Suicide Bombers and All-Out War

I read recently a US army report that said more than 80% of the suicide bombers in Iraq have been foreign born. Not a lot gets written about these human weapons and there is relatively little speculation by commentators about them. I suppose most are not identifiable after the event, but there have been so many of them that some sort of picture must have emerged. The failed suicidal bombing gang who have been captured in the UK may not be typical, in that they are mostly doctors, but it is clear that a significant proportion of the human bombs are educated and relatively successful young people. We can no longer conclude that it is only the ignorant and poor who are being recruited for this dead-end job.

Mr. Radical believes that some are co-erced into the self-sacrifice because they have children and other close relatives who are held prisoner by Al Quaeda bosses and cruelly and slowly tortured. He is probably right, since the Muslim (mostly Sunni) fanatics who now threaten the world seem capable of more evil than even the Nazis and Communists of the last century. Still, most suicide bombers are presumably willing volunteers. I have consulted many people and all say that they cannot remotely fathom the minds of trained doctors, with careers and young families, who are willing to rain death on the people amongst whom they have chosen to live and work. In the past some apologists of the Islamists have claimed that the bombers are people who have been brainwashed from childhood, but since most of those who have attacked us in Europe and the USA have spent considerable time in the West, they have had ample time to experience other more humane and tolerant influences.

One has to conclude that the answer to their fanatical hatred of us is rooted in Islam, their religion. What other source is there for their motivation? Since we cannot fathom their minds and diagnose a sickness we have to ask if we (the rest of the world’s people) have done things so terrible to them that they feel they have no alternative but to kill us. European Jews would have been justified in suicide bombings against German troops and civilians in the period 1939 to 1945, though there is little evidence that Jews ever harbored such complete and merciless hatred for Germans after the war was over. (Sunni) Muslims were preparing to make the suicide attacks of 9/11 on the New York Trade Center and Pentagon long before the Iraq/Afghan invasions. Few of the bombers outside of Israel have been Palestinians and most come from countries with no connection to the Palestinians other than religion. In southern Thailand Muslims are busy exterminating harmless Buddhist farmers and Islamists are carrying out suicide bombings from Algeria to Indonesia, from Spain to London. And so we come back to Islam as the source of their unrelenting hatred of us and also of their Shia co-religionists who are not co-operative enough.

The bleak truth seems to be that something in the dominating brand of Islam has the power to unleash a cruelty and hatred in its followers that other religions rejected over 150 years ago. The cruelty and intolerance of dissent in Christian history had its sources in the superstitious ignorance of the times and in the content of the Old Testament. It is impossible to find anything in the teachings of Christ that is brutal, vengeful or homicidal. Indeed, Christ’s teachings overflow with forgiveness and love for all (and for life itself) that were remarkable for the world of their time.

We are in a world-wide war with a large (Sunni?) constituency of the Islamic world and surely that constituency grows by the day. Many Muslims in the West, who say they do not espouse violence, nevertheless are unwilling to wholly condemn their violent co-religionists and few seem genuinely tolerant of non-believers and ready to make the kind of compromises necessary to integrate into the societies they have infiltrated.

Against this background it is difficult to understand the complacent indifference of so many non-Muslims in the world and the reckless political adventurism of all Western politicians who undermine our troops in Iraq/Afghanistan and hamper the war on terrorism. The House Democrats in the US just last week stabbed the troops in the back and abandoned the national interest for short-term political gain. As commentator Jed Babin has pointed out, the Democrats are constantly retreating their way to surrender in the war against the terrorists with no other motive than success in the 2008 elections. Behind these politicians is the Media Class that has elevated its agenda of social change (and destroying President Bush and his Christian political base) to the exclusion of national safety and almost everything else.

Surely it is time to stop any more Muslims from entering the West, time to expel all those who are here illegally, and time to make uncomfortable those remaining who resist integration? We should ban the wearing of clothes that represent an Islamic statement, ban the cruel slaughter of animals for hallal meat and halt the building of any more mosques. We should close all Islamic schools and generally make it uncomfortable for Muslims to practice their religion, except in the most private and restrained ways. There was a time, not so long ago when I (Mr. Right) would have believed such actions to be intolerant, but that was before it became clear that Islamic Imperialism has declared war on us and is using our Western tolerance as our Achilles heel.

We do not have to admit Muslims to our shores, as students, immigrants or visitors. We can survive without them. In answer to those who might argue that we need Arab oil, I say that Arab oil equally needs us as consumers and we will pay no more or less than the market price. A tough line on Muslims will mean a repudiation of past US generosity and a return to discrimination, but for how much longer can we get away without a resumption of deadly attacks on US soil? It looks as though the Media war against President Bush and ‘his’ war on terrorism, has succeeded in isolating him and demoralizing the public and our troops. A wind-down of our commitment in Iraq/Afghanistan is imminent. If so, the war will inevitably move quickly from there to our shores. That war can only be carried out if there is a population of Muslim sympathizers in this country willing to harbor and assist suicide bombers and if the bombers themsel ves are allowed to remain amongst us. The killers and their sympathizers are not Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons or secularists. We can identify and deal with them if we have the will. If we do not, they will deal with us.

Islamic Imperialism is not going to go away. Its attacks will become more insistent as our ruling class becomes more conciliatory. As the Islamic war against us moves into the West, ordinary people will seek tougher measures than the ones I have suggested above. And they will demand policies that the Media Class and its Leftist allies will oppose. To keep the lid on such demands, the Media Class will have to stifle free speech and restore its monopoly of news and publicly expressed opinion. This can only be done by government control over Talk Radio and the Internet. The recent revolt on the border issue in the USA (which had much to do with popular opposition to more immigration and terrorist infiltration) has alerted the ruling class to the power of free speech and uncontrolled communications. I predict that there will be a determined attempt by politicians to curtail free (conservative and nationalist) speech on the air and to close down conservative websites and impose censorship on bloggers.

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