Super Rich Bought New York Homosexual Victory

In my previous article I claimed that the Republican Senators who had flipped on the same-sex marriage issue had succumbed to either threats blackmail or bribery. I had no personal knowledge but I was confident of this because no-one changes opinions on this issue as a result of an intellectual or moral inner debate. Same-sex sexual relations are what they are and cannot, as a result of reflection, be altered, improved, made more hygienic, more normal or less perverted than they are.

It is my belief that everyone who stops for just a few moments to consider the nature of homosexual sex acts has a gut feeling that they are grossly unnatural and degenerate. I am sure that this is equally true of those who ultimately indulge in such sex acts. There are many ‘unnatural’ acts, i.e. those that give human beings a feeling of guilt, and they include inflicting cruelty on man or animal, murder and many kinds of theft. What is certain is that such guilt feelings subside with repetition of the unnatural act. People who steal feel some guilt the first time around but many quickly lose such feelings and a natural moral bridge is crossed after more undetected thefts. It must be the same for homosexuals. Their literature is full of the condemnation of homosexual guilt, usually claiming that guilty feelings only arise for homosexuals because of society’s Christian propaganda. The disgusting nature of sodomy and many other acts that homosexuals practice in the absence of having the means of normal man/woman sex must constantly, for most, resurrect guilty feelings and self-disgust, and this may be one of the reasons why they have turned to public parades in which they flaunt abnormal and degenerate behavior – rather like shouting to drown out inner demons.

The morning after my last article, the Wall Street Journal had an editorial headed “Campaign Speech and Gay Marriage”. The article was not concerned about the result of the New York Senators’ vote but was about the issue of donations to political causes by the rich. As it happened, the WSJ’s editor validated my article, for he mentioned that a group of “super rich Republicans” had lent their check books and prestige to the “gay marriage battle”. He continued “They underwrote a campaign that cost over $1 million to persuade four GOP state Senators to assure passage.” Mentioned by name are Paul Singer, Daniel Loeb and Cliff Asness, all Hedge Fund financiers from Wall Street. My guess is that all are Jewish, and since so many Jews appear to be in the forefront of the homosexual activist cause, I am beginning to wonder if this can be explained by (1) Jews produce more homosexuals because of the dynamics of Jewish family life or (2) some are intent on pushing Christianity out of the public square. Perhaps Loeb and Asness are not Jewish or perhaps it is purely coincidence that Jews are high profile in the homosexual cause.

I began to ponder why anyone gets involved in a homosexual campaign (except for homosexuals themselves) and gives large sums of money to further the cause of same-sex marriage. After all, as I pointed out in my last article, who cares about marriage these days other than ‘authentic’ Christians. (Incidentally, I have decided to use the term ‘Authentic’ Christians to describe those who base their Faith on the Bible and who believe that it is the word of God. Previously I have always used the term ‘Traditional’). Anyone who has tried to raise money for a cause knows how hard it is to prise large sums of money from people, even for a good one. I am not talking here about getting a dollar or even 20 dollars, but thousands. It is my experience that people will only go beyond a few dollars if they have a very personal reason. For example people who fundraise for cancer and give large sums are either cancer victims or have or had a relative or close friend who has suffered from this terrible illness. I have to conclude that the Super rich hedge fund managers who ‘bought’ the votes of a handful of Republican Senators have ‘skin in the game’. When we write here about the Media Class and its big agenda, we make clear that all in the Media Class who fight for that agenda are acting out of self-interest. And so it is with the narrower homosexual agenda, that those who give generously to it must have ‘skin in the game’, for why else would one feel interested – let alone sympathetic to – the cause of same-sex marriage. I went to the Wikipedia site and looked at Paul Singer and sure enough he has a homosexual son who has ‘married’ his partner in Massachusetts. Singer has given lavishly to other homosexual causes. So what of Loeb and Asness? Perhaps one of our website visitors can explain their activism.

We have dealt before on this website with the authentic Christian opposition to same-sex marriage. It is based wholly on passages in the Bible. We say that there are other good reasons for opposing any advance in the homosexual agenda and these are wholly and deliberately ignored in the Mainstream Media.

Christians argue that same-sex marriage will undermine traditional marriage and the traditional family and I am sure they are right to do so but this argument will not appeal to the many who these days view marriage as unimportant. It will certainly not appeal to those who are hostile to religion in general and to Christianity in particular. Based solely on such arguments, Christians and real marriage are heading for defeat. In the WSJ today (Friday July 1st) R. Albert Mohler Jr. in his article “Evangelicals and the Gay Moral Revolution” recognizes that authentic Christianity is under attack and especially from homosexuals and he notes that many Churches are rejecting the Bible teaching and opting for surrender. Unfortunately, like many Evangelical pastors he blames Evangelicals for not being kind enough to homosexuals, as though a less robust condemnation and more ‘we love the sinner but not the sin’ will lead to some kind of cease-fire in what he accurately calls the “moral revolution”.

We have long on this website claimed that we in the Western World and the USA in particular are in the midst of a revolution. But homosexuals are not the only revolutionaries. They just happen to be a core constituency of the Media Class which now governs in the USA, the UK and probably all Western Nations. The revolution that inevitably accompanies the rise to power of a new Class is largely about moral issues, but not solely. It is also about expanding the power of Government, the suppression of free speech and unlimited mass immigration that is intended to destroy national and racial identity and the old culture. The only explanation for the moral, social and economic upheaval we are experiencing is the domination of this powerful and rich Media Class. Like all past Ruling Classes, it has made alliances with other groups in society who share a common interest and benefit from its agenda. They include Government workers, Union bosses, those whose jobs depend on Government (taxpayer) finance, those who are hostile to Christianity and those who yearn for a totalitarian society.

I have read that after the New York Senate marriage vote, crowds of homosexuals took to the streets dressed in panties, G strings etc. The MSM (Mainstream Media) in lockstep ensured that none of this was reported and no pictures of these grotesque revelers appeared on TV or in the newspapers for the decadence of these people still has to be hidden from the mainstream of voters, at least for now. Not long into the future we shall all be forced not only to line the streets and applaud such events but our children will be recruited to participate. After that, our society will fall to the barbarians who wait at the gates.

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