The Agenda Behind Your News

It is our contention on this website, that all the content of media news, entertainment and information must be treated with extreme caution and that it is all distorted or laced with propaganda intended to further the hidden agenda of the Media Class. This is a general warning to be kept in mind at all times, but the intensity of the propaganda varies according to events outside of the media world.

Thus viewers, listeners and readers should be extra vigilant in the next few weeks, since two events that are important to the Media Class, are looming.

Here in the USA we are approaching the November mid-term elections and the Media Class senses an opportunity to weaken the Republican Party and, in the process, handicap the Media’s arch-enemy, President George Bush. Since the last presidential election, Bush has been under relentless attack from all media outlets, but the Media Class has been anticipating that their efforts will bear fruit in November as a consequence of the Republicans losing control of both Houses of Congress. Just a few weeks ago, it seemed that everything was going well for the Democrat Party, which is the main political agent for the Media Class. Gas prices were at an all time high, the economy looked shaky as house prices stalled, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could be cast in defeatist terms. Bush and the Republican Party had very low opinion poll numbers and it seemed that the Democrat Party, even though devoid of a concrete program, would be able to coast into power. Hungarian born billionaire George Soros was successful in helping to purge Joe Lieberman from the Party’s list of candidates, the embarrassing Cynthia McKinney was also ousted and the Media was able to make it look as though the Republican Party was racked with internal divisions. Actual good economic news was perpetually and successfully presented as a temporary and/or surface condition.

More recently, Democrat success has become less predictable. The uncovering of another terrorist plot in London that was aimed at US targets, the Muslim world riots and violence against Christians, and the fall in gas prices and consequent moratorium on interest rate increases, have all helped to raise Bush’s poll numbers and reduce the Republican Party’s mood of defeatism. The Chavez rant at the UN, where he hi-jacked the US Leftist’s attacks on Bush, word for word, may also have been counter-productive.

Suddenly, with only five or six weeks to go, there is no certainty that the Republicans will lose control in either House or Senate. Lieberman may retain his seat and be a thorn in the side of Senate Democrats, a Republican may win in graft-ridden New Jersey and several other prizes that the Democrats expected to take are now very uncertain.

There is still time for the Media Class to retrieve the situation for its political mouthpieces, but only by further ratcheting up the (anti-Bush) distortion of news and risking being too open in partisan propaganda.

Behind all of the Media panic is concern about the composition of the Supreme Court. Should the ancient hard-left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg become incapacitated or die, then Bush will have another opportunity to fill a vacancy with a Justice genuinely committed to protecting the Constitution and ensuring a majority of Justices against “new interpretations” of it.

The US Media Class, like all past new Classes in world history, is anxious to remake the law of the US to suit its own needs. It can do so by altering the Constitution or setting it aside. To do the former is a mammoth task and would require popular consent. In the short term this is unachievable. But the legal system can be captured and quietly perverted quite easily, as events in the UK and Western Europe have demonstrated, and at the heart of any plan for perverting US law, lies the Supreme Court. A Democrat majority in the Senate, or a shift to the Left in Senate composition through a couple of gains and media pressure on a handful of ‘RINO’ Republicans, would be sufficient to block any Bush nominees for the next two years.

Thus, for the Media Class and its constituent parts, electoral gains for the Democrat Party in the November elections are crucial. In the UK, the next few weeks of media activity will not be about pending elections but about the looming retrial in Leeds of BNP leader, Nick Griffin. The outcome of this Show Trial will be either a shot in the arm for free speech or another nail in its coffin. The criminal charges against Griffin and his BNP colleague, were the result of a plot orchestrated by the Media Class leaders at the BBC. They arranged the infiltration of private meetings of BNP members in order to record words that, even if true, are now illegal in the UK. The first trial ended in a stalemate as a result of the jury’s decisions but the politically inspired Crown Prosecution Service immediately decided on a retrial.

The problem here for the newly dominant UK Media Class is not a Supreme Court, but the British jury system. Most British people, thanks to a media that has kept them ignorant, are only dimly aware that free speech is no longer free when it is true. The Leeds jury, when it hears that the BNP Two are being prosecuted for saying that Islam is not a religion of peace, may be unwilling to convict, since the words ring true. The British National Party is the great potential threat to the UK Media Class and its agenda, since it could emerge as a big vote getter at any time, despite constant persecution. Thus, beheading the Party and intimidating its activists and voters is vital if the Media Class wishes to be able to completely rewrite UK law to suit itself.

What this means in the next few weeks is that the media and especially the BBC, has to play down all reports of immigrant crime and blatant Islamic activism. Generally, the BBC likes to parade Islamic militancy in order to demoralize the native British people, but at this time it prefers that the British people, and the Leeds jury in particular, should be lulled into complacency. Hence, no BBC reports of the Westminster Cathedral Muslim demonstration, the conviction of the Muslim taxi driver who dragged a young Englishman to his death, or the unconnected murders of two young girls in the north of England. Similar crimes will be concealed from the public until the Leeds trial is over and the BNP leaders convicted.

Fortunately, for the rest of us, not all events are under the control of the Media Class and the warriors of Muslim Imperialism are particularly beyond anyone’s control. The latter care little about helping their temporary allies in the Western media and who knows where and when they will make news that cannot be ignored and which may damage the Democrat chances in the USA or infuriate the Leeds jury.

In the next article on this website, we will have more to say about the reasons why the Media Class in the West has to rewrite the laws and control the legal and law-enforcement processes. Meanwhile, remember that the news you are being fed, should have a health warning.

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