Thailand’s Violence! Is the Media Telling us the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?

Visitors to this website will know that we maintain that the Western Media in general, and the US and UK Media in particular, have a political and moral agenda and that virtually everything that emanates from them is at best, greatly distorted, and at worst, downright lies. We say that what you read, see and hear from the American MSM should be treated with suspicion, skepticism and always be double checked. Reports on foreign matters are likely to be as deliberately biased as those on domestic matters and are always from their Leftist standpoint. The Governments of Honduras (recently), Chile (in the past), Myanmar and Israel (all the time), and now Thailand, have had a uniformly ‘bad press’ and this should alert us to the presence of a Media agenda. Below, I have reprinted an email that I received today from a young friend who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. She is not a political person but as she lives and works in Bangkok and is both an eyewitness and a victim of the disruption and fear generated by the protestors, the email should be accorded more value than MSM reports.

“The Case Against the International Media’s Report on Thailand. 15 May 2010. I want my overseas friends to understand what has been happening here in Thailand. You would only see the soldiers’ shooting scenes or injured people being carried away on International TV Channels for 30 seconds, but never got to know about the background. The truth is, the Thai Government has been too accommodating by withholding the use of force since the rally started 2 months ago (with the exception of 10th April event, when the soldiers were ordered to move in without live weapons and subsequently got slaughtered by unknown gunmen shooting from the ‘Red Shirt’ protesters).

The majority of us support the Government in dealing with the terrorists hidden among the protesters. It held talks with the rally leaders and offered peace solutions to them 10 days ago. The Prime Minister publicly urged the protesters to disperse for fear of violence created by the terrorists. But the plan wasn’t accepted. So its time to block food and water supplies entering the center of the protest. If the protesters were peaceful, they wouldn’t rush out to throw rocks, firecrackers and even bombs at the soldiers’ barricade-thus causing the soldiers to defend themselves by firing rubber bullets and live rounds.

It has been very frustrating for the law-abiding citizen of Bangkok-we even voiced our dissatisfaction at the Government for its failure to uphold the laws. The situation was like Bangkok was being held for ransom. A lot of businesses got affected because its right in the middle of the major commercial area. Again, think what your government would do if there were a large group of protesters blocking all traffic at Orchard Road in Singapore, Times Square in NYC, Ginza in Tokyo; or Knightsbridge in London for two months. They set up barricades to search through personal belongings of everyone travelling through the area. Also think what it would do if those protesters invaded a nearby hospital, causing doctors and nurses to evacuate patients-some of whom are newborn babies in incubators and those in ICU-to other hospitals. And most important of all, think what it would do if the protesters were found to have large stockpile of M79 grenades, M16 & AK 47 assault rifles.

Do you think your government would be as tolerant as the Thai government?”

Here in California it continues to be unusually cold. I read recently that climate ‘experts’ were claiming that this has been the warmest winter in the USA for decades. What continent are these experts inhabiting? Perhaps they are just plain Leftist liars and in typically Leftist fashion consider the ends justify the means.

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