The flurry of BBC articles about the British National Party (BNP) is a new departure. Previously, in its coverage of “news”, the BBC has always pretended that the Party does not exist. It has been a good Media Class ploy and has ensured that many ordinary Britons have been largely unaware of the BNP and its growth. Of course, the BBC has had no right to assume this power of censorship, indeed it is contrary to its Charter, but then, the Master Class has come to feel powerful enough to set its own agenda. The Charter is there to be used as and when the Beeb’s aristocracy chooses.

When it decided to infiltrate BNP meetings in order to sift out some incriminating material, the BBC’s political tacticians must have thought they could use the new race “laws” gagging free speech to deal the Party a devastating blow just before an election. In the short term, the tactic worked, but as always with unprincipled and opportunist actions, there can be unintended consequences. The prosecution of the BNP Two, in itself a collusion between Government politicians, Civil Servants and the BBC, did not lead to a swiftly concluded case and imprisonment, but instead was seen by many as the attack on free speech that it was. The BNP leadership survived and won a partial victory in court. More importantly, the Party won a significant little victory in the court of public opinion. Not at all what the BBC had intended, of course.

The bigger unforeseen consequence was that the BNP was proven prophetic regarding Islamic terror threats in the UK. The ghastly London Underground bombings by homegrown terrorists from the BNP’s “heartland” could not have come at a worse time for those eager to stifle the last organized voice against recklessly dangerous immigration policies.

There has also been no let-up in the torrent of violent crimes being committed by certain sections of the immigrant community. If the UK was the completely totalitarian society that the Media Class and its Leftist constituents seek, such news could be censored out altogether but we are not quite there yet. Consequently, the public is alarmed by the lawlessness and viciousness of it all. Most of this crime involves Blacks, Muslims or the new Eastern European arrivals. Indians and Chinese minorities are rarely involved, except as victims, but without immigration, the British people are increasingly aware that the country and its streets would be far safer. Despite the Media efforts at dissimulation, native British people now know that there is a war being waged against them in their own country and that they are not supposed to notice it or take any action.

We come to the final unintended consequence of the BBC-inspired campaign against the BNP. David Cameron, the new Tory Party leader, in an effort to curry Media Class support for his ailing party, has very publicly abandoned the last vestiges of Tory nationalism. This has to be a good thing for the British people because the Tory leadership has not been genuinely nationalist for years, if ever, but they have managed to portray themselves as such at election times. Even the dimmest Tory rank-and-filer must now see that Cameron has sold the party to the BBC.

Sitting in multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-sexual London, Cameron may well believe he has made a smart move. No doubt his BBC and Show-biz friends, such as Bob Geldorf, are making him feel very popular, but he has taken his party to a very crowded place. Labour, the Lib-Dems, the Greens and the Communists are all already there and the BNP is now clearly alone in the other place. Nick Griffin and his BNP Party have it all to themselves on immigration, fake asylum-seekers, anti-Christian persecution, political correctness, the stifling of the last vestiges of free speech, the EU racket, same-sex marriage and Islamic imperialism within the UK.

With all of these elements, we should not be surprised that the electorate is finally polarizing into two camps, the BNP versus the rest. The latest opinion polls have revealed a strong current flowing to the BNP amongst native Britons. This seems to have taken the ruling class by surprise and it is panicking. Every day produces new media horror stories about the BNP and its growth and the BBC is carrying many of them. Of course, all stories are intended to be BNP negative and most are really propaganda pieces dressed up as news, but who can now be unaware that the BNP exists. And all this just before important local elections in which the leaders of the old parties are all under examination. We should not underestimate the power of the Media Class. It may well manufacture or orchestrate a scandal before polling day that will bring the BNP to its knees. There are many willing accomplices in today’s police force, civil service and judiciary, so evidence, truth and facts may not be necessary.

Still, it looks like the BNP now stands in sharp relief to all the other parties, notwithstanding the pathetic UKIP. For the sake of free speech, a belated sanity on immigration policy and much else, let us hope that the BNP makes huge inroads into local government on May 4th. We wish the party a big vote and many, many ward victories. It is time for a sea change in the UK’s political and social landscape. If there is no BNP candidate in your ward, write BNP across your ballot paper. A vote for any of the other parties is the true waste of your vote.

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