Terrorism Is A Cancer

The murders of two soldiers and a policeman in Ulster seem to have come as a surprise to many who were under the delusion that terrorism can be ended by negotiation. The day that the British Government began talks with the terrorists killers of the IRA and began treating Gerry Adams and his gang in Sinn Fein as though they were legitimate politicians was a very black one. On that day, the British Government demonstrated a fatal weakness, a lack of confidence and a complete lack of principle and betrayed the loyal people of Ulster, its armed forces and policemen and its mainland citizens too.

It is true that reality sometimes means that a Government must seek agreements with unpleasant Nation States and their leaders, but such Nation States can always subsequently be held accountable. Terrorists, by their very nature cannot, for they prosper only because they carry no responsibility and have rejected the methods of representative Government. Gerry Adams and his IRA comrades may have publicly renounced violence and handed over some weapons, but who in Ulster’s Catholic community would ever believe that it was possible to advocate loyalty to the British Government and opposition to Sinn Fein and live to tell the tale. The late Gerry Fitt, who did so, had to move to England and probably never lived without fear for his life. Witness the attempted assassination of Martin McGartland by the IRA in Tyneside, England, on 17th June 1999 1.

Adams has never renounced irredentism or the Socialist belief that ends justify means. The bomb and the ballot box strategy has no relation to democracy or political freedom and many unfortunates in West Belfast and elsewhere have received a bullet or beatings and knee-cappings for displeasing the Godfathers of Irish Nationalism. I find it very hard to believe that the strange-sounding terrorist group that has now resumed the killing of British soldiers and a policeman can operate anywhere in the whole Island of Ireland without the knowledge and acquiescence of Sinn Fein.

We can now see that the notion that Ireland could turn its back on terrorism through talks and concessions was always a delusion. There is only one way to stamp out terrorism and that is to crush it by force. It must be removed completely from the body politic just like a cancer. The Spanish Government is now learning the hard way that terrorism always has a long term strategy and is revolutionary, seeking to take power by force.

The political parties of the UK, anxious to please those in the world who only wished the UK ill, and pandering to the rising Leftist Media Class, gave in to the IRA. Big Business, always pre-occupied with the short term, was very approving once it was clear that the Government lacked the will to take the necessary measures to protect property from destruction. Would-be terrorists around the world learned the lessons and on this website we have no doubt that the spectacular growth of world terrorism owes much to the IRA experience. Furthermore, a political Class that will not protect its people from terrorism will also not protect its National integrity, its independence, its borders, its customs, its people, their morals and their identity.

The BBC has quickly buried the Ulster killings and the Media in general will treat them as an aberration, but make no mistake, they have simply lifted the lid on the real dynamics of Ulster politics.

I believe that there is another UK by-election involving the BNP on Thursday. We wish the Party every success. Meanwhile, I have been told by a UK reader that the Media is reporting a drought in California. It is now standard fare for the Media to report climate disaster everywhere for we must all be frightened into acknowledging global warming. For what it is worth, I can report that our reservoirs are more or less full and that even if no more rain falls this year, no crops are dying from drought and there is plenty of snow on the Sierras. Of course, population growth may cause water shortages later in the year, but that is another matter. The nights here continue to experience thick frosts and I cannot believe that this year has been warmer than ‘normal’ – whatever that is!

1. Fifty Dead Men Walking by Martin McGartland published by Blake Publishing Ltd

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