Tea Party Lacks Structure and Leadership

Tuesday’s US primary election results have brought much joy to the Media Class and its Leftist allies and more than a little joy to Republican Party professionals in Washington and beyond.   For the benefit of our website visitors who are confused by American politics, the Tea Party is not a political party. It can best be described as a grass-roots protest movement by conservatives who were (and still are) appalled by the Obama regime, its lawlessness and its unfolding revolutionary policies. Most of the ‘tea partiers’ who kicked off the movement were rank-and-file members of the Republican Party or regular Republican voters, but more than a few were Libertarians, or demoralized conservatives who had abandoned the Republican Party. The common factor besides outrage at the Obama regime, was anger and frustration with a Republican Party leadership which seemed to lack the courage and commitment (to the Constitution) to effectively resist Obama’s revolutionary march. The scandalous but successful passage through Congress of the Obamacare health legislation, although voted against by every Republican Congressmen, was probably the single most outrageous action of the 2008 Obama Presidency that energized grass-roots supporters of the Constitution. The brazen betrayal of the Constitution by Supreme Court Justice Roberts (a supposed conservative), who redefined Obamacare as a tax, greatly increased rank-and-file frustration with the Republican Party’s lethargic leadership. 

    The Tea Party movement is as uniquely American as is the US Constitution and gun ownership. In this it probably has no parallel in any other Western Nation. The Tea Party name for the movement refers to the Boston Tea Party which ignited the rebellion against British rule, led to the War of Independence, and ultimately gave birth to the written Constitution in which America’s minimalist central government powers were enumerated. Those who gravitated to the contemporary Tea Party movement were united in their commitment to, and affection for, the Constitution and its clear rejection of a powerful central government. They were especially united by that part of the Constitution that severely restricted central government powers and devolved limited powers to the States. Inseparable from this Constitutional-based rejection of government OVER the people, is an attachment to individual freedom as a God-given right (and not a gift from government) and hostility to taxation. 

    The citizens of Western Europe have never tasted such freedom from government and are used to being ruled, albeit with electoral opportunities to change political leaders. They live under constitutions that enshrine central government power over citizens. The citizens of Eastern Europe and most Third World citizens view government with arbitrary powers as the norm. 

    The US Constitution was the work of highly educated and God-fearing men who were historically unique in their rejection of the idea that individual rights were merely man-made and granted by government. Their commitment to freedom, together with almost unlimited virgin land and a moving frontier, bred a unique, independent, industrious and agrarian people. The descendants of these people still predominate in the Midwest and the Far West – with the exception of the Pacific seaboard – but remnants can be found in most communities. In the old Southern States, from which many of the Constitution’s writers came, and where immigration from Eastern Europe and the Third World is only a recent phenomenon, the spirit of the Constitution has also persisted, and despite the historic perversion of slavery, the Constitution, with its emphasis on States’ Rights, arouses passions. 

    The contemporary Tea Party movement has had its deepest roots in the American hinterland of farms, ranches, small towns and in the Bible belt of the South. Its rallying call for personal freedom and freedom’s concomitant, very limited taxes, has also drawn wider support from industrious self-employed and skilled artisans whose knowledge of and affection for the Constitution is recent. The two Tea Party events I attended as an observer revealed the great majority of attendees to be White, educated and articulate and many had taken time off from their small businesses. There was only a smattering of Blacks and Asians but racism was noticeable by its absence. Nevertheless it is easy to see why a hostile and unprincipled Media Class would seize upon the predominant racial make-up of Tea Party gatherings to paint it as racist. What also greatly provoked the Media Class and its Leftist allies was that the Tea Partiers were industrious, able and moderately affluent – the kind of people who do not need big government. 

    The Tea Party movement’s one clear aim was (and still is, for I should resist writing about the TP in the past tense) to mobilize the Right at the grass roots and capture the Republican Party. This was to be achieved by using the primary election process to remove from office those representatives who, for whatever reasons, were not putting up enough resistance to the Democrat Party and Obama. No national TP leader emerged and the movement continued as a loose-knit alliance with varying definitions of what ‘Right’ signifies. The immediate strength of the TP was that it unwittingly and temporarily brought together social and fiscal ‘conservatives’, two groups that have been wrenched further and further apart by the advancement of the Media Class agenda. 

    Radical and Right have always had reservations about the TP. True the TP enjoyed stunning success in the 2010 elections when a re-energized Republican Party captured the House and many State legislatures, and several ‘RINOS’ were replaced by more conservative/Right legislators. These successes, which were partly fuelled by the great unpopularity and shock of Obamacare, led to expectations that the Republican Party would soon be purged of RINOS, comfortable Washington denizens and self-seekers. Those hopes were not realized in 2012 and the recent primary elections have resulted in victories by establishment Republicans who have more than just survived but taken the offensive against the insurgents. 

    The fatal weakness of the TP was and is its failure to recognize that America is being transformed by a revolutionary new Class that continues to advance its power every day. Like all ‘Rightwing’ groups (we define them as ‘counter-revolutionary’ and we include social conservatives, traditional (Biblical) Christians and Nationalists), they are inescapably engaged in a stealthy civil war with a new Ruling Class pursuing the total suppression of opposition. This new Class, on its mission to take power and remake America in its own image, purged the Democrat Party to make it its political arm and purged the membership of all those Leftist organizations suitable as allies. The Media Class, through the power of its Mainstream Media (MSM), has the ability to elevate or to destroy individuals and organizations. The result is a Media Class/Left alliance that is amazingly unified and also has the power to erase from the public memory the true record of events. The transgressions of Leftists can be extracted from the record, the hypocrisy of the new Class and its allies can be ignored, and populist temporary tactical moves used to mask an unpopular strategy. 

