Supreme Court Decision Revisited

Now that the dust has settled on the Supreme Court’s majority decision on Obamacare, Radical and Right will once again place its seemingly puzzling outcome in perspective. But first we must point out that Mr. Right has spent the last week touring through Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming, three of those States that Obama described to his wealthy and Leftist sponsors in San Francisco as being filled with bitter people who cling to their Bibles and guns. No Rush Limbaugh, no Mark Levin, no Hannity and, until last night, no Free Republic, Comcast or AP! We have no idea what the conservative pundits have been saying and no idea what the Mainstream Media (MSM) propagandists have been lying about. With time to reflect, we have come to the conclusion that Chief Justice Robert’s defection from the Constitutionalists’ camp signals a catastrophic defeat for America’s counter-revolutionary forces.

Two things have been standing between the Revolutionaries of the Ruling Media Class (and their General Barack Obama) and their defeat of the Counter-Revolutionaries of old America. They have been the slender conservative majority on the Supreme Court, and the approaching November elections. Now, the Supreme Court, thanks to the defection of Roberts, has become another organ of the Revolutionary forces. Robert’s switch was not, as some might like to believe, a tactical move to protect the SC’s longer-term integrity and survival from Obama’s imperial assault. This is just wishful thinking, for it is clear that neither Roberts nor any other Justice would be saving the Constitution by setting it aside. There is no such thing as a tactical retreat in the context of the Constitution. With every decision to ignore it, a precedent is set and precious ground is given that almost certainly can never be retaken. Each unconstitutional decision opens the way for more of the same. In any case, it is clear that Roberts was not indulging in tactical moves, but has switched sides. Indeed it is appropriate, in the context of a Revolutionary struggle, to declare that he has gone over to the enemy. From now on, the Supreme Court, long a lonely and fragile conservative outpost at the top of the US Federal Judicial system, will be a rubber stamp for Obama’s lawless and revolutionary attacks. The whole Federal legal system is now a tool of the new Ruling Class and its Leftist allies as they purge the remaining obstacles to their creation of a new society.

Roberts’ defection can only be fully explained on a personal level. There is no possible ideological explanation. Here is a man who has, for a lifetime spent in legal thinking and practice, defended the near-sacred American Constitution. We must assume that he has long mixed in the social circles of Constitutionalists, enjoyed the respect of such people and been aware of his responsibilities to the Nation. He is not a young man and must have known that a good reputation amongst one’s fellow Constitutionalists takes many years to achieve and only a few minutes to destroy. Now he has surely destroyed his reputation in exchange for what? Probably a secret preserved by the MSM and the temporary applause of those who brazenly swear to uphold a Constitution they despise and cannot wait to set aside. If he has any remnant of character left, Roberts will recognize that he has lost all that is worthwhile. His new comrades on the Left will actually despise him whilst seemingly praising his new ‘evolving’ views of the Constitution he once upheld. It is a sad business for him and a tragedy for America.

We might never discover what dark secret was uncovered by the Left about Roberts or someone close to him and caused him to suddenly abandon his four colleagues and the judgment he had reached and composed. We do know however, that Leftists are invariably a curious mixture of ideological fervor, self-interest and gangsterism. From Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, through Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, through Eastern Europe’s post-war Communist rulers to Red China’s ruling cliques and on through the Irish Republican Army, the Red Brigades and the socialists who rule big cities like Chicago and Detroit (and most recently Madison, Wisconsin), we witness time and again the marriage of ideology, self-interest and thuggery. As we regularly remind our website visitors, Leftists of all shades are convinced of their own moral superiority and feel wholly justified in employing whatever means it takes to win. ‘The ends justify the means’ is a permanent basic tenet of all who believe that they are on the side of ‘progress’. The Left will have been busy this last decade or longer digging into the pasts of all those in the institutions and organizations that obstruct its Revolution. Any opponent (Conservative, Christian or Nationalist) who has a skeleton in the cupboard or has a vulnerable close relative will have been thoroughly investigated by many organizations and cliques for whom money is no object and nothing too low to stoop to. I read today that MSM journalists and Leftist activists are stalking political targets in order to film their unguarded private moments. The MSM is able to use all its resources for investigation, is able to offer rewards to informants, is able to blackmail informers as well as targets with its power of publicity. As we have seen regularly over decades, the MSM is able and willing to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of those it considers enemies of ‘progress’ whilst protecting the comrades deemed ‘progressive’, no matter how shameful their behavior. Human nature being what it is, there are few Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists who pasts or families can bear such ruthless scrutiny, especially when the MSM has the power, the motivation and the skill to embroider the truth, stretch it, amplify it, twist it, take it out of context, and, if necessary, smear a victim with unfounded innuendo. For most individuals, there is no means of defense, no right to restitution and no avenue to the recovery of a reputation, for the Media Class marches in lockstep and is all-powerful. It can and does deny the right of reply and cares nothing for truth just as it cares nothing for the Constitution. Few are so powerful and rich as to be able to take on the Media Class. Mitt Romney, now that he is Obama’s opponent for the White House, is about to experience its awesome power to suppress, distort and smear.

