Supreme Importance

Next week, President Bush will probably name his candidate for the O’Connor vacancy on the Supreme Court. All current US Media and Leftist activity must be seen against this backdrop. Readers in the UK may not appreciate why this event is so important in the US, but those Britons who notice that their freedom of speech and many other political freedoms have vanished, would do well to pay attention. It is important that real political freedom should endure somewhere in the Western World, and where better than in the most powerful country.

Here is why! It was reported in the UK this week that an ex-soldier was visited by two policeman and told to remove an English flag from his yard, as it was offending a member of the local minority community. Implicit is the accusation that he is being rascist and therefore guilty of a breach of the peace. This is now the kind of law enforcement that is routinely employed in the UK in order to suffocate Nationalism and other expressions of traditional identity. This could not (yet) happen in the USA, thanks to its written Constitution.

However if the US Media Class and its Leftist ground troops get their way, the Constitution will cease to be a literal document and become one that can be endlessly re-interpreted and “brought up to date” by Courts. The ultimate Court in the US is the Supreme Court, so packing the Supreme Court with Judges who vow to uphold the Constitution but intend to make it a “living, breathing document” has become the Media’s preoccupation. A genuine constitutionalist in place of O’Connor would ensure a majority of five over four in favor of upholding the Constitution in the Supreme Court’s decisions. This would be a major setback for the Media Class on its priority issues of Same Sex Marriage, Abortion Rights, States Rights, and various political correctness policies that are actually unconstitutional.

All these issues are important to the Media Class, but underpinning them is their need to defeat traditional Christian morality in the realm of social policy. This is why Abortion Rights, an issue which looms out of all proportion to its relevance to most women, has become the litmus test for those politicians doing the Media’s bidding and those who uphold traditional Christian values.

The Media is now busy unleashing character attacks on Congressional Republicans such as Delay and Frist in order to create the climate for an all-out war against Bush’s next nomination. Leftist domination of the Supreme Court would pave the way for the ultimate destruction of free speech now guaranteed by the Constitution. In time, US policemen would be knocking on doors demanding the removal of the Stars and Stripes, and criticism of the homosexual lifestyle would become illegal hate-speech.

If you doubt this, look at the loss of free speech that has already happened in the UK and Canada.

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