    Radical and Right do not see how a leaderless and disunited organization that fails to fully perceive its enemy’s intentions and understand its power, can avoid ultimate defeat. The power of the Media Class is awesome and unparalleled in American history. How else can we explain the defection of Big Business and the wealthy from the Republican Party? How else can anyone explain the defection of Justice John Roberts? How else can anyone explain a whole Federal Judiciary that is brazenly setting aside the Constitution and States’ rights by legislating the grotesque same-sex marriage? How else to explain Presidential rule by edict? How else to explain the militarization of non-military government workforces? How else to explain the creation of a genderless and sexually perverted military and the purging of the military leadership? All this with barely a whimper of protest from the distracted American people! 

    The MSM has successfully painted the TP as extreme, Far Right, racist, bigoted, divisive, sinister, laughable, dangerous, ineffectual and irrelevant – which was predictable for those who understand the Media Class and its weapons. It was inevitable that a leaderless and discordant TP movement would be steadily marginalized. Almost anyone could become a TP candidate for there was no vetting process. Many disparate groups raised and arbitrarily allocated funds. How could such a movement defeat a powerful and disciplined enemy? 

    Radical and Right supports the BNP in the UK, despite its socialist agenda, because it is a disciplined Party. If it had thrown up a mature leader it would have made much more progress but we have to go with what it is. It is the only UK Party that is truly counter-revolutionary and battle-hardened and we predict that the UKIP will prove as temporary as the Tea Party for it is undisciplined. The BNP opposes mass immigration into the UK, it supports the territorial integrity of the UK and its political and economic independence, it appears to support free speech, it opposes the teaching of White Guilt in schools and it will resist the moral sexual corruption of the British people by the State. It should be first choice for all UK voters today. Sadly, it will remain suppressed by government and demonized by the Media and protesting voters will waste their votes on the UKIP. 

    On vdare (always a website worth visiting) a recent contributor claimed that the UKIP, unlike the BNP, had no baggage, and was therefore preferable. As Mr. Radical has pointed out, this is a good example of Americans falling for Media Class propaganda. What is the BNP baggage? Mostly that it has been anti-Semitic and that some of its founder members were once pro-Nazi and motivated more by racial hatred than patriotic Nationalism. So the Labour Party, many of whose members have been Communist Party members and supported Stalin’s Soviet Union in the Cold War have no baggage? So supporting Stalin was morally different than supporting Hitler? So Union thugs, working on behalf of the Labour Party and carrying out violent acts against opponents do not constitute baggage? So the many prominent figures in the Labour Party, the LibDem Party and the Conservative Party who have been convicted of sexual crimes against children do not give their Parties baggage? Let’s leave aside the countless convictions of fraud and theft by members of all these mainstream parties! Why is BNP baggage more weighty than all this? Only because we let the Media Class decide what is baggage! 

    Tucked away in the US news last week was a report of the existence of a government organization whose task is to plan the social and economic integration of the population by the relocation of housing. It is intended that all districts should be analyzed for racial and economic composition and that Government will have the power and duty to deny citizens the right to choose where they live and among whom they will live. It is claimed that the compulsory movement of peoples into neighborhoods will ensure that certain minorities will gain economic opportunities. Racial integration, street by street, is to be imposed by government diktak. 

    This is Communism disguised as social justice. It is not considered by our new Ruling Class as tolerable that those White, Asian and Latino citizens who work, save and prosper should be able to create and occupy safe, clean neighborhoods. They must be forced to live amongst crack-smoking, rapping hoodies. Of course, such population movements will not impinge on Beverly Hills, Martha’s Vineyard and similar enclaves of the Media Class and the truly rich. Just as SSM is merely a stepping stone to the full homosexual agenda that will ultimately make young boys available for sex, so such manipulation of housing will be only a stepping stone to wholesale population removal. Stalin, it seems, was merely a man ahead of his time! 

    Steve Utash, aged 54, has been conveniently and predictably forgotten by the MSM. Six weeks ago, Mr. Utash whilst driving his car with his family in Detroit, struck a Black child who had dashed into the street. White Mr. Utash made the mistake of stopping to give aid to the child and was set upon and cruelly beaten by a Black mob that was lounging around in the street. His injuries were life-threatening and he spent a week on a ventilator. He has just been released from hospital, no doubt with his health permanently impaired and his life altered for the worse. The MSM will ensure this incident is expunged from the records. The mob that set upon him will soon be transferred to ‘privileged’ suburban neighborhoods to live cheek by jowl with people who worked hard to escape them. But don’t expect Nancy Pelosi to be moving into Detroit or George Soros to be moving into a crime-ridden part of Harlem. 

    Music Choice – This last week Jerry Vale passed away. He was an Italian American singer who enjoyed some success in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was a friend of Frank Sinatra and like all popular singers of that pre-Media Class era had a good voice and sang for grown-ups. He was especially good at singing romantic Italian-style songs and I recommend ‘Volare’. Unlike like today’s juvenile warblers and perverts, he sounded like a man!

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