Tea Party Must Lose

An Associated Press headline this morning was “Mainstream GOP Rips Tea Party on Shutdown”. Neil King Jnr., a Leftist reporter for the Leftist ‘News’ pages of the WSJ has a headline “Poll Finds GOP Blamed for Shutdown”.   The AP anti-Conservative propaganda is everywhere, always, for AP is the center-piece of the Ruling Media Class propaganda and leading purveyor of its false news. Still, I have no doubt that the same story of GOP internal strife, relentless defections of its wise elder statesmen, and public hostility to the Party’s opposition to Obama is being trumpeted in every Media outlet. If it is not true yet that the public is blaming the GOP and especially its Tea Party element, it soon will be, for all the evidence of these last 30 or more years is that the Media Class through its Mainstream Media (MSM) can control public sentiment. 

    That small band which regularly visits and absorbs the content of this website should not be surprised by how events are once again unfolding. Without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat, the Democrat Party and its leading mouthpiece in the White House are winning another key political battle. The MSM is taking care of business! 

    In the past, Rush Limbaugh and other Conservative commentators on Talk Radio have boasted about the rise of the new Media (Talk Radio and the Internet) and its role in breaking the MSM monopoly over News. These days Rush does not seem nearly as optimistic, for the power of the Media Class continues to crush the Conservative opposition (we more correctly call it the counter-revolutionary rear guard) in every confrontation. We – Radical and Right – are great believers in anecdotal evidence, old sayings and the evidence of lying eyes, for what else can be believed in these dying days of America’s greatness? Here is my assessment of the effectiveness of conservative Talk Radio based on the anecdotal evidence of my daily life. 

    Twice a day I take my young son to a nearby public school in an area that is fairly affluent and made up of about two thirds White American and one third Asian and Oriental. The people are educated, indeed much more educated than I am, and they are younger. I park my car some way from the school and walk my son to school for the exercise, but few others do so. The rest – almost all mothers – park in a line as near to the school as possible to deliver their children in the morning and to collect them in the afternoon. It is mostly hot, especially in the afternoons, so all have their windows open and the AC operating. I have just been listening to Limbaugh or Sussman or Levin when I leave my car to walk. I know what the program sounds like and they are listening to other stations. I never hear conservative Talk Radio emanating from any vehicle I pass. I am sure that if the occupants were men, the programs would be sport related. The small group of women who congregate outside the school talk about their kids, domestic issues or about clothes shopping, nail care and hair. I suspect that few of the Asian and Oriental women know or care a fig about America’s history and Constitution and some (Asian) are plainly hostile to their adopted country. The White women have been indoctrinated with Leftism in their public schools and colleges and are unwittingly liberal and disinterested in the State of their Nation. These residents are affluent people – all heterosexual and married – who vote for ever higher taxes, vote against the free market, vote for the homosexual destruction of family life and vote for a President who intends to punish Whites, Asians and Orientals and reward his fellow Blacks. They never hear Conservative Talk Radio, never visit a Conservative website and swallow whatever the AP puts out in print. At night they watch TV propaganda! We should not be surprised that the Tea Party – a group of ordinary people like themselves – can be demonized so easily. 

    I am sure that our website regulars can relate similar experiences from their daily lives and work experiences, not just in the USA but in the UK and similar countries. The plain truth is that the power of the Media Class is awesome and it is pursuing the most revolutionary agenda the world has seen since 1917 or perhaps since the French Revolution in Paris. 

    A friend told me yesterday that Michael Savage, a SF Talk Show host, had been saying that Obama is funded by the Hollywood perverts and that as long as he pushes the homosexual agenda forward, he will be safe from Media criticism. Savage, a Jewish Conservative, is a bit of a loose cannon on Radio but is often very funny and is prepared to mention social topics that the others skirt round. I cannot help thinking that Savage has been reading our website for this is the first time I have heard Obama linked to the Hollywood perverts as paymasters and his commitment to their litmus test issue. It would be a breakthrough, not just for this website but for the counter-revolution if just one broadcaster began to talk about the Ruling Media Class, its homosexual and anti-Christian agenda, its political alliances, its nascent totalitarian methods and its all-powerful propaganda power. 

