Supreme Court Justice Roberts Has a Secret?

John Robert’s amazing judicial contortions over ObamaCare and his getting into line with the Court’s four UnConstitutionalists was surely one of the pivotal moments in Obama’s re-election campaign.   If ObamaCare had been judged unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, it would have been difficult for the Mainstream Media (MSM) to maintain the momentum of their drive to put Obama back into the White House. Robert’s antics and bizarre re-writing of the Law (that the MSM predictably treated as an unremarkable event) left Conservatives and Constitutionalists gasping. The more radical fringe of the Conservative movement, caring nothing for the antagonism of the Media Class, smelled a rat. On this website, we speculated that Roberts’ seemingly illogical desertion from the Constitutionalist’s ranks must have had a logical, though unprofessional, explanation. We pointed out that the power of the Media Class to destroy opponents has no parallel in American history, for we are in new Revolutionary territory and in a Class struggle the Revolutionary Left is waging a lawless war to the death. 

    We speculated that Roberts had a skeleton in his cupboard and that the Media Class and/or its puppet Government had found it. This Website understands that the MSM is no longer in the business of reporting News but is in the business of making it, inventing it, slanting it and hiding it in order to further the Revolutionary agenda of our new Ruling Class. We wondered if Roberts was concealing a financial or moral slip in his past or perhaps a close and cherished relative was vulnerable to a Media-orchestrated scandal. 

    We direct our visitors to an article by “Trip” on the website 1 of January 29th, titled “How Roberts Was Blackmailed To Support ObamaCare”. This is a must read

    It is possible that the facts upon which the article is based are wholly or partially wrong but they are persuasive. Roberts and his wife have two adopted children and I think that is beyond dispute. It is said that they are close in age – one boy, one girl – and are White with blue eyes. The article claims that both were adopted from a South American country but that they are in reality Irish. Relatives of Roberts are said to have confirmed this. 

    Now at first glance it might seem unlikely that the act of adoption can be turned into a scandal but the article claims – and prints Irish Adoption Law in support of the claim – that the Roberts went through a private adoption procedure and that Eire expressly forbids private adoptions. All adoptions of Irish children must be channeled through an official adoption agency and the adopters must be residents or citizens of the Irish Republic. In other words Eire does not permit private adoptions which are adoptions directly arranged between the birth parent and the applicants. Often, in fact almost always, a go-between is involved in private adoptions and this opens the door to bribery, pressure on birth parents, trafficking of babies and avoidance of stringent vetting. I know from professional experience that adoption is not an easy process for would-be adopters – many of them emotionally desperate after years of attempting to conceive. 

    If it is true that the ‘Roberts children’ are actually Irish, then it is almost certain that the South American connection was a means to by-pass Eire’s Adoption Law. No doubt quite a few desperate people in America avoid the official adoption processes and the children they adopt may be fortunate, but such people are not candidates for the Supreme Court. 

    If the Roberts are guilty of knowingly by-passing Irish Law, then Roberts is vulnerable to political blackmail. We are told that the New York Times investigated Roberts’ background when Bush proposed him for the Supreme Court. We can confidently predict that the NYT was looking for dirt, since Roberts was known to be conservative and, worse still, a Constitutionalist. Sotomayer and her comrades on the Left have nothing to fear from the Media, no matter what skeletons they may have. After all, the NYT and all other MSM outlets refuse to put even a small trowel into Obama’s background. This is the power of the Media Class – to destroy enemies and protect its pawns and allies. 

    It is easy to see that Roberts’ wife may have been desperate for children, perhaps Roberts himself, though usually women are the most needy. Years on, when the children are happy and all family members are bonded, one can understand that their privacy and security is more important than any other consideration as far as the new parents are concerned. 

    It may be that the Roberts’ adoption was wholly legal and morally pure and that he had some other skeleton in his cupboard or simply decided to conclude that the Constitution was an unwarranted obstacle to Socialism. We can safely say that if Roberts had led the Supreme Court’s majority to block ObamaCare, these allegations, true or false, would be all over the MSM for months and that the mere whiff of a scandal would have been used to claim that the Supreme Court’s decision was outrageously biased. 

