The 2010 US Elections in Retrospect

With nearly all counts completed, it looks as though the Republicans gained 63 House seats and 6 Senate seats and lost several more Blue seats by a whisker. Even more impressively, the Republicans won 7 Governorships and almost 700 seats in State Houses. Since this is the biggest electoral upset for more than 80 years, one might have concluded that it was an unqualified Republican victory and an undisguised Democrat defeat. Whoa! Not so fast! By Thursday the Mainstream Media had its act together and these election victories were producing nothing but problems for the Republicans. It never takes long for the MSM and its Leftist allies to create a narrative that sets aside the facts and replaces them with a fairy story. According to the MSM, the glaring story to emerge from all those Republican gains was the failure to capture even more seats, especially Senate seats. More importantly for the spin-masters of the Media Class, the failure was due to conservatives from the grass-roots Tea Party campaign. This re-arrangement of the facts was created in order to nourish a damaging split in the Republican ranks, that between the ‘Old Guard’ and the energetic (and more uncompromising) newcomers.

We have to give credit to the MSM for it knows the Republican ‘moderate’ mind well enough. The ‘moderate’ is one who lives with two anxieties. The first is the anxiety that accompanies the gradual process of ‘selling out’. We might better call it moral corruption for it is the process whereby those elected by the people to put the Nation’s interests first, begin to put their own interests first. Washington is a corrupt place, much like San Francisco is a corrupt place, and one piece of evidence of this is the number of its homosexual households that I mentioned in our last article. Not that homosexuality is the only vice in the Capital for there is more than enough unsavory temptation for heterosexuals too. For those who get to live in Washington on lavish expense accounts and who discover the rewards offered by lobbyists, the longer the residency, the more succumbing to temptation occurs. If the man is resistant, his wife or his teenage kids might not be. You can be sure that there is a large army of predators in Washington and an even larger army of maggots waiting to feed off those who arrive with good intentions. Human nature being what it is, many Republicans slowly but surely get to enjoy the forbidden fruit on offer. Some fall quicker than others but all those who fall come to value remaining in Washington above all else. Standing on principles and taking political risks are not attractive once other types of risk have already been taken and cannot be undone. Compromising can and does become a way of life along with a fear of those who newly arrive with the intention of shaking things up.

The other anxiety for Conservative Washington insiders who have succumbed to temptation, is the fear of the Media. Many may have tasted the forbidden fruit in the company of Democrats or been influenced by the knowledge that “it’s what everybody here is doing and getting away with”. Too late they discover that what Democrats can get away with because the Media turns a blind eye, Republicans cannot, unless they play ball with the Media Class agenda. And so, when the MSM comes looking for some token Republicans to break ranks, it has no problem finding conservatives with secrets to be kept at a price as well as those who simply crave friendly headlines, regular invitations to Sunday Talk Shows (well paid) and who fear bad publicity. The power of the Media Class is surely nowhere more potent than in Washington!

We should not be surprised therefore that the Thursday MSM political stories were all about Republican leaders who were crying over losses and repudiating the ‘extremists’ of the Tea Party Movement. If one is to believe the MSM, not a single Democrat is breaking ranks and criticizing Obama, Reid and Pelosi, despite historic losses, and yet the Republicans are in disarray. Meanwhile, Obama, after being promoted by the MSM as the gracious leader who, in one brief speech and with an olive branch tucked into his pocket is willing to ‘compromise’ with the ‘losers’, is conveniently flying off to India to make headlines. The Presidential trip that will whisk Obama away from the election result is carrying along some 3000 aides and is reliably reputed to be costing US taxpayers $200m a day. The White House will not reveal the cost, citing security reasons!!! From now on the MSM will attempt to contrast the Great Statesman in India with the squabbling Republicans at home. Have no doubt, there will be Republican leaders willing to dance to the Media Class tune.

