Ten Big Stories the Media Class Will Not Investigate

One of the most depressing comments I read over and over again in articles and blogs about the Global Warming Science scandal, was “Surely the Mainstream Media (MSM) will wake up now and do some investigating”. It is hard to believe that any sane person would still have such expectations of the Media. Somewhere behind this kind of thinking lies a belief that the MSM ‘bias’ (too mild a word!) is either a temporary aberration or a foolish shortsightedness. I suppose many people look back to a time when Newspapers and Magazines were divided between Left, Right and the non-political. In those days many Newspapers did investigate anything that looked like it might be news, even if ultimately they colored results according to political leanings. This genuine journalistic interest in anything that might be news has steadily receded since the 1970’s and now does not exist at all. An example this week has been the refusal of almost all of the MSM to mention the Global Warming Science scandal. None intend to investigate it and all seem intent on burying it as quickly as possible. In a world where journalism was motivated primarily by uncovering stories and grabbing a bigger share of the market, it would be logical for editors to send their best reporters in pursuit of the ‘scientists’ who have been caught fixing the stats. That is not happening and will not happen. At the same time, the Associated Press has sent 14 ace reporters to investigate (with hostile intent) Sarah Palin’s book.

Only on this website will you find the explanation for this seemingly incomprehensible behavior. Let us start with a few more relevant observations. Rank-and-file journalists are not champing at the bit to investigate the Global Warming Science (GWS) scandal, so editors and workers are of one mind in staying silent. All are equally enthusiastic about bringing down Sarah Palin. Hollywood actors are as eager to suppress the GWS story as are editors and reporters. Celebrities like Martha Stewart (the cook who did time for lying about the sale of her investments) are lining up to contribute an anti-Palin piece on TV or in print. What we see is that right across the News Media there is a common agenda that inspires all involved – from the menial to the masters – to avoid certain very newsworthy stories and to orchestrate, amplify, distort and invent others. Also on the same page of this agenda are the Hollywood billionaires, all the casts of every movie and play, Show-Biz warblers and guitar strummers of all three sexes, celebrities, Fashion makers and advertizing people. We are, in short, referring to a Class that is united by business, economic, and legal interests, social connections and shared moral values. The reasons why this Class has an agenda hugely tilted to the Left are complex and historical and we have covered them many times in past articles. Suffice to say that a mildly Leftist political Party – the Democrat Party – has been stealthily captured by this Class and transformed into an extreme and revolutionary Party that now controls Congress and the White House. And so the visible political establishment, and the Class that controls news and opinion, are marching in lockstep, for the former is the creation of the latter. Selling newspapers, gaining viewers, these are secondary to the agenda and to the imminent prospect of having that agenda enshrined in legislation. If expressing Leftist views and flaunting a new morality mean alienating fans, singers and actors are prepared to take the risk, for very soon the hungered-for new morality will be enshrined in legislation.

Here are ten big news stories from the last decade that provide proof that virtually the whole Media Class now marches in lockstep to suppress news:

The ‘Swift Boat’ revelations that surely laid out a strong prima facie case that a Leftist Presidential candidate had re-invented his war record.

The allegations by a number of women of rape and serial sexual harassment by a Left-leaning President.

The allegations of financial misconduct made against the Leftist wife of a Leftist President and the failure to revisit those allegations when she ran for the Presidency.

The failure to investigate the allegations that a Leftist President had been lying about his past such as remembering racial Church burnings.

Allegations that large sums of foreign money had been financing the Democrat political campaign.

The fact-filled book that revealed Senator Joe McCarthy had been correct in almost every one of his allegations of Communist infiltration into US government.

The allegations that the current President has falsified his record in two auto-biographies.

The well-founded charge that the current President is not eligible for office.

The failure to investigate and reveal the extraneous activities of the current President over three months during which he has failed to attend to a foreign war.

The revelations that leading ‘scientists’ have been massaging the climate stats, suppressing facts and campaigning to silence dissident scientists.
I have picked these ten examples at random and could have identified another twenty without researching. What is so significant is that the whole of the Media Class, as defined on this website, acts in unity day after day, issue after issue. We reject absolutely the concept employed by Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, et al, and the UK’s Nick Griffin, which is that we are victims of a ‘Government-controlled’ Media. How does ‘the Government’ control such a broad entity as the Media Class and through what mechanism? Why was the Bush Government unable to exert control and why was it a victim from day one? If the Republican Party gains control of Congress in the 2010 elections, can we expect a Right-leaning Media Class? I think not! If the BNP wins power in the next General election in the UK, can we expect the BBC to begin putting out anti-EU bulletins, refuting man-made Global Warming, supporting marriage between man and woman as normal, and showing documentaries about the brutality of late abortion? I think not! Will the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Sun begin running stories favorable to the BNP? I think not! Will Show-Biz people anywhere start giving their financial support to Christian, conservative and Nationalist causes? I think not!

Many opinion polls have shown that at least half the population of the USA considers itself to be conservative and only a small minority claims to be Leftist. A very large number of Americans attend a Christian Church each week. Conservative Talk Radio is sought out by huge numbers of people each day. Fox News, which tilts to the Right, enjoys the largest audiences of any TV network. It is thus clear that in the US there is an enormous market for news and entertainment sympathetic to traditionalists, conservatives and Christians. Since these overlapping groups together form a majority of the people, we may legitimately call this majority ‘the moderates’. Yet, despite this inviting market, almost the whole Media Class insists on relentlessly promoting a Leftist, anti-Christian, indeed revolutionary message. Why? In the UK, the BNP website draws more visitors each day than all the other political parties combined. In fact it dwarfs their numbers! Yet the whole Media Class unites to attack the Party and its many followers with calumny. Not one newspaper, magazine or TV station diverges from this policy. Why?

The answer is that in each country a Class has coalesced, and developed a common self-interest that reinforces unity of purpose. This Class has, because of its roots, also given rise to a morality that is at odds with the society around it. It has found itself in a unique position of power because it controls news and information and provides mass entertainment. Like all new ruling Classes in history it is revolutionary because it is driven to overthrow the old society and its morality and to replace it with one that reflects it own needs and tastes. The agenda of this new immoral, revolutionary ruling Class, can best be promoted through the massive extension of Government power, logically leading to World Government. Standing in the way of this agenda are Christian Churches (representing the family, a rejection of temporal power and defending traditional morality), conservatives (providing philosophical and political arguments against revolution) and Nationalists (opposed to Global Government) and of course all three overlap.

We can expect the MSM to become ever more blatant in its suppression of real news, ever more bold in its lies and ever more imaginative with its propaganda. We can expect the judiciary to be ever more willing to ignore the Constitution and to use the law to replace legislation. We can expect a deluge of hysterical campaigns by scientists and ‘experts’ of doomsday scenarios intended to frighten the masses into abandoning their freedoms. We can expect our entertainers to increasingly popularize grotesque behaviors so that nothing will shock the young and thus pave the way for a world devoid of restrictive moral standards.

On this website we do not expect the MSM to change course merely because Newspapers are losing readers and TV stations are losing viewers. Entertainers will continue to ‘push the envelope’ so that today’s shocking performance becomes tomorrow’s norm. It remains to be seen whether this new ruling Class will allow its political agents to be voted out of power. Glen Beck may be right to fear that the Obama Government will, if necessary, suppress the opposition. In the UK, we can predict that the nearer the BNP gets to electoral success the more likely it will be suppressed by any and every means. It is our belief that in the US and the UK there are now revolutionary and counter-revolutionary forces squaring off. These are largely blind forces at work and when unleashed no-one can predict the outcome. We live in interesting times.

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