and its members, a good parallel can be drawn with the persecution now being experienced by those who supported traditional marriage in the recent California referendum. The same Leftist political forces are employed on both sides of the Atlantic except that in the UK the police forces are now wholly involved in actively supporting the Leftists and free speech and free political expression for those on the Right are being throttled by the day. In the USA this denial of free speech is still largely confined to the Academic world whereas in the UK it is happening on the streets of every town.

Should anyone around the world still believe that England is the home of free speech and not a police state, I offer the following report of events in the town of Exeter (Devon) taken from the local Left-leaning newspaper, the Express and Echo’s website of Friday 6th February, 2009.

Headlined “Campaigners protest at BNP leaflet handout” the article began “Anti-racism campaigners will take to the city tomorrow to protest against the BNP. The move by Unite Against Fascism comes after the BNP handed out leaflets in Exeter’s Bedford Square – before being moved on by police. Members of the anti-racism organization say they are “extremely worried” that the BNP took to the streets. They (UAF) have been given permission by City Center bosses to hand out leaflets aimed at discouraging people from supporting the right-wing group. City Center manager John Harvey said that the BNP had not been given permission to use Bedford Square AND WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PERMITTED TO USE THE AREA HAD IT REQUESTED TO DO SO [my capitals-ed.] … the BNP did indeed come to Bedford Square on Saturday January 31st and started to leaflet. As soon as operational commitments allowed the police were contacted and moved the BNP on. Any organization that is likely to cause offence to shoppers or businesses or could raise potential public order concerns is not appropriate to Bedford Square. For both of those reasons there would be a problem with the BNP using the space.”

Liz Allnet, a member of UAF, who will be handing out leaflets tomorrow, said, “From our point of view, it is extremely worrying that the BNP took to the streets. They are just using this as a way of pushing themselves forward. Having the BNP on the streets is very dangerous and we are hoping to redress the balance tomorrow.”

The report makes clear that UAF has been given permission by John Harvey to leaflet in the Square and the police will not be moving these Leftists on. There is a final sentence in which a BNP activist is quoted as saying that the BNP is a lawful party and should be able to leaflet.

Bedford Square is a public thoroughfare and as such any legal political party is entitled by law to distribute literature without seeking permission from neither City official John Harvey nor from the police. The newspaper reporter will know this, so will Mr. Harvey and so will the police. I can say with absolute certainty that the reporter did not post this piece without approval from his editor, that Mr. Harvey did not take his stand without checking with his bosses on the City Council and that the police action was not taken without permission from the police Chief. These minions do not take such decisions unilaterally for they know that important constitutional safeguards are being set aside.

Everyone involved knows that the only threat to public order comes from the UAF and its Leftist allies for the BNP is in no position to cause disorder even if it wished to – and it doesn’t. It seems that Mr. Harvey, a public employee, has been blessed with the power to decide what is offensive (and he clearly had not bothered to inspect the leaflets or visit the area to see what was the state of public order) and who must not be offended. He apparently also has the power to use the police (enthusiastically waiting in the wings) to stop a legitimate activity. All of this high-handed and illegal official activity can only happen if there is already in place a consensus amongst public officials, taken behind closed doors, and their collusion with the Leftist mob. All of this is made possible and can continue only because the News Media is reporting events from a biased angle and more importantly deliberately not asking the questions that a Media doing its job to uphold the law and free speech would do.

The BNP should initiate legal action against Mr. Harvey, against his employers (the City Council) and against the police officer who empowered the action against the BNP leafleters. Unfortunately, being a small and cash-strapped Party it is not in a position to take legal action every time it is the victim of official illegal persecution or mob violence. The ruling Class and its minions know this.

The combination here of the threat of mob violence and collusion with the mob by the forces of government and law enforcement should not be treated lightly by all those who believe in free speech and democracy, for there are disturbing precedents in modern history. I was reminded of the growth of the power of the mob and its development into Nazism and totalitarianism. Hannah Arendt, the Jewish political philosopher believed that the decline in Western European freedom and democracy began with the Dreyfus Affair in France in 1894. Captain Dreyfus, a French Jew who had gained promotion in the French Army to the consternation of the old anti-Semitic forces in the Army hierarchy, was framed with a charge of passing secrets to the German High Command. This in itself was of no great historical consequence except to Dreyfus and French Jewry until campaigners for justice, including Emile Zola the great novelist, publicized his cause and demanded a retrial. In the ensuing years as the case dragged on it opened a chasm between those who believed in truth, justice and free speech and those who wished to stifle them. The important point that Arendt makes is that the latter discovered not just anti-Semitism (for that had long existed) but the existence of the mob as a new political phenomenon. Zola and all those who took up the Dreyfus cause and tried to exercise free speech, were under constant threat of attack from the mob on the streets. Quite often the mob attacked individuals, broke up legitimate political meetings and destroyed the homes of the Dreyfusards. They did so with the collusion of the forces of law and order, the approval of much of the Press and the encouragement of the mainstream political parties. Arendt believed that from the Dreyfus Affair the forces of freedom and democracy in France (at that time the standard bearer of freedom on the Continent) were in retreat. It was but a short step to the rise of the power of the Nazi and Communist mobs in Germany and across Western Europe, always in collusion with the authorities and the politicians who were supposed to be defending democracy and free speech.

Unite Against Fascism, and all the similar Leftist organizations that now take to the streets (not to leaflet, for that is not ‘taking to the streets’) in order to deny political opponents a voice, are the modern mob. Mostly this mob, whether in the UK, the USA (Homosexual activists) or Western Europe has the tacit support of the police and law enforcement, campus authorities and many politicians. Most importantly it enjoys the approval and camouflage of the Media. The mob is back in business in politics as the forces of totalitarianism again grow stronger.

This website reminds you that another significant ward election takes place in the UK next Thursday. The place is Waddon Ward, Croyden, where the BNP is standing a candidate for the first time. In Hyde Newton last Thursday, the BNP’s momentum was greatly slowed but not halted and so, just like the Media Class and its allies, we will be looking for evidence that the British people are beginning to stand up for themselves.

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