    Those who plough through the articles and references on Free Republic will be aware that the Black on White and Black on Asian/Oriental violence continues unchecked. This phenomenon is not restricted to the USA, for the UK experiences the same race-based violence. We regularly note it here, not because we care about skin color but we care about truth and justice. This brings me to two excellent websites, the ‘Occidental Observer’ and ‘American Renaissance’. 

    They were recommended to me some time ago by a visitor of great intellectual integrity. I have visited them ever since and they provide essential information and opinions that will not be obtained elsewhere as far as I know. The ‘Occidental Observer’ in particular has some excellent writing and all articles are well-researched and full of facts. I think it is fair to say that both websites argue for racial separation and claim that racial integration is both disastrous and doomed to long-term failure. They both suggest that Jews generally work for the downfall of the European peoples. These are not the rants of psychopaths and street thugs but reasoned articles that are intellectually respectable and in an honest world would be constantly debated both in Colleges and in public politics. In fact, such arguments are ruthlessly stifled and suppressed and their owners desperately persecuted. 

    Since this is a free speech website, we believe that all views should be aired and considered and tested by facts. In the last resort, we do not agree with the central arguments of the two websites even though they have much merit. For me, I come back to my lying eyes and many anecdotal experiences. 

    Yes, it is true that many Jews are very rich and benefit from juggling other people’s wealth. They are over-represented in the MSM and have a big presence in the Ruling Media Class. It is true that Israel is a racist State (but why not if that is what its people choose?). Many Jews, despite their attachment to Israel, are Internationalists. Yes, many Jews who have been glad to seek safety and a new life in the USA and UK have worked ceaselessly from day one to betray or change them at the expense of the host people. Yes, there are many George Soros’s who devote their wealth to the destruction of the family and historic moral standards. Yes, Conservatives do have to take note of all of the foregoing which is incontrovertible. 

    However, we on the Conservative side should not forget the many Jews who have been loyal Americans, fought in the armed services and those who have contributed enormously to economic thinking and the relationship of free markets and freedom. I have met many Jews whose lives have no connection to the ideas of Soros. I think of the many, many times I and my family have sought medical help and treatment and received excellent and unsparing care from Jewish doctors. In the medical field I say ‘thank God for their brains and skill’. And I do not overlook that Jesus Christ was a Jew and his teachings underpin most of what is best in Western history. Neither do I overlook that the racial view of human society and Darwinian theories have led to the Holocaust. 

    Black people in contemporary society are responsible for much violent crime and are low achievers despite the funds poured in to improve their lot. Much of this, I believe, is due – not to slavery and past discrimination – but to the breakdown of traditional family life that has been wrought on them by Leftist do-gooders and intellectuals. Welfare has done the rest. Still, the research into IQ’s cannot be dismissed even though it has been wholly suppressed. There is much evidence staring us in the face that something very profound greatly restricts intermarriage between Blacks and all others. Nothing racial seems to restrict marriage between Whites, Asians, Orientals and Latinos, from what I see with my lying eyes. 

    Yet I know Black/White marriages that are successful and I have met many Black people who are smarter than I am. I have sat in Church with Black people who are law-abiding, good parents and my good and kind friends. Sadly most still support Obama, maybe out of racial identity, but then so do so many Whites and others and perhaps all are victims of the Media propaganda. Finally, I have had my greatest musical experiences listening to the recordings of Charlie Parker who I consider to be the greatest musician of the Twentieth Century – sure proof that genius can spring from the most unlikely sources. 

    I know many Oriental and Latino people here in California and all are good and productive citizens, good parents, ready to serve in the Armed Forces and my good friends. I have discovered that friendship between people with different skin colors is natural, especially when a Christian view of the world is present. I can see no good reason why intermarriage should be discouraged and in the modern world of easy travel it is surely crazy if not impossible to advocate racial purity. Of course, I absolutely oppose, mass immigration which swamps and impoverishes the native people, creates the Balkenization of society and halts the integration that would keep society functionally homogenous. 

