That Mosque! Our Last Words!

It is highly instructive to follow the Media reporting on the 9/11 site and the proposed giant Mosque. Because Obama and his comrades have at the very least, revealed a strong sympathy to the proposal, the Mainstream Media has felt a very clear obligation to give them support, for the Media Class cannot afford for its man and their Party to lose credibility with the voters just prior to the November elections. This has required that all the Mainstream Media (MSM) reporting should paint the Mosque opponents as racists and bigots. It has also required the MSM reporters and commentators to argue the, for them, unfamiliar support of the Constitution and freedom of Religion. Any savvy follower of the MSM knows that if the proposed building was a Christian Church intended as a memorial to the dead there would have been outrage from all parts of the MSM, the Showbiz loudmouths and the Leftists of Academia. Indeed, an Orthodox Church that actually existed on the site and was annihilated by the collapse of the twin towers cannot be rebuilt because the Planning Authorities have put many obstacles in its way. The Mosque proposal on the other hand skated through planning procedures. New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, a RINO if ever there was one, has been in the forefront of support for the Mosque. Bloomberg is Jewish like many leading New York politicians, and my own opinion is that too many Jews have more hostility to Christianity than to Islam. This is surely short sighted of them!

Many of those who oppose the Mosque argue only that it is in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think they are mostly a little dishonest about their feelings and really believe that any new Mosque anywhere is an affront to not only the 9/11 victims and their relatives but to all Americans. They are afraid to say so because they instinctively know that the MSM is out to ‘get them’ and will gleefully label them as bigots. Those of us who understand the workings of the Media Class know that it will label them ‘bigots’ anyway! As we stated in our previous article, a Mosque anywhere near Ground Zero will be seen by Muslims around the world for what it is, a symbol of the victory of Islamic aggression in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. It is always profitable on issues such as this one to bluntly restate some plain facts and here they are! Some ten years ago, after much careful planning by a large number of Muslims from around the world, some 20 Muslim men boarded commercial airplanes filled with non-Muslim passengers and deliberately flew the planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. All of the supporting plotters and death squad members were inspired by Islamic beliefs and we can be sure that before they set off they did much praying to Allah. After the suicide attacks, carried out in the name of Islam, and which cruelly killed almost 3,000 innocent people, Muslims around the world danced in the streets in celebration. It is not honest to argue that the death squad members were simply a gang of unrepresentative fanatics with only the most tenuous connections to Islam. Since 9/11 there have been suicide attacks by Muslims against non-Muslims in London, Madrid, Mumbai, the USA, the Philipines, Thailand, Bali and many other places around the world. In addition many attacks have been narrowly thwarted. There is ample evidence of young Muslims, born in the US the UK and elsewhere in the West who have hastened to join the ranks of the attackers. Muslim mob demonstrations aimed at silencing free speech and suppressing legitimate opposition to Islam are regular occurrences in the UK. To describe all this as the work of an extreme fringe of Islam is to deny reality.

The text of the Koran inspires the violence and intolerance of the militants and the text is taught in the Mosques. We cannot know exactly how many Muslims worldwide support the aims of the death squads but it must run into the tens of millions at least. More likely a majority of Muslims now sympathize to a greater or lesser extent with the militants just as many Irishmen and women sympathized with the IRA bombers and provided the funds and the safe houses. (It is our contention that the IRA whose indiscriminate bombing campaign aroused Media Class and Leftist sympathy and ultimately intimidated conservative politicians, provided the inspiration of all subsequent terrorist activity). The countless Muslims around the world will be watching the outcome of the Ground Zero struggle. If the Mosque is built anywhere near the center of New York they will conclude, not that the US is tolerant and morally superior, but that the US has a soft underbelly and is ripe for both colonization and more terror. Many who are now on the sidelines will move into the game.

In our last article I mentioned the cold Pacific down in San Diego and the cool temperatures here in central California. So in fairness to Al Gore I must report that the last two days have seen the temperatures here rise to 100F, at least according to official reports. It has not seemed that hot to me but it has certainly warmed up. The forecast however is for another speedy drop down to the 70’s and even the high 60’s.

For the record the average daily temperatures here over the last 30 years are as follows: June 84F – July 89F – Aug 89F – Sept 86F. This year so far we must be way down in June July and August and this follows a very cold winter. There is still September for Al Gore to be proved right, I suppose.

I saw today that the top 15 bedbug cities are, in descending order, New York, Philly, Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago, Denver, Colombus, Dayton, Washington DC, LA, Boston, Indianapolis, Louisville KY, Cleveland and Minneapolis. Am I right to claim that these are all Democrat-run cities?

Whilst on significant stats here are some more! The top earners of the Talk Shows for last year were as follows; 1. Oprah Winfrey $315m 2. Simon Cowell and Dr. Phil $80m each. 4. Howard Stern $70m. 5. Rush Limbaugh $58m. Others big earners included Glen Beck, Ellen DeGeneres, Conan O’Brien, Ryan Seacrest and David Letterman. Between them this little bunch of Media talkers pulled in $958m in one year. Rush Limbaugh is certainly a very knowledgeable guy and I do not begrudge any of the 13 their massive incomes, for a free market economy rewards those who provide what people want. Still if we also take note of the incomes of Hollywood Stars, Pop Stars, Film producers, Fashion models, Pro Sports celebrities and TV Newsreaders we can soon work out that the Media Class that rules us and which constantly points the finger at businessmen who make big bucks, is swiftly accumulating the wealth that marks a Ruling Class.

On this website we chart the rise to power of the Media Class as beginning in the early 1970’s and culminating in the election of Obama and his comrades. We also maintain that as this Class has won its Revolutionary Culture War so the standards of all Art and Entertainment have plummeted to Rock bottom (no musical pun intended). The WSJ of August 13th had a Weekend Journal front page article entitled “The Secrets of Songwriters”. It was meant to be revealing the skills and artistry of the modern ‘Artists’ featured. Here are the examples!

“Now that it’s raining more than ever know that we’ll still have each other you can stand under my umbrella” from Rihanna’s “Umbrella” co-written by The Dream.

“I’ll be making you mixtapes with homemade covers. Analog to show we’re lovers, so much rock and roll love, in a plastic case, Play it loudly, see my face.” “Mixtape” lyrics by Tift Merritt.

“If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave. Won’t take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.” Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” co-written by Tom Douglas.

“Sorrow found me when I was young. Sorrow waited, sorrow won. Sorrow they put me on a pill. It’s in my honey it’s in my milk.” “Sorrow” by the National. Lyrics by Matt Berninger.

“In an instant, lightning flashes, and the burst might leave me blind When the bolt of lightning crashes, and it burns right through my mind” from the musical “Next to Normal” lyrics by Brian Yorkey.

“I want to sing amidst the explosions, I want to sing an immense song: Spain is a bull burning alive” from the opera “Ainadamar” libretto by David Henry Hwang.

“If you like it then you should have put a ring on it,” from “Single Ladies” by Beyonce co-written by The-Dream. According to the writer of the article “top writers from country to hip-hop, nail the phrases they hope will last forever”.

I won’t dare to compare all this tripe to Irving Berlin, Gershwin or Cole Porter. I won’t even dare to compare it to the relatively lightweight 1950’s writers like Terry Gilkyson and Bob Merrill who wrote for Frankie Laine and Guy Mitchell. Surely anybody who is near-illiterate or drunk could do better. What cultural depths have the people of the West sunk to since the Media Class became powerful enough to inflict their meaningless swill on our people? Still, the whining, protesting strummers and warblers who record this stuff must find it expresses their deepest thoughts. Many of them when not warbling this tripe are talking tripe about politics!

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