Taxed Enough Already and More

The title of this article is a reminder of what the ‘TEA’ in Tea Party Movement actually stands for. Whoever hit upon the use of the word ‘tea’ was pretty smart for it fits nicely into America’s history of independence from overbearing Government and its people’s willingness to fight and die for freedom, as encapsulated in the celebrated Boston Tea Party incident that started the War of Independence. The Media Class is reluctant to remind the American people of the origins of the Tea Party Movement, for it has already detected that this people’s movement is becoming dangerously counter-revolutionary.

The Tea Party Movement may have been ignited by rebellion against Obama’s tax and spend first year in office, but it has quickly acquired a deeper and broader agenda, and in the process has created a coalition of conservatives. This coalition includes many of those who understand that the Media has an active agenda of its own, that there is a new Ruling Class operating behind the scenes, that America’s traditional Constitutional framework is being deliberately corrupted and that the agenda of this new Ruling Class is revolutionary. I am not claiming that the Tea Party Movement now has an ideological clarity about our deadly enemy, only that it mostly knows this enemy and his weapons when its sees them. Confiscatory taxation and wealth redistribution are now being seen as just two of the enemy’s weapons in a revolutionary struggle rather than a mere symptom of Government fecklessness.

In all of the recent elections that have been transformed by Tea Party intervention, a demand for Government fiscal rectitude has played a big part, but with each engagement that the TP fights, its adherents discover more and more about the enemy and also forge more alliances. It is this dynamic above all else that has the Media Class and its Leftist allies mobilizing as never before. Delaware’s Republican Primary election result has terrified them, for Christine O’Donnell not only campaigned against Obama’s financial policies but has a history of fighting for (Christian) moral causes. The Media Class perceives her to be uncompromisingly anti-abortion, pro-family, anti-homosexual, indeed opposed to everything that its revolutionary agenda holds dear. Mike Castle, the Republican Party insider’s choice, has a history of compromising with the Leftist social agenda at every opportunity and increasingly actively embracing it. He is the kind of Republican that our new Ruling Class is willing to tolerate. Even more significantly, the Republican Party insiders are preparing to shift the Party’s ground on social matters.

The recent calculated Media revelations of the activities of previously-concealed homosexual Republican insiders and their out-of-the-closet calls for the Party to ‘become inclusive’ (code words for purging the traditionalist Christians), together with the much-publicized statements of the ‘Log Cabin’ Republicans, had a tactical purpose. It was to recreate the Republican Party by commandeering the Tea Party Movement’s call for Government fiscal responsibility and repudiating the Republican Party’s attachment to traditional Christian values. This, it was falsely but cleverly claimed, would create a ‘Big Tent’ Party and free the Republican Party from its embarrassing connections with an out-of-date, discriminatory and dwindling faction. There are, no doubt, many Washington-based Republicans who are embarrassed by the Party’s moral baggage. It hinders their social life with the Government elites and Show-Business Stars. Some are secret sodomites who live in fear of discovery but cannot refrain from the ‘love that dare not speak its name’. What a relief it would be for them if the Party welcomed (no pun intended) anal intercourse, thus opening the way for more social discourse in Washington’s social circles.

The poster boy for all this is the UK’s David Cameron who has modernized his Conservative Party and now has no need to fear the Media Class. For many American career politicians on the center Right, the constant fear is bad Media publicity. How they must wish they could share the Media friendliness that Leftists enjoy. Oh to be able to live a life of wine, women, the odd drowning and socialist hypocrisy, a la Ted Kennedy, and still die a national hero! All it takes is for the Party to modernize itself! Perhaps some of the Republican advocates of ‘modernization’ really do believe that electoral success will follow, but most must know that to lose the conservative moral base of the Party is to lose the next election. They do not care, for they would happily remain the Party of perpetual opposition in exchange for acceptance in the social and business circles of the new Ruling Class.

The success of Christine O’Donnell in Delaware was their greatest setback since the victory of Ronald Reagan, for this time they openly committed themselves to opposing the TPM – and suffered a humiliating defeat. I have never trusted Karl Rove and his advice was surely a factor in the tepid performance of George Bush in the White House. Rove is always consulting the Opinion Polls and substituting cautious tactics for conservative principles. I would not be surprised if Rove soon comes out for same-sex marriage. His spiteful attacks on O’Donnell (both before and after the election) have revealed his hand and he is surely finished as a conservative commentator. Be ready for his move to the Left as he seeks a Media spot. It is enlightening how social conservatives have always been expected to put their differences to one side for the sake of the Party and yet the ‘moderates’ are always ready and willing to jump ship when rebuffed. Specter and Crist, and Jeffords before them, are wonderful examples of how shallow Party loyalty runs for Rinos. Rove may yet prove to have been another Rino by throwing in his lot with the Media Class.

On this website we do not give much credence to conspiracy theories. Modern politics, like climate, is too complex for any simple explanations and single causes. The homosexual agenda may well be driven by something close to a conspiratorial group however, for the nature of homosexual relationships, long a secret network and powerfully motivated, cuts across all the externally obvious social groupings. Like the subversive Communists of the Stalin years who infiltrated Hollywood, Unions, Academia, Government bureaucracies, Peace Movements and Political Parties – proving that small numbers and unpopular movements can drive policy – the homosexual movement has power way beyond its numbers. On this website we believe that the homosexual agenda, wholly embedded in the greater Media Class agenda, is at work everywhere. It will seek to destroy Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin and now the TPM, for it is hugely fearful that these people and this movement is about to gain control over the Republican Party and that the Republican Party, newly energized by a conservative American people, will obstruct its revolutionary agenda now proceeding through Congress. I deliberately use the word ‘destroy’ and not the word ‘defeat’!

I regret the length of time that now passes between each article but ill-health as well as personal commitments have been a factor. Hopefully, better times ahead!

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