    Finally, there are cultures and religions which, unlike Christianity, are ferociously intolerant. The prime example is Islam and sane Western Nations would not allow one single compromise to be made to accommodate Muslims. 

    In Texas, a 50 year old Fort Worth lawyer and extreme Leftist Democrat is preparing for a run for Governor. She is Wendy Davis, who was born in 1953 in Rhode Island and who moved to Texas with her single parent mother and three siblings when she was 11. Davis’s father was an actor so we can assume that fantasy and amoral beliefs are part of her upbringing. Davis married at 18 and had one child. She then divorced her husband. She later embarked on another marriage, had another child and again divorced. Her second husband was a Fort Worth lawyer and Democrat named Jeff Davis. It is possible that Wendy Davis has had many relationships and I am sure she will be a big defender of the Sandra Fluke demand for tax-payer funded condoms. She is very much the modern Leftist which is to say detached from a proper family life and traditional stability, has little regard for a father’s role in a child’s life and has not worked to ensure her own children experience a two-parent family. Indeed I would venture to suggest that she does not value children all that highly. 

    Davis is an activist extremist and is politically ambitious with a long history on the Left wing of the Leftist Democrat Party. She recently stepped into the national spotlight when she attempted to filibuster a Bill in the Texas House. The Bill was to reduce the period of time in which a pregnant woman can have her baby killed. The new law – which was passed by the Republican majority – was to reduce the limit from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. This was too much for Davis and I doubt she believes there should be any time limit on the killing of babies in the womb or just outside it. I confidently assert that Davis never uses the term ‘baby’ but chooses the word ‘fetus’. Davis will be one of those who has no qualms about the killing of a baby on its way to being born but is driven by the concept of a ‘woman’s right to choose (the murder of the life inside her)’. Those wicked conservatives who have such qualms are ‘waging a war against women’. 

    I was reminded of Davis and her campaign when I watched the website ‘zombietime’ last night. This brilliant website author had filmed the annual SF Right To Life March and there haranguing the marchers was a (lesbian?) woman screaming over and over “Get your Crucifix out of my vagina” and “Get your Cross out of my uterus”. The woman was beyond middle-age and certainly not attractive. I cannot imagine any man wanting to get near her vagina or uterus yet she was behaving as if under imminent threat of an unwanted pregnancy. She was clearly outraged by the marchers and in other, less policed circumstances might be capable of violence to them. Leftists and Feminists like her are not at all tolerant and motivated by suppressed rage. 

    Davis is, according to the MSM, now a national political star because of her attempted filibuster. Women across America are sending her political donations. She is the darling of the Media, the symbol of the fight-back against the war on women and a brazen supporter of the killing of 6 month old babies in the womb. She is considered to be a real threat to any prospective Conservative Republican candidate for Governor of Texas. What does this say about our civilization now that the Media Class and its Leftist allies are in control? Davis, like the woman shouting at the marchers in SF, is White. Many Black, Latino and Oriental Christians are in the forefront of the fight to preserve innocent life. We need to bear this in mind when we consider racial superiority and when we consider who we wish to march with and who against. 

    Weather – Pleasant and mild here in middle California. Cool for the time of the year! Is there any global warming anywhere? 

    Music Choice – The great Brazilian composer Waldir Azevedo (1923-1980) wrote many grand and exotic pieces. One of these, ‘Delicado’, reached number one in the charts of 1952 both in the USA and UK when it was recorded by the excellent orchestra leader Percy Faith. Music like this was commonplace at that time and popular with the masses. The tune was also recorded by Stan Kenton and others. I cannot imagine any of today’s Conservative Talk Show hosts listening to such music, or any people under the age of 70. Our culture which celebrates Wendy Davis and her beliefs is equally uncivilized in its musical tastes.

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