‘The Blueprint’ – What The Book Review Doesn’t Tell You

As regular visitors to this website will know, I buy the Wall Street Journal every day even though I know that its reporters and editors are as guilty as every other Mainstream Media (MSM) staff of issuing Leftist propaganda. The reason I buy it is that on the Op-Ed pages some truth appears on most days and many of the readers’ letters are greatly informative. You can’t say that about many newspapers either in the USA or the UK. Still, readers and viewers of the MSM should be aware that none are bound by the old English oath extracted from Court witnesses “The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth”. Thursday’s WSJ carried a review of an extremely important book “The Blueprint” by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer, (Speaker’s Corner, 226 pages, $15.95).

On this website we have long argued that the rise to power of the new ruling Media Class in both the USA and the UK has resulted in a political and social revolution, which some have called the ‘Culture War’. We maintain that the Media Class has a Leftist agenda for four reasons. One reason is that the core of the Media Class (artists, writers, actors, entertainers, and Bohemians) is made up predominantly of social misfits and moral rebels who are hostile to the everyday business of life, citizenship and family. The second is that the Media Class is numerically small and has to forge alliances in order to rule. Those alliances are most comfortably made with Leftists such as Union leaders, Socialists, racial minority leaders and those on the public payroll. The third reason is that the Media Class, which has little interest in Leftist economic policies, nevertheless has an over-riding interest in a moral, anti-Christian revolution. This sits comfortably with the Leftist’s economic and social engineering agenda. Finally, the Media Class shares with the Left an appetite for big intrusive government, for through over-bearing government lies control over legislation and education. Big Government offers the Media Class the means of imposing a moral and social revolution that is currently not popular enough to be speedily achieved by mere propaganda and the ballot box. Same sex marriage, one of the agenda items very dear to the Media Class, is an example, as is the concomitant one of driving Christianity from the public domain.

Visitors to the excellent Brian Brown’s website, National Organization for Marriage, will be aware that a group of hugely wealthy homosexuals has been stealthily targeting Christian conservative Republican politicians and driving them from office. They began this undercover war in Colorado, then extended it across the USA, and have succeeded in replacing their victims with politicians committed to the advancement of the homosexual agenda. Their winners have all been Democrats but it is probable that along the way they have also wiped out Christian Democrats too. Brown’s NOM has been fighting a gallant and grossly underfunded battle against these homosexual billionaires. Needless to say, the NOM is a Christian organization, but Christians and conservatives are rarely motivated to defend their cause with the same determination and gloves-off methods that come naturally to the members of a perverted and united minority.

And so we come to “The Blueprint”, just released! Schrager and Witwer have written an account of the genesis of the “Gang of Four” and how they drove a successful Republican administration from power in conservative Colorado, starting in 2004, a year when Republicans were still doing well nationally. The Colorado Republicans never knew what hit them and even now few on the Right realize what they are up against, for the old politics they continue to pursue are no longer relevant. The new Democrat Party (just like the Labour Party of the UK) is not the Party of the poor and underprivileged, nor is it a moderate Party. It is not a Christian Party either. It is, in fact, the tool of a revolutionary movement that aims to replace the old Christian/Judeo basis of the US and its people’s wariness of big government with a new amoral society and one in which the masses are manipulated for the benefit of the new rulers. Schrager and Witwer tell us that Jared Polis, a wealthy 27 year old Internet entrepreneur and Democrat was by 2003 “becoming a force in political backrooms.”

“He was part of the ‘Gang of Four’, as the Colorado press dubbed a quartet of rich Democrats who bypassed conventional party organizations to push a more progressive agenda than Colorado Democrats generally supported. The other Gang of Four members were Tim Gill, the founder of the Quark software company, Pat Stryker, the heiress of a medical-technology company; and Rutt Bridges, another software entrepreneur.” This little gang of billionaire Leftists set up endless numbers of organizations with appealing and harmless names and somewhere along the way were joined by none other than that enemy of the people, super-rich George Soros. More innocent-sounding front organizations were set up by Soros, Robert Stein, Hollywood director Rob Reiner and a horde of super rich Leftists – and politics in the US were transformed in two major ways. One was that the Left was now financed and controlled by the rich and was able to easily outspend the Party that ordinary people assume is the Party of the rich. The other transformation was that a revolutionary social/moral agenda was now the concealed motivating force of the Left.

I began by referring to the old oath about ‘the Truth, the whole Truth’, for Eric O’Keefe’s review of this important book contains the Truth but not the whole Truth. You can read the entire lengthy review and not find a mention of the facts that Polis and Gill are activist homosexuals and that the ‘progressive’ policies they are pushing are social and not economic. Gill is ‘married’ to another man and is open about his wealth being used to impose same-sex marriage on the USA. You can bet that Polis is also pre-occupied with the advance of homosexuality. I can find nothing about Stryker and Rutt Bridges but I doubt that these two billionaires are much concerned with Christian morality. Money, and so much of it, provides these new moral-revolutionary Leftists with a great advantage but even more advantageous is that they are buttressed by a ruling Media Class that controls the information that most voters depend upon when voting. Thus the Gang of Four and Soros et al are able to operate in the shadows, concealing their motives and power from the ordinary people. We have recently seen in the Californian Prop 8 campaign how those who donate to and support anti-homosexual causes are uncovered and vilified by the Media. I doubt the Mormons will again put their heads above the parapet. Yet Gill and his billionaire buddies are able to dominate politics under the radar.

I am finding it difficult to visit the BNP website after the catastrophic election results. Griffin has failed to answer the charges that his webmaster made on the eve of the election and instead resorts to accusing his internal opponents of treachery and worse. I feel great sadness for all those many good ordinary patriots who gave time and money to the BNP for it is clear that the Party is ruled by Griffin, who cares only about retaining the leadership. His current excuses for failure and the endless desertions of erstwhile comrades are insulting to every supporter’s and website visitor’s intelligence. Griffin has probably doomed British Nationalism to extinction. His claim that internal democracy is not appropriate to the BNP because it is a ‘Movement’ is straight out of the Marxist playbook.

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