That Was The Week That Was!

The American Civil Liberties Union, like all Leftist organizations, has a title that is the opposite of its mission, for it is not about civil liberty in any general sense, but about restricting all freedoms that might slow the march to totalitarianism. It was, from its inception a Communist Front organization and founded by Communists and their fellow-travelers.

Many organizations founded by conservative philanthropists have been infiltrated over the years and perverted by Leftists, but it is an interesting fact that Leftist organizations never evolve into something more tolerant. ‘Once Left – always Left’ seems to be an immutable rule of activist organizations. The British equivalent organization of Leftist lawyers is called Liberty and again its title is a grim joke. I suppose that Leftists, who are totalitarian in intent, practice their totalitarianism in these organizations by purging ideological opponents early on. Those who think the BBC can be reformed should take note.

Over the last few years there have been a steady number of good pieces laying bare the hypocrisy of the ACLU, but this last week I read one that takes some beating and I recommend it to our website visitors. It appeared on the Human Events website of July 20th and is headed “The ACLU – Enemy of America and Christianity” 1 . The author is Rabbi Aryeh Spero. I hope he continues to write in this spirit and thus make a contribution to the alliance of Christians, Jews and all who defend genuine free speech. Too many Jews, especially Jewish lawyers, think they should drive Christianity out of public life and indeed out of life altogether, as though this will make Jews safer. It is beyond my comprehension that so many Jews, especially in the US, support Leftists causes. I suppose this is due to the erroneous belief that Hitler and his SS were conservative nationalists. The Nazis actually had little interest in Germany as a nation and as a definable country with borders, but saw Germany as a springboard for world conquest and a Darwin-inspired socialist remaking of mankind. Stalin, happy in his early days to use Jewish Communists to man his terrorist secret police, was about to purge Jews from his empire when he died. During his life-time, he had tens of thousands of Soviet and Eastern European Jews murdered in purges, including his one-time henchmen, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Tomsky and the bosses of his secret police. He relentlessly pursued Trotsky to his death. Leftists today, are in the forefront of the propaganda attacks on Israel and in defining President Bush’s war on terror as a conspiracy by Jewish neo-Con advisors. It seems that most Jewish Americans, like African Americans and Irish Americans, are stuck in a time warp and in any case misreading past events.

Whilst recommending other websites, I also want to recommend a piece on the BNP website. It is titled, ” ‘Gay’ Shame ” and was posted on 29th July under the columnist section of Doc’s Diary. This column is one of two excellent columns on the BNP site, the other being Nationalist Notebook by John Bean. Both are worth a regular visit.

Yesterday, I bumped into Media Man on University Avenue in Palo Alto. He had flown out West to attend the wedding of Al Gore’s daughter in Beverley Hills and was now doing the Liberal rounds of the Bay Area. He had just alighted from a very large and new SUV and he saw me reading the ‘Green’ stickers and the one on the back bumper which read “Don’t blame me – I voted for Kerry/Edwards”. “What are you doing over here?” he asked me. “You’re not an intellectual!” He was joking of course and I said “I’ve come over to see how the poor are surviving in this terrible Bush economy. You’ve put on weight since I last saw you!”.

“So would you, if you had eaten at the Gore girls’ wedding.” he replied. “It wasn’t just the wedding banquet, there was a pre-wedding banquet as well. The food was irresistible! Flown in specially from all over the world you know! Lovely hotel, too! Nothing but the best for a President’s daughter, of course!”

“But he never was a President, was he?” I asked.

“Well, he should have been!” said MM. “He was cheated out of victory by silly old rules and a silly old Constitution. We did all we could to help him overcome the Constitution. And when you think of all the fraudulent votes the Party had piled up in St. Louis and Dade County, it was a travesty that he didn’t get the reward he was entitled to.”

“That wedding!” I said. “Wasn’t it very dangerous to use up the earth’s limited resources on something so frivolous? Surely they could have had a simple family wedding at home? Tipper could have made a few sandwiches, maybe some home-made wine and everybody come on bicycles”.

“All covered by carbon credits!” replied MM, and with an airy waive of the hand he disappeared up the driveway of a large Palo Alto mansion.

1. Human : The ACLU – Enemy of America and Christianity

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