Tea Party In Pleasanton California

When the anti-tax party began at mid-day in this East Bay town’s central park, almost a thousand people had gathered,


many with US flags


and most with home-made banners.


The sun shone on this good-natured but earnest crowd and many put down their seats around the speakers platform whilst others crowded around the stalls that were selling posters and bumper stickers. The first speaker was KSFO’s (HOT TALK) broadcaster Brian Sussman who pointed out that the Government and Media have already opened a campaign to smear the Tea Party protesters as dangerous extreme Right wingers.

What was clear to any observer was that these protesters are mainstream America and far removed from the hysterical, tattooed, unemployable street people who are found at all Leftist demonstrations. The home-made signs that most Tea Party people here were displaying confirmed that these are thinking, well-informed and mobilized tax-payers. I saw no sign of any Mainstream Media coverage of this impressive demo. It is surely a vindication of the claim of this website that the Media Class has an agenda, for the MSM which is trying to ignore or downplay these big gatherings was always willing to descend en masse on any dozen followers of Cindy Sheahan in remote Crawford.

As the afternoon rolled on with speeches, more and more protesters joined the Party. Around 4pm a large number of the protesters lined both sides of busy Santa Rita’s west-bound lanes waving banners and flags. The air was filled with the supportive horns of passing cars and most drivers waved their approval of the signs. What was crystal clear was that the impression generated by the MSM that Obama and his comrades are overwhelmingly popular, is nothing but propaganda. These Tea Party protests are demonstrating that huge numbers of ordinary Americans are already highly motivated in their opposition to the current administration and its economic policies. As we reiterate constantly on this website ‘Do not believe anything you read and hear from the Mainstream Media’!


KSFO Conservative Talk Radio host Barbara Simpson

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