Meanwhile, the Ruling Media Class is now busy explaining away its election setbacks. Some, parroting Obama himself, are claiming that the electors’ recent hostility is simply that Obama and his comrades did not adequately explain their policies. Behind this explanation lie two implicit ones – that Obama is too intellectually blessed to communicate with the masses and the other is that the masses are too stupid to understand him. Like all Media propaganda tactics, this one asks us to remember nothing and ignore realities. Ever since Obama emerged as a Presidential candidate, I cannot remember a TV or Radio newscast that did not showcase him and proclaim him to be a great communicator. On top of that TV pundits and ‘experts’ have been ceaselessly promoting him and his policies, never failing to put a gloss on any of his more muddled or conflicting statements. I would guess that in any one month, Obama has enjoyed more Media access to the American people than George W Bush had in 4 years. And we are supposed to conclude that the voters’ repudiation of Obama’s policies is down to lack of communication?

From the Hard Left, the explanation for defeat is simply that Obama did not implement a sufficiently revolutionary Communist program. This amazing explanation, although not couched in such bold terms and which is surely even more removed from reality than the above one, comes not from some obscure Trotskyite leaflet but from Katrina vanden Heuval in today’s Wall Street Journal. Heuval is a wealthy heiress who is editor, publisher and part-owner of a Leftist magazine ludicrously called the ‘Nation’. Despite, or perhaps because, she was born into a life of privilege and connections in which all Media doors were open, Heuval from her humble home is endlessly fighting for the ‘workers’ – or so she claims. According to Heuval, Obama’s voters were “alienated because they didn’t believe his team had fought aggressively enough for the interests of working and middle-class citizens”. “Common ground and common sense” writes Heuval, no doubt writing in between shifts on a production line or from her place in a dole queue “also demand that the President listen to and remobilize the base that is at the heart of his party. An empowered Democratic electorate – the young, Latinos, African-Americans, single women, union folks [I like that proletarian word ‘folks’ – editor] -will be an effective counterweight to the assaults of the GOP and its corporate funders”.

Heuval, who is Jewish and presumably secular, because she is big on abortion, is also pro-Muslim. She is well-connected with other rich people. She must therefore be aware that most Big Business has been in bed with the Democrats and Obama for some time, yet she continues to peddle the myth that it is conservatives who represent the rich and grabbing. Notice too how she includes ‘single women’ in her list of underdogs, as though married women are somehow not fitted to be part of the radical force. Her list, which is surely racist, for it omits Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Filipinos and many other non-Caucasian groups of Americans, and which yanks in ‘the young’ (presumably only the young with single mothers) is the typical Hard Left list, though she has overlooked the ‘gays’.

We have to hope that Obama and his comrades continue to believe both that he needs to communicate more (for every exposure reveals more of his limitations) and that he has not gone far enough Left. Two more years of Leftist posturing – for he will not get Leftist policies past this House – will surely bring more conservative victories in 2012.

My last article had only just been posted when news broke on the John Bachelor radio program that some 120,000 ballot papers had been found in Southern California. These had not been counted and their sudden appearance suggested a major election fraud. Now another 100,000 uncounted ballots have emerged in Northern California. Add to this that the collection and counting of ballot papers is carried out by members of a public workers Union that hugely funds the Democrat Party and we have cause to believe that only some votes count in California. So far the uncounted ballots have failed to merit a mention in the MSM. We are not surprised!

As I finish typing this article, news is coming in that MSNBC has suspended its leftist Talk Show host Keith Olbermann. For some time he has been conducting a campaign against Fox News presenters Bill O’Reilly and Glen Beck but now an outside website has uncovered that he has been donating money to Democrat politicians in the lead-up to the election. Apparently it has not satisfied Olbermann that he can use his Show to promote the Democrat cause but he has broken MSNBC rules by donating money. This MSNBC ban on financial donations is a mere window-dressing nod in the direction of neutrality for like all MSM outlets except the maverick Fox News, MSNBC is stuffed with Leftists and wholly biased. Olbermann might have to be thrown under the bus for a while, but we shall see!

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