    Since the Ruling Media Class will not allow this libertycaucus story to surface anywhere in the MSM, we ask our visitors to circulate it wherever possible. Roberts or his defenders can set the record straight if the allegations are false. 

    We will make a prediction, assuming that the adoption story is correct. Roberts will be allowed to align himself with the conservative Justices on most financial issues that come before the Court. On the same-sex marriage issue and the Boy Scouts issue – if it gets as far as the Court – Roberts will align with the social progressives, for these are issues of priority for the Ruling Class and Roberts will be expected to find a rationale for ‘gay rights’ in the Constitution he once revered. 

    Those who get their ‘news’ from the MSM will not be aware that Floyd Lee Corkins, the man who attacked Christian organizations with homicidal intent and shot and seriously wounded a security guard, is a homosexual with a grudge and that he got the names and addresses of victims from the Communist-supported, Southern Poverty Law Center website. The SPLC is one of the many leftist-funded Front organizations that hide behind a misleading name. The ACLU is another with an identical agenda. The SPLC, like the Media Class that nourishes it, has homosexual advancement at the top of its agenda. All who oppose the agenda are dubbed ‘hate-mongers’. Corkins, inflamed by the SPLC website, set out on a campaign of terrorism. The MSM, always swift to connect conservatives and Christians to any violent act committed by any insane lawbreaker, remains silent about Corkins. Similarly, it is remaining silent about the Black ex-LA cop, Christopher Dorner who is now a cop-killer and on the run. He is, according to his website and his ‘manifesto’, an ardent Obama supporter and angry Leftist. The MSM, every little corner of it, is ignoring the Leftist connections. Ah! The power of the MSM! Last weekend Peggy Noonan, about whom we rarely have anything good to write, composed a good article in the WSJ. She noted how the MSM is now openly promoting Obama and has dropped all pretence of political neutrality. We have long claimed that the Media Class is now boldly promoting its agenda and those who will further it, but unlike Noonan, Limbaugh, Levin et al, we explain why they all march in lockstep, and no it is not a conspiracy. 

    In a previous article we mentioned that some commentators claim that capitalism needs constant population growth to avoid economic collapse. A website visitor has commented as follows and we are grateful for his contribution. “It isn’t the capitalists who need a constant growth of population; it’s the banking establishment. Fractional reserve banking is poisoning our civilization very slowly and insidiously. It allows banks to leverage small deposits into enormous sums of loans. When you link this “anglo-saxon” banking system with a fiat money scheme, you have a situation in which your money supply can quickly grow to fill surges in growth and population. Since bankers long ago discovered the beauty of the housing mortgage, they fell in love with open borders and steady immigration. Like vampires, it gives them a fresh blood supply. You’re right to point out that the Scandinavian countries have had a stable population for a century and still enjoyed a rising living standard. In other words, there are alternatives to our corrupt and disastrous banking system. It came close to collapse six years ago and I expect the next bubble will be the coup de grace.” 

    Weather – The nights of heavy frost continue here in California. It must be at least 60 nights since we had a frost-free night. In the UK, snow is once again on the ground. Still, the UK’s BBC insists that MMGW is responsible. 

    Music Choice – Sonny Stitt was an unlucky guy for although an outstanding alto sax player he happened to arrive on the scene at exactly the same time as the genius Charlie Parker – and his style was similar. Eventually he took up the tenor sax to avoid being compared to Parker. He was an excellent tenor player, but occasionally he still recorded on alto. In 1966 he teamed up with the relatively unknown Chicago alto player Bunky Green to record an LP entitled Soul in the Night. Since this was the era of ‘soul’ music they probably hoped to have a hit. Trends pass and today ‘Soul’ can sound dated but good improvisation never dates and these tracks have plenty of that. I recommend the title track which has Odell Brown on organ, Bryce Robertson on guitar and Maurice White on drums. Further on is the beautiful Sigmund Romberg tune “One Alone”. 

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