It is often claimed by those Sunday pundits of TV and Newspapers who pretend to occupy the neutral ground of politics, that ‘sadly’ politics has become polarized. Something has gone wrong they claim, and soon they are fingering the extremists on the Right, especially the ‘social conservatives’. We never learn who were those moderate Leftists, why they deserted the middle ground and what happened to them. Certainly politics is now polarized as never before. The reason is so obvious that, like the trees that prevent us from seeing the woods, most fail to see.

Conservatives, traditional Christians and Nationalists remain where they have always been (and where most people used to be). They have not moved. They still hold to the things they have long upheld. On fiscal matters, they still believe in balanced budgets. They still believe in the efficiency of the free market. They still believe that individual freedom in the market-place is a right. They still believe that immigration should be controlled and only legal immigrants admitted. They still believe in States’ Rights. They still believe in the right to bear arms. They still believe in the traditional family and the Christian virtues of saving, hard work, and private charity. They still believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. They still believe that abortion is the murder of an innocent unborn child. They still believe that killers of the innocent should face capital punishment and that criminality should be punished. They continue to draw a line between normal sexual behavior and perversion. And they still believe in the Constitution as written. I am sure that our website visitors can add to this list.

It is those on the Left who have abandoned all of the above. We in America (and in the UK) are polarized because the Left has moved to the extreme. There is no doubt that if John and Robert Kennedy were about to enter American politics in this new Century and held to their views, they would not gain entry into the Democrat Party. And nor would Senator Daniel Moynihan who died in 2003. The simple fact is that the Democrat Party has moved sharply Left and is now wholly intolerant of dissent within its ranks. Its coalition of so-called minorities is really a coalition of intolerant and angry extremists. Feminists, Black racists, impatient homosexuals and lesbians, unionized Government employees and ultra-rich social misfits like George Soros are not the material of consensus and compromise. Anyone who pauses for a moment will know this to be true. There is a reason why the Democrat Party, which once was home to many patriotic workers and traditional Christians, is now a Revolutionary Party. There is a reason why the extremist fringe groups of the angry and discontented have been able to purge conservatives from its ranks. It is that the Media Class, which was dominated by such people, became blessed with the enormous power of communication and propaganda and found it could remake society in its own image. Contemporary politics are polarized because a new Class has emerged and has a revolutionary agenda to impose through its own political (Democrat) Party. The simple fact is that revolutions are polarizing but only because one side is bent on a radical transformation of society.

Roberts’ defection is only one of a long line of defections from the conservative side and there will be more, for our new Rulers and their comrades are fighting a no-holds-barred campaign. They are in a position to make new and arbitrary rules and have enormous power and wealth. At the beginning I wrote that only the November elections obstruct the final advance of the Revolutionaries. Perhaps I should have added that the Internet and Talk Radio also enable the counter-revolutionaries to resist, and this website is where the only true analysis can be found. Please spread the word to your friends and to Republican politicians.

Weather Report – It was hot in the prairie States last week, though there was a dramatic drop in temperature on Friday. I did not see this reported anywhere in the MSM. Certainly the drought ended in Denver and many other places. The MSM made the most of the hot weather, no doubt hoping to validate Obama’s espousal of man-made global warming. In the UK, our Starcross informant reports continuous rain and another cool and washed-out summer. Seems like the same old story there and the water continues to defy the rise in sea levels at Starcross.

Music Choice – The late British pianist George Shearing is recommended once again. This time it is one of his early recordings with both his Quintet and the orchestra of Billy May. I usually and deliberately refer to our music choices as ones for adults, for almost all modern popular music is now juvenile, in keeping with the culture of the degenerate Media Class. Shearing played for a grown-up audience, probably the sort of people who would go to night-clubs in suits and ties and conduct themselves in an adult fashion. The word that comes to mind is ‘sophisticated’, one that does not figure in today’s popular culture. The perverts who parade for ‘Pride’ have no knowledge of sophistication or dignity, but sadly they are not alone in our new ‘culture’. Listen to the lovely Ralph Burns tune “Early Autumn” played by George Shearing in 1962, and lament the state of our culture in 2012, a mere 50